Still Watching That Chinese “Weather” (Spy) Balloon

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, that Chinese “weather” balloon is now over North Carolina. Commentators on Fox News made some interesting observations about it. One said they could have shot it down over the Aleutians before it ever hit the mainland and that would have been of little harm to anyone. Another said that weather balloons are usually about 20 ft. in circumference whereas this balloon is much larger than that and it appears that it can be guided.

The Biden Regime claims that all options are on the table regarding this balloon. That could mean that this regime will probably do nothing that might antagonize the Chinese Communist Party. The fact that this “weather” balloon has violated our air space and seems to be flying over several of our military installations doesn’t seem to bother Biden or his handlers one bit–just as long as we don’t shoot it down, because doing that might antagonize Biden’s Chinese overlords, which would be financially unacceptable for the Biden family!

Some have wondered why the Chinese would use this balloon technology instead of relying on their satellite technology. One commentator noted that a balloon at 60,000 feet can transmit a sharper image in many cases than satellite technology can. So it would seem that if the Chinese Reds want a clear image of our nuclear installations in Montana the balloon is the way to go.

However, Comrade Biden has assured us that “we will take care of it.” Yeah, right! For decades the Chinese Reds have been stealing information and technology from this country. Most of our presidents have just winked and looked the other way, as if this was part of the game, which for devotees of the Deep State, it is. Those people want to tear this country down and raise China up, because, for them, China, with its totalitarian government is their model for the world–as long as they get to be the totalitarians. Trump was the only president to attempt to resist this trend. Now, with Biden in the White House, China will have fullsway over whatever they want to do, as long as they do it slowly enough so they don’t overly alarm the American populace–and Biden’s okay with that as long as the financial arrangements continue to benefit his family. I had a friend who recently commented on the internet that “Biden sold out to China long ago.” It’s hard not to agree with that sentiment! That’s sure the way it appears

So, if the option Biden chooses regarding this “weather” balloon is to just let it float its merry way back to Beijing with all the intelligence it has gathered, I will not be surprised. I hope I am wrong, but based on past performances, it seems that this is what Biden is willing to do. I fear for the people on Taiwan when the Communists decide the moment has come to invade that island because I am afraid that whatever help Biden gives Taiwan will be just enough so it will look genuine, but not be really enough to resist Communist aggression there. Keep your eyes peeled for more “weather” balloons that just “accidentally” stray over US territory because Biden’s strategy may be to just let them keep coming and going until the Chinese Reds have all the info they need!

Now we are being told they might shoot this balloon down once it gets over the Atlantic. Why didn’t they do that when it was over the Pacific? Biden must be getting some political heat for his do nothing approach so far. So we will see what his handlers will let him do to save some political face.


More about that “civilian” Chinese weather balloon

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, we have been dutifully informed by our excuse for leadership in Sodom on the Potomac that this Chinese “weather” balloon floating around over Montana is a “civilian” and not a military balloon and that it presents no danger to the civilian population and so we should just ignore it, Anyone believing that line of bull has got to have mush for brains.

The point is not whether it will harm the civilian populace or not. Most operations of this kind are not designed to hurt the civilian population. That comes later, after the Chinese Communists take over a country. The point is–what’s it doing here to begin with? They tell us it “strayed” off course. Yeah, right! Believe that one and I’ve got a bridge in the Arizona desert I’ll sell you.

They tell us it’s not a military, but rather a civilian balloon. Anyone who knows anything about how Communists operate realized that this “civilian” balloon would not even be here unless the Communist Party of China wanted it to be. Whether it is civilian or military makes no difference. It is Communist in either case. Frankly, I can’t fathom our leadership just wanting to let it float off n its merry way. Unless, our leadership has no problems with the Communists gathering intelligence about what goes on in this country, all the while claiming that’s the last thing they’d do to us!

There are lots of political figures in this country that have had business dealings and/or other relationships with Communist China. Read Peter Schweizer’s book Redhanded and you will come up with some interesting names, with the Biden family high on that list. To be quite honest, with most of these folks I don’t think Red China’s taking over this country would be a big deal for them as long as they continued to get their slice of the financial pie out of it.

