UNESCO As A Tool Of Communism

by Al Benson Jr.

Back when I was 17 years old a group of us who had paper routes were taken on a trip to new York City. One of the stops on our itinerary was a visit to the UN building. We got the usual “Cook’s Tour” but I doubt if any of us thought much about what they told us at the time. I don’t know who planned all the places we went to, but someone had to and I have wondered, in retrospect, why they wanted us to see the UN building and be influenced by what we were told there.

At that point in my life I knew nothing about much of anything, but like most kids my age, thought I knew it all. It was to be another fourteen years before I started to find out what the United Nations was really all about and what I did find out was hardly reassuring.

The United Nations turned out to be nothing but a vehicle to promote the idea of one world government. In essence, it was a major step backward–all the way to the Tower of Babel as talked about in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The Tower of Babel was man’s attempt to reach Heaven by his own efforts. The UN’s effort is to create, so they tell us, Heaven on earth, although they don’t believe in Heaven or in God, so their effort is man’s effort–and being that, it will ultimately fail, even though it will ultimately make many lives miserable in the process.

The communists have been quick to utilize the efforts of the UN because they see in it a tool they can use to promote one world government with themselves as the head of that government. In his book The Fearful Master G. Edward Griffin explained how UNESCO fit right in to the communist plan to influence education in America. The Communists long ago recognized what they had to do to take over in America. Griffin told us: “And in 1936, speaking before the ninth national convention of the Communist party in the United States, Earl Browder declared: ‘Who wins the youth, wins the future of America’.” And regarding UNESCO, Griffin informed us that: “As former Communist Joseph Z. Kornfeder expressed it: ‘UNESCO corresponds to the agitation and propaganda department in the Communist party. This department handles the strategy and method of getting at the public mind, young and old’…On August 2, 1953, Dr. Luther Evans, who was then the new director of UNESCO, inadvertantly confirmed the new Senate report when he declared that ‘the U.S. drive against Communist infiltration in UN groups was a factor threatening to destroy UNESCO.”

Griffin pointed out that many who supported and worked for UNESCO did so out of good motives, but then he noted: “It has always been the pattern of successful Communist operation to have unsuspecting idealists do most of the work while the Communists stay in the background pulling the strings and issuing the directives.” One of those unsuspecting idealists was a man named John Larson who found out when it came to UNESCO, he really had very little input. Eventually he woke up to the game and revealed: “With respect to UNESCO’s literature, it has very little substance and what it does have, appears overtly or covertly to be slanted away from the spiritual and political beliefs and traditions of the United States of America and toward the sterile conceptions of a nebulous one-world government or a federation which is to be built upon atheistic foundations…I found grave errors of omission and distortions of perspective with respect to historical trends and events and to the growth and development of certain ideas…The foundations of UNESCO are atheistic and materialistic. For it, man is the highest product of nature rather than one created in the image and likeness of God. This view of God and man dictates UNESCO’s methods and can be seen in them…UNESCO preys upon those with whom it comes in contact and is more than glad to assume covertly or overtly all responsibility.”

UNESCO issued a series of books called Toward World Understanding several years back. In Volume 5 it was stated: “The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in the child’s education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can also prepare the child for…membership in the world society.” And Griffin has duly noted that: “Over the past twenty years the concept of education in America has gradually changed until today (and he wrote this in 1964) it is shockingly UNESCO-oriented. And this includes more than attitudes toward patriotism and religion. Increasing emphasis has been placed on such vagaries as ‘human adjustment,’ ‘group consciousness,’ and ‘social cooperation’.”

You should be able to see with all of this that it does not bode well at this late hour for American youth. Their attitudes and affections have been tampered with and this spiritual assault on them has taken place in public school classrooms and in some private schools as well. All the more reason to remove your kids from the public school classroom and either teach them at home or find a Christian school that reflects what you believe rather than what the world believes.

The United Nations Promotes One World Sustainable Religion

by Al Benson Jr.

In his book Freedom On The Alter the late William Norman Grigg went into the theological background of the United Nations. Yes, for those who don’t know, the UN does have a theological background, as do all organizations. Some will admit it, some won’t, but it’s there.

Mr. Grigg gave us some background. He wrote: “Referred to derisively as a “spiritual swap-meet’ by one commentator, the 1993 Parliament of World Religions was in some ways a homage to the first such event, which took place as an adjunct to the Columbian Exposition of 1893. According to The Quest, a quarterly journal published by the Theosophical Society, the 1993 Parliament has facilitated a ‘Theosophical revival’ in part because the event reminded religious scholars that the Theosophical Society had been a major participant in the first Parliament a hundred years before…”

Mr. Grigg told us: “The Theosophical Society was represented at the 1893 event by Annie Besant, who went on to become president of the society in 1905. Both of the Theosophical Society’s objectives–the drive for religious syncretism and the propagation of eastern mysticism–were served by the 1893 parliament. The event signaled the introduction into America of eastern religions such as Hinduism, which was represented by Swami Vivikenanda, a fellow traveler of Madame Blavatsky’s society.” This character promoted religious assimilation as the way to promote “tolerance” and he went on to condemn “fundamentalism” as the fountainhead of all the world’s misery. You can already see where those people were going. Just for the heck of it, look up Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant on the internet.

Grigg continued: “In the late 1980s a small group of Vivikenanda’s followers in Illinois and Wisconsin began preparations for an event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Swami’s address. The leader of this group was a small, bespectacled man named Daniel Gomez-Ibanez, who is a trustee of the Millenium Institute, an Arlington, Virginia group that describes itself as ‘A non-profit organization promoting integrated global thinking.’ On January 25, 1993, Gomez-Ibaniz joined a colorful collection of religious leaders around the ‘Peace Alter’ at the UN’s Temple of Understanding to inaugurate the ‘Year of Inter-Religious Cooperation and Understanding.”

And now, we come to “sustainable development” which is currently “in vogue among globalists and environmentalists. ‘sustainability is measured by an individual’s or an institution’s willingness to submit to a global government.” Gerald Barney, a former director of the national program for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has told the religious leaders at the Religious Parliament to “make your religious traditions sustainable.”

That raises the question–what happens to religions that refuse to conform to the United Nations sustainability agenda? Mr. Grigg told us that, according to Barney “Christianity is not a sustainable faith ‘as it is understood and practiced now.’ Furthermore, he condemned ‘religious exceptionalism’ which is essentially the monotheistic belief in a universal, omniscient God. What is required of the world’s religious leaders, asserted Barney, is a ‘reinterpretation and even (a) rejection of ancient traditions and assumptions.”

In other words, to be acceptable to the United Nations, Christians must be prepared to jettison their belief in the Holy Scripture and the God of Holy Scripture. That’s what they are asking for. I can’t think of a better reason for this country to get out of the United Nations than this. Christians should not throw away their faith to embrace UN “truth” rather they should reaffirm their faith in the Triune God of Scripture and tell the UN to go back to its father the devil.

What Communism Is And Isn’t

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Too many Christians have swallowed the fantasy that communism is nothing more than one more political philosophy. As such they have been led to believe that it is “of this world” and therefore they need have nothing whatever to do with anything concerning it which includes being in opposition to it. They have been taught that we should be “so heavenly minded that we should be no earthly good.” Unfortunately, most have willingly complied–therefore they are waiting to be taken out of this life so they don’t have to do anything about the mess we currently live in. It’s lots easier that way–no responsibility to try to make things any better or to change the culture around them–just coast along and let the Lord do it all. To their chagrin they will find out it doesn’t work that way, even though that is what the notes in their Scofield Bibles advocate.

In this instance they could take a lesson from Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist who broke with the Communist Party and embraced the Catholic faith. Chambers wrote the monumental book Witness in which he told about his years as a Communist as well as exposing many he knew in the Communist Party, including Alger Hiss, first Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Chambers explained communism in a way many Christians in our day would probably not be able to grasp. He stated: “First, let me try to say what Communism is not. It is not simply a vicious plot hatched by wicked men in a sub-cellar. It is not just the writings of Marx and Lenin, dialectical materialism, the Politburo, the labor theory of value, the theory of the general strike, the Red Army, secret police, labor camps, underground conspiracy, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the technique of the coup d’etat. It is not even those chanting, banered millions that stream periodically, like disorganized armies, through the heart of the world’s capitals…These are the expressions of Communism, but they are not what Communism is about.”