I’ve said for a long time now that our current leadership puts Americans last. They are much more concerned with the care and feeding of illegal immigrants than they are with the care of loyal Americans whose only reason for existing in their eyes, is to pay for all this foolishness! The public better wake up to what’s being done to us before it’s too late–unless maybe it already is. As they said “None dare call it treason” especially if there is money to be made out of it!

There was a article. on The Gateway Pundit related to this incident for 2/3/23

Biden’s George Soros Connection

by Al Benson Jr.

This is from the Gateway Pundit and I quote: “A high level director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) who is tied to a group bankrolled by the billionaire and quietly working with President Biden’s administration on policy has close access to the White House, records show”

The quote continues: “Tom Perriello, Open Society US executive Director and part of Soros’ leadership team, and who sits on the Board of Governors for Impact, an outside Soros-funded group maneuvering behind the scenes to shape and implement policy, has secretly visited the White House…thirteen times on eight different days between May 21, 2021 and September 2022.” One wonders–is Biden now getting his marching orders from Soros as to what he is supposed to promote?

With Biden in the White House, Soros has a malleable president he can easily control. There is now more Soros connection with the White House than there has been with any other president. And Soros has also spent $40 million on District Attorney campaigns across the country.

And, on a different subject, but on a similar note, professional liar Adam Schiff, now that he has been kicked off the House Intelligence Committee, plans to run for the Senate from California. I have no doubt he will be elected hands down, California being what it is. I can see his reasoning. If he can’t get a peek at intelligence in the House, then he figures maybe he can do that in the Senate. I imagine Chucky Schumer will be more than happy to put Schiff on some sort of intelligence committee so he can continue his work for whoever it is he is working for. we might wonder who Schiff’s real boss is. Obviously it ain’t the people in his district! One commentator said it was like the “news” media were in sackcloth and ashes when Schiff was removed from the House Intel Committee. I wonder–do the media elites and Schiff answer to the same bosses?

When Swalwell’s intimate relationship with the Chinese Communist spy Fang Fang was reported to Nancy Pelosi, she totally ignored it and she let him stay on the House Intel Committee. So where do her true loyalties lie? We seem to have several in Congress whose true loyalties are in serious question

Good Riddance To S & S

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, it seems that the tag team of Schiff and Swalwell will not be around on the House Intelligence Committee to do the bidding of whoever it was that commanded their first loyalty.

Schiff and Swalwell don’t belong on ANY congressional committees. They have both proven that their first loyalties are not to the American people. Schiff has lied to the American people so many times it baffles the imagination. He told horrendous lies about Trump and his supposed collusion with Russia, claiming he had “substantial evidence” of Trump’s collusion with Russia, yet he never produced one iota of that evidence for anyone to see. He just kept claiming he had it, but somehow, could never quite produce it. The man is a thoroughgoing liar, and that’s a charitable description of him. He is nothing more than a liberal political hack.

According to the Gateway Pundit website, after being kicked off the House Intelligence Committee it was noted that: “At one point Schiff took to whining about this on TikTok which is widely believed to be a form of spyware which has direct connections to the Chinese Communist Party.” One commentator, noting this story commented that: “Democrat and known propagandist (Schiff) uses Chinese spyware app to complain about not being on House Intel Committee.” You have to wonder if this was Schiff’s method of choice to let his real bosses know that his efforts in their behalf would now be severely diminished.

Swalwell had obvious problems with the Chinese spy known as “Fang Fang.” It turns out that Swalwell was sleeping, literally, with this Chinese spy. One can only wonder what secrets from the Intel Committee that she pried out of him as they lolled under the blankets together. Swalwell was taken in by one of the oldest games on earth–sex for political intelligence, and he fell like a ton of bricks! One of the Fox News commentators, I forget just which one now, said Schiff and Swalwell could not pass the security test required for a school crossing guard, let alone being on the House Intel Committee. We should naturally be asking–who were these birds really working for? That they were national security risks should be more than obvious. They shouldn’t even be in Congress, let alone of any committee dealing with national intelligence! I don’t always agree with Kevin McCarthy. I think after the 2020 election he sought to throw Trump under the bus. But he did the right thing here by kicking Swalwell and Schiff off the Intel Committee.

Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies naturally objected, saying that both Schiff and Swalwell were “eminently qualified” to serve on the Intel Committee. With a statement like that, you have to wonder who Jefferies’ real boss is. He had to be joking, right? I tell you, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Here are two stool pigeons who obviously have divided loyalties at best, and Hakeem Jefferies says they are more than qualified to serve on the House Intel Committee! Who are they qualified to serve–Xi Jinping? That should be the question of the hour!

Silencing Your Opposition

byAl Benson Jr.

Sheila Jackson Lee, a representative from Texas does not believe in free speech and seems to have no regard for our First Amendment rights. While she would probably deny that, her actions in Congress give the lie to her denial. She has introduced a bill in Congress that will make white people “criticizing” minorities a federal crime.

What about minorities that decide to criticize whites? It would seem that this is okay, but is actually called for. Her bill would criminalize “some forms of hate speech.” That item on Fox News last evening was quite revelatory. It would seem that her bill is selective in what “hate speech” it takes aim at. In other words, if you are white and criticize some minority group that’s a federal crime, but if you are part of some minority group and criticize whites that is okay. To say her bill is selective racism in living color is but to state the obvious!

I hope her colleagues in the House have enough common sense to see this racial sham for what it really is and reject it.

Sheila Jackson Lee bears the names of two fine Confederate heroes and it would seem, with her obvious racial prejudice, she is not worthy of either name.Perhaps she should consider changing her names so she is named for some radical socialists. I think that would be more to her liking.

I am not in favor of folks badmouthing any group, but neither am I in favor of having white folks be the perpetual whipping boy for the far left, which sadly has become the case in recent years. All these radical politicians and their foolish ranting about “white supremacy” does little more than cover up the fact that they are involved in destroying this country and making life harder for both whites and minority groups! Their perpetual howling about white supremacy is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, sneaking in to kill and destroy (and make themselves some money while doing it).

The Deep State democrats have a field day accusing their opponents of being terrorists. Joe Biden has stated that the January 6th activities were all about white supremacy. What a pile of bovine fertilizer that is! The democrats are really saying “Dare to criticize us and our agenda and you will be jailed.” This all is nothing more than silencing their opposition because most of what they are doing is harmful to this country and they don’t want that exposed to the public at large–both whites and minorities.

Black leftists really want to replace what they label as “white racism” with some form of black racism. That’s their game and they hope you don’t catch on.

What’s The Real Deal With Biden’s Classified Documents?

by Al Benson Jr.

From news reports we now know that drug-addled Hunter Biden lived at Joe Biden’s home where classified documents were kept. He couldn’t even keep track of his own possessions, like his infamous laptop. How are we supposed to think he acted around sensitive classified material?

If raiding Trump’s home is the new standard for dealing with “missing” classified documents, then why is not Sleepy Joe getting the same treatment??? That’s a rhetorical question–you know why! Biden is among those elites that are above the law. Like the Clintons, he does what he wants with no real consequences whatever. And if you dare to disagree with our two-tiered system of “justice” why you must be some kind of domestic terrorist!

The classified document scandal is just Biden’s latest political headache, but it must be downplayed. Not to worry, the “news” media will handle that thorny little problem.

The newly appointed council for this situation is someone who worked with Rod Rosenstein on the hoax they tried to pull on Trump with the “Russian collusion” ploy. So you already realize that, with socialist damage control, this situation will be handled. You had to know they would pick yet another lefty for this “investigation” (whitewash).

This document scandal kind of tosses cold water on Biden’s 2024 hopes for the election. Was this the real reason it happened at this time. Is the socialist Deep State telling Biden they know he can’t cut the mustard in 2024 and so they want him out for someone they think can win? That’s a real possibility. Then, the question arises, why, after six years, are Biden’s lawyers searching for classified documents now? Is there something in them they need to cover up–something Biden may have done that was illegal and/or illicit?

There was a report on Fox News this morning, 1/14, that said China had donated $30 million to the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Why is a Communist government, even if it uses other people to do it, donating that kind of money to the Biden Center? What has Biden or his family done for Red China that makes them display that much gratitude? We are not likely to find out, but the question remains and it is a legitimate question. I still have the question–who is Biden and his family really working for? His own country or Red China? It can’t be his own country because everything he does hurts this country.