He continued: “Communists are that part of mankind which has recoverd the power to live or die–to beat witness–for its faith…It is not new. It is, in fact, man’s second oldest faith. Its promise was whispered in the first days of the Creation under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: ‘Ye shall be as gods.’ It is the great alternative faith of mankind…Other ages have had great visions. They have always been different versions of the same vision: the vision of God and man’s relationship to God. The Communist vision is the vision of Man without God. It is the vision of man’s mind displacing God as the creative intelligence of the world.”

In other words, communism is the religion of man, without God there to get in his way and to prevent him from doing all he wants to do to gain power over the lives of others–all others! Chambers understood the true theological nature of communism, an anti-God, anti-Christ religion that manifests itself in the political realm but is every bit as theological as it is political. Would to God more Christians had the ability to figure this out.

Witness was originally printed in 1952 but it was reprinted in 1985. You might want to check out amazon.com and see if the 1985 version is still available. It was reprinted by Regnery Gateway Inc. It is a big book. Over 700 pages, so it will take you awhile to read it. In going over my notes in the book I noted that I had read most of it twice before, back a few years, but you can always learn more from a good book by the rereading of it.

Chambers names names and gives you a good running history of Communist activity in this country in the 1930s-40s, especially around Washington.

It finally dawned on Chambers that communism was both wrong and evil. He broke with it because he became convinced it was the right thing to do. Interestingly, when he broke with communism he felt he was leaving the winning side and going over to the losing side–but he still felt it was right, no matter the personal results to him.

I can remember, years ago, I talked to a man in the church we attended at that time, in Indiana. I explained to him my reasons for opposing communism. To which he replied “You are going to lose. You know that don’t you?” I thought that was a surprising comment for a Christian to make, but, in light of where much of the Church is at in our day, I don’t suppose it was atypical. I can remember replying to him that “In the final analysis it isn’t important who wins and who loses. Doing the right thing is what counts.” With a little more wisdom now, I can certify that, in the long run, the communist will not win. He may prevail in the short term, but the Lord will have the final say. He may use His people to have that say–and to do that He may even use some of them in the political realm. Maybe that is an idea more Christians should start getting used to, even though, at this point they shrink from that thought.

If the Lord’s people refuse to confront that which is evil, He may end up finding others who will be more willing to tackle what is evil and to expose it.

Marxist Religion And Its Infiltration Into Our Institutions

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Herbert A. Philbrick, in his penetrating book I Led Three Lives made a number of astute observations that it would behoove us to give some consideration to in our day.

He told us, for instance, by asking a question, when he said: “What was it that instilled such devotion into these Communists, to labor so hard for such a distorted cause. What was it that got into them? Was it sincere belief in the prattle of communism? Was it disillusionment and frustration that led them into these paths?” Actually what had gotten into them was a religious faith, though most of them would not have labeled it as that. It was a theological premise that Karl Marx was some sort of secular deity, possessed of the wisdom to right all the wrongs in the world.

Philbrick also told us, of public schools, that “The subject of Communism was seldom discussed, much less studied, in public school…I could not recall having seen a single textbook on the subject of communism. (Even today, very few public schools provide either courses or textbooks on communism.” The few books I had come across in the public library appeared to be mostly by apologists for communism; Walter Duranty (of the New York Times), Corliss Lamont; millionaire son of the multi-millionaire Thomas Lamont; or Rev. Hewlett Johnson, a clergyman high in the Church of England.” Lots of information in these few comments. Public schools of that era taught nothing about communism (not entirely an accident). I can remember, when I was in the sixth grade in public school, there were several books in the school library that gave glowing reports about the United Nations, which was fairly new at that time. It was presented as the last, best hope for mankind–something that has turned out to be a hollow shibboleth.

Public schools in our day seem to have reversed the non-teaching about Marxism or communism. We are now graduating students from them that prattle about how wonderful some sort of communism would be for our country and how “racist” and capitalist this country is and capitalism is listed as the cause of racism, so the two are intertwined with each other.

Note his comments about public libraries. No books in them except for those that apologized for communism. Makes you wonder who was running the libraries doesn’t it. It’s a little bit better in some instances today but you still have to be discerning about what you pull off the shelves to read on the subject of communism.

And after the kiddies get through their latest exercises on the class struggle in high school there is college. Philbrick mentioned a particular person in this regard and I will quote him. He said: “The young woman with the red hair was Dr. Hulda McGarvey. I had previously encountered Hulda in connection with the Sam Adams School for Social Studies, and regarded her as one of many misguided liberals enticed into teaching posts in the Communist-front training school. But I was shocked to see her here in the inner circle of the Communist party. A graduate of Smith College and Columbia University, a former instructor at Mount Holyoke College, and an assistant professor of psychology at Smith, she was a highly regarded academician, unknown for any intimate Communist party connections.” How many other professors in our day are like this woman? Although nowadays professors mostly don’t trouble to hide their Marxist proclivities.

I can remember, a few years after my high school years, a man in the church we attended at that time did not want his son to be taught by one of the English teachers I had had in high school. He was in the Air Force Reserve and had somewhere gotten the info that this teacher was a Communist and refused to have her teach his son. I can’t verify his concerns. This was all over 50 years ago now, but I recall he was quite vehement about this situation, and let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me. Philbrick mentioned, on page 224 of his book “…a teachers’ (Communist) cell in the public schools,…”

Believe it or not, even the Unitarians came in for “honorable” mention in Philbrick’s book. He mentioned, on pages 71, 132, and 239 various Unitarians that were more than willing to aid the Communists in their endeavors.

Philbrick also mentioned, on page 155, Louis Budenz, who had been the managing director of the Communist Daily Worker newspaper. In 1945 Budenz broke with the Communists and returned to his Catholic faith, somewhat of a shock for the comrades at the time. Years later, I got to know a man who had talked with Budenz after he broke with the Communists and apparently Budenz gave him quite a bit of information as to how the Communists operated at that time.

But, to close this out, one more observation regarding Marxist theology–in regard to the indoctrination given to potential Marxists, Philbrick told us that: “Marxism teaches them to resign themselves to the collective future, to give up the shaping of their own personal destinies, and to accept the alleged inflexible laws of class warfare and ultimate victory for the proletariat. They can simply let themselves go and be carried along to a goal they think they cannot escape.” You can see where such a mindset can become a theological belief. And it is no different today. The belief in violent communist revolution in our day is still a theology. Maybe one of the questions we need to address today is–who is the devil using to direct this theology and how much are they spending to promote it?

Free Muslim Immigration into Europe–the Barcelona Declaration of 1995

by Al Benson Jr

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Maybe I am just dense, but until I got an email from a friend up in Missouri, I had never even heard of this, or if I did it was so long ago I had totally forgotten it. It just goes to show you that the Internationalists, the One World Government crowd, is always at work 24/7 to force their agenda on people who just want to be left alone. However, unpleasant as it is for us. we have got to wake up and realize that the One World Government crowd is never going to let us or anyone else alone.

They have a Luciferian agenda to remake the entire world over into the image of their deity.  The fact that Genesis 3 tells them this will never happen matters not at all to them as their apostles continue to “prowl about as roaring lions seeking whom they may devour.” And one way they seek to devour is through ethnic and cultural genocide.

I came across a site called http://balder.org/euromed-en and the article I found was titled: Free Muslim Immigration to Europe 2. It wasn’t long but it had to do with “secretive European Union-agreements with 10 European and North African countries” and it said “The Euro Mediterranean Declaration was agreed upon by the EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and comprises:  Comprehensive political partnership, among other things about:: establishing a free trade area and economic integration to begin in the year 2010,…Cultural partnership. The EU offers the populations of 9 Muslim Countries  free movement of goods, services, capital and people into the EU.”

The “Cultural Policy” in all this “must avoid the  popular distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’…The Danish Foreign Ministry is educating us from our ‘stereotypes and prejudices’ towards Islamic culture.’ Naturally UNESCO is one of the groups involved in this propaganda campaign.

A brief comments about this turned up on http://www.abovetopsecret,com  that said “It seemingly explains the influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe, once again without mandate, it enforces multiculturalism in Europe…with financial reward to participating nations. There are many links on the subject, many citing it as a massive failure.”

Another one I came across is https://www.liveleak.com/  No date on this one but it has  posted two videos. I tried the first one and it was not available so I went to the second one and was able to pull it up. The title was The Barcelona Declaration/ Why Multiculturalism Has Failed in the EU. The man had somewhat of an accent, which doesn’t help with my hearing problem, but he gave a pretty fair explanation of much of what has happened in Europe.

My friend in Missouri gave a rather penetrating analysis of this and he connected some dots that many would not have noticed. I think he is right on the money! He said, in part, “The time of the Barcelona Declaration (1995) roughly corresponds with the beginning of the more widespread attacks on the Confederate Flag. At the time several of us were pointing out that the Flag attack was part of a larger plan that had to do with state and regional sovereignty. A resurgent South was just not part of the globalist plan. Little did I know that the Barcelona Dec was the blueprint for that plan. The Barcelona Declaration began implementation in 2010 of the beginning of  the ‘migrant’ crisis…It is similar to the ‘Open Borders’ policy promoted in the US. It started in Europe but is now in the US and the heart of the globalist plan.”

His insightful comments prove that the last place you go to for “news” is the news media because what they fail to tell you is usually  more important than the bovine fertilizer they spread in front of you as “breaking news.”

Nikki Hates Guns As Much As She Hates Confederate Flags


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I don’t doubt that Donald Trump has tried to do his best for the country and he has done a lot better than any of the presidents in my lifetime, but some of the people he has picked for cabinet officers and for other positions have been people that have only made his job more difficult. Some he picked fought him from day one because they were part of the Deep State and their  agenda was to neutralize him as much as possible. He finally saw through some of them and they moved on, but he hasn’t seen through all of them yet–and one major problem for him is his United Nations Ambassador, Nimrata (Nikki) Haley. Some of what she does goes against the core values of his base and you have to wonder sometimes just who Ms. Haley is working for.

One good thing about Trump is that he has been solidly behind the Second Amendment and the sensible people in this country, the ones that are not dedicated Leftists,  have understood that and supported it.

But Ms. Haley seems to have a penchant for going off  the deep end and has done so more than once. When she was governor in South Carolina, when those horrible church shootings took place, she was first in line to start hauling down Confederate flags. I wonder if she thought such politically correct (cultural Marxist) action would endear her to the Deep State Republican Establishment and might move her up the political ladder. She obviously had her eyes on bigger things than the mere governorship of South Carolina.

So she ended up as Trump’s UN Ambassador (bad pick Donald) where she has sought to flex her political muscle and as she wanted to endear herself to the Confederate flag haters in her Party, so now she seems to seek to endear herself to the One World government types that infest the United Nations.

She has embraced the UN position on world gun control (confiscation).

An article on https://www.infowars.com/alert-us-joins-gun-control-push just noted today, July 9, 2018 that “It was what Fast & Furious and the Gunwalker false flags were about–Now the UN Arms Treaty is back and the US, under UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, has signed on to the measure to track every gun in the US.” Go back and read that again. Let it sink in. Trump may well be pro-Second Amendment but his UN Ambassador has just signed away our Second Amendment rights to the jurisdiction of the United Nations–the organization that author G. Edward Griffin called The Fearful Master. In fact he wrote a book about the United Nations by that name. See if you can still find it on Amazon. If you can you need to read it

So now Haley has signed  us onto a treaty that will start the tracking down of every gun in the country. So who is going to do the tracking for the UN?

Will law enforcement agencies in this country be expected to perform that little chore at the  behest of the United Nations? And if so, will that mean that this country is no longer a sovereign nation, but only serves the agenda of the UN? So tell us–who’s going to come in and take the guns? Lots of folks will want to know.

You may get some law enforcement bodies in this country that won’t be real fussy about doing that, particularly in the South and West.  Or will Ms. Haley just request that the UN send in troops to do that? And what will Mr. Trump think about that? Will he just put up with it because his Carpetbagger UN Ambassador signed this monstrosity, or will he do what he should have done with her to begin with and send her packing? You can bet lots of people will really be concerned over this–Ms. Haley just giving the UN carte blanche to start tracking guns in the US, or forcing US authorities to do it for them. Bad news either way! Want the UN to have a list of every gun you own? That’s where  this is headed unless something turns it around. And Mr. Trump had better be aware of what his UN Ambassador his just done–she’s deep sixed our Second Amendment rights. That may sound far out, but that’s what it amounts to. Tracking and registration always leads to eventual confiscation. Ask the Germans and the Russians.

Pass this information along to all your friends. Everyone needs to be aware of  Ms. Haley’s agenda and Mr.Trump needs to be aware of it too.

To Change Society And Culture

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

If you change a society or culture, you will eventually change its form of government. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. One major way that will happen is through mass immigration, especially by groups that refuse to assimilate and who continually demand that the society they refuse to assimilate into start to accept the cultural norms of those who refuse to assimilate. You see that with the push for Sharia Law in areas of this country and especially in Europe. The Marxists and those they front for realize they can’t change your form of government unless they can manage to change your society. Another way they can do it is with war, especially a war right on your own soil, but more about that later.

The Marxists (and those they front for) have several main objectives in any country they seek to subvert. One of the most overriding is the destruction of religion–especially Christianity.  The Marxists cannot share the throne with God, for they can never claim the total allegiance of a people that continue to put God first. This defines the Marxists, cultural and otherwise, as anti-Christs. More Christian people should be aware of this. Sadly, today, not enough are.

In the late 1800s the Marxist mindset penetrated Christian publishing. The Marxists were devious, in that they did not always question the truths of Scripture, but what they did instead was to subtly stress that Christians not “get involved” in “worldly” issues such as politics. How many of you all have heard that old saw that says “the only two things you should never discuss in public are religion and politics.”  If enough Christians adhere to this highly dubious admonition they will never question anything any government says or does because it would be “worldly” to do so. So, if a government does  something that is ungodly,  the Christians are just supposed to keep their lips buttoned and say nothing? I’m sorry, but that’s hogwash! What about Acts 5:29?

Another main tenet of the Marxist agenda is the abolition of private property. You shouldn’t really own anything–land, houses, cars, businesses, etc. Such “wealth” should be “redistributed” and belong only to “the people.”  You never get a firm answer as to who “the people” really are, but I have a sneaking suspicion that, when push comes to shove, it’s really those people that are trying to make the rest of us live by their Marxist”rules.”

Another one high on the Marxist agenda is the death of individualism and also the death of the family as defined in Scripture. The Marxists don’t want individualists. They think for themselves and that’s not something the Marxists want to encourage. Independent thought is verboten. There are parts of this country where that concept has taken hold. New England, with its history of Unitarian apostasy comes to mind. Independent thinking, and the family, have to go if you plan to change the society. So the Marxists repudiate traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Rather they promote all  manner of deviant substitutes as described in Scripture.  The deification of sensuality is promoted because it waters down the traditional culture.

And, one of the most important, they have to gain control over the  educational system. Marx mentions this in The Communist Manifesto.  That means they have to control what is taught (the curriculum) and the way it is taught. The Marxists long ago realized  what  the vast majority of Christians have not even begun to think about, let alone grasp–that whoever controls the educational system of a country will eventually control where the next generation goes. Ask the people in Kanawha County, West Virginia about this one.  You are ever only one generation away from losing your liberty. All the above and much more need to be done to advance the program of One World Government, or the New World Order or whatever catchy title the Deep Staters care to attach  to it.

And you all need to realize that all this did not originate in the febrile brain of Karl Marx. All that Marx did in the Manifesto was to take the program handed to  him by the League of the  Just (Illuminati) and write it  down in codified form. The first edition of this  monstrosity never even had Marx’s name on it.  After that they let him put his name on it because, then, most people would think it was his brainchild and he was  its original source and therefore, the Illuminati would be one step removed from public consciousness.

More on this as the Lord allows.

America’s Second “Civil War”–Part Two


By Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America


The Epistle of James in the New Testament says, in verse one, chapter 4 that: “From whence cometh wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?”

And what are some of those lusts? The lust for power over others; the lust for economic gain gotten at the expense of others;  the lust to exercise total control over the lives of others because you think you are, somehow, entitled to that control-and besides, you really want it even if you are not entitled to it. You want to be a “god” and be able to lord it over the rest of us mere mortals (can anyone say Hillary or Obama)?

This isn’t a new phenomena. It goes back to the Tower of Babel, or even back to Genesis 3 where the serpent asked Eve “Yea, hath God said Ye shall not eat  of every tree in the garden?” So, the lust for war that you might have power over others is not new.

James Ronald Kennedy just recently wrote an article for the Confederate Veteran in which he noted: “In our ‘modern’ politically correct times it seems progressives, liberals and secular humanists who control society are working to increase hatred while playing a major role in justifying and encouraging evil. The current epidemic of hatred in the United States did not suddenly spring forth out of nothing but has long, bloody and evil historical roots—roots which extend deep into the cold, rocky soil of New England…The South has been on the receiving end of Northern hatred from the beginning of these United States. But this Northern hated has always presented itself as ‘good’.” I can attest to the truth of Ron Kennedy’s statements. I grew up in New England and can attest firsthand to the damage done by the Unitarian apostasy that came out of there. It has affected this country since at least the early 1800s and was subtly responsible for the society I grew up in. That’s not to say there are not good and decent folks in New England. There are. But they have grown up in the same atmosphere I grew up in and we were all influenced to some degree by it—and not for the better!

This situation, by extension, is responsible for much of the hatred and cultural warfare we have seen in this country. Much of the cultural and theological Left in this country today is little more than a modern extension of the  Unitarianism, Transcendentalism, and Utopian socialism of the early 19th century. Abolitionist/terrorist John Brown and ISIS and Black Lives Matter would have loved one  another! Their worldviews would have been almost identical. And these modern incarnations of John Brown continue today to try to destroy any real culture left in America—be it in the South or the West. And those that finance and support their efforts at the destruction of our culture are not all that different from the creature that said to Eve in the garden “Hath God said…?” They all have the same father (of lies).

You can’t sit down and “dialogue” with these people today anymore than you could with their Unitarian/abolitionist/socialist spiritual  ancestors. Then, as now, they had (and have)  an agenda—the total  destruction of any remaining American, Christian culture and that being the case, all you can do if you deign to sit with them is decide how much  Christian truth you are willing to sacrifice and  how much of their socialist hogwash you are willing to embrace.

So, if we end up with “another civil war” there can be no “bi-partisanship” as such because they are committed to your destruction and you better realize that right off! They have one worldview and we have another—and each is committed to the destruction of the other. The two worldviews are totally at odds culturally, politically, and economically—and theologically!

California is a grand example of this. In their socialist worldview they are at least fifteen years ahead of the rest of the country, except possibly New York and New England. Part of their agenda is what has been called “the browning of America.” For those who don’t know, that means culturally changing America from what she has been into Third World status.

More to come, Lord willing.

You Have To Wonder—

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Looking at what is and has been going on in the Middle East for a long time, you have to wonder if getting rid of Christianity there is a main part of the agenda, both over there and in this country.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was no Sunday school teacher. He was a brutal dictator, who had been placed in power by the United States. They used to say of him, “Hussein was a thug, but he was our thug.” One thing you had to say about him, though, was that for all  his faults, and they were numerous, he left the Christians in Iraq alone. They were not persecuted under his regime. You  cannot say the same for his Muslim successors.

Now we have this mess going on in Syria and Assad is supposed to be the reincarnation of Hitler, Attilla the  Hun and the  Mongol hoards all rolled into one. We have  certain people that are screaming for “regime change” in Syria. Quite frankly, these chemical attacks that have gone on there look like classic false flag events. The same pattern seems to emerge in all of them and it’s like someone carries these out, about a year or so apart from one another and this brings on yet another shout for “regime change.” Sort of like–well we tried this last year and it  didn’t take, so let’s wait awhile and try it again this year. Surely in the lapse of time between the last try and this one, people will have forgotten that we used this scenario before and we can do it the same  way again and  all the right  people will howl again this year for “regime change.” Sound familiar?

And again in Syria, as in Iraq, Assad doesn’t bother the Christians. As bad as he is, do you think what replaces him  with a change of regimes will leave the Christian alone? If Assad is toppled you will almost certainly see him replaced with some sort of radical Islamic group which has as  part of its agenda some sort of Sharia Law and the destruction of Christianity. That’s what all these  Islamic groups in the Middle East want, no matter what they say. If the truth were known, that’s what Obama wanted when he was in office. Anyone ever notice how  many Muslims were part of his administration? If you think he was about to give Christians a fair shake then you are dreaming!

Make no mistake, our Deep State in this country wants Assad gone in Syria and in all those Middle Eastern countries  they want regimes that will be compliant to their concept of a One World Government. Our Deep State here wants a Middle East made in its own image just as much as they want a United States molded in their own image. These people, with the help of the  United Nations, want to construct a modern Tower of Babel and reach up to Heaven and secure a place there for themselves all on their own. No “salvation only through Jesus Christ” for these people! They’ll make it on their own–so they  think! Too late they will realize their gross error–but by then they will have destroyed lives and countries–all the more for them to answer for!

Truly hath God said “All who hate me love death.”