What Was (Is) The Illuminati?

by Al Benson Jr

I’ve mentioned the Illuminati and Illuminism in several recent articles so it occurred to me I should let folks who may not know see what those people believed and their spiritual progeny still believe to this day.

William Norman Grigg, in his book Freedom On The Alter told us that: “Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, who has written: ‘The story of the 18th and 19th century secret societies can never be fully reconstructed, but it has been badly neglected–even avoided, one suspects–because the evidence that is available leads us into territory equally uncongenial to modern historians in the East and in the West.’ Billington has documented that is is from ‘romantic occultism in general, and Bavarian Illuminism in particular’ that ‘the modern revolutionary tradition as it came to be internationalized under Napoleon and the ‘Restoration’ descends.”

He noted Adam Weishaupt as the original founder, and said: “The Illuminati’s platform called for–among other things–the abolition of private property, patriotism, the family, and religion.” And he noted one commentator’s viewpoint regarding the Illuminati. The commentator observed: “The teachings of the Illuminati hold that all is material, that all religions are of human invention, that God is man, and man is God, and the world is his (that is man’s) kingdom.” “Thus man’s perfection would be supervised by other men–‘the illuminated ones’ who are supposedly destined to preside over human evolution.’ At the time of the Illuminati’s founding its doctrines had been well established and expounded by anti-Christian intellectuals such as Rousseau, Diderot, Voltaire, d’Alembert, and others who are known collectively in history as illumines, philosophes, and encyclopedists. Although they were given to quarrels among themselves…this group of elitists shared a common goal–the destruction of Christian society and the creation of a new society under the direction of the enlightened–that is illuminated–despots.” I don’t know about others, but this sounds like a future I’d not want any part of.

If you want a good idea of how man, with his fallen sin nature is sovereign, just take a look at how “illuminated” men are running Washington while the Democrats are in control and this will give you some idea of how life under the control of the Illuminati would be. We’ve got a sneak preview right here in our own country. If I asked the majority of those on my mailing list “How’s that working out for you?” I’d get a resounding reply of “It ain’t” from them!

Mr. Grigg also observed that: “First, the effort to subvert Christian society was directed from above, by the elite; it was not a spontaneous uprising from the struggling proletarian masses below. Second, Weishaupt’s conspiracy included many who were genuinely unaware of the movement’s ultimate objectives, people who had joined for social reasons or perhaps out of a misplaced idealism. Although the Bavarian Illuminati organized by Weishaupt was outlawed in 1784, it survived in the form of ‘reading societies’ and other front groups.” In other words it didn’t really die. It just went underground and changed its name. I’ve read somewhere where it split into three different groups, one of which was the League of the Just–the people that hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto. Another ploy that has survived down into our age is the tactic of the communists of using non-communist hands to do much of their dirty work by involving them in organizations with beneficial-sounding names but which, in reality, were formed to promote some aspect of the communist agenda.

Grigg has told us that the Illuminati, with its anti-Christian agenda, was ultimately responsible for the French Revolution. If the League of the Just hired Marx to write “his” manifesto and to get it published in 1847, just ahead of the 1848 socialist/communist revolts in Europe, that means some form of the Illuminati was active then. And, if then, why not in 1861 in this country? But then, that’s a rhetorical question, because lots of you already know the answer to it. Illuminist thinking was prevalent in this country in the 1800s and, if the truth be known, it still is today. Oh, the original Illuminati may be gone, dissolved into a whole batch of front groups, but due to those front groups, even today, the mindset of the Illuminati is alive, well, and surviving in some form. Maybe we should just call it the Conspiracy of anti-Christ because that’s ultimately what it really is. And for that reason, if for no other, Christians should be willing to expose it for what it is. Read Ephesians 5:11.

Have Our Churches Been Neutralized?

by Al Benson Jr.

The answer to the question that is the title of this article is a resounding YES! There were things that pastors during our founding era dealt with that most pastors in our day won’t touch with a ten foot pole. For many reasons most pastors (and I say “most” because there are exceptions–not enough but some) have certain areas they are taught to avoid.

I noticed this occurring after the end of the War of Northern aggression and the “official” end of the Marxist “Reconstruction” in the South. At first I attributed it to the rise of dispensationalist theology in the South, which up to that time had not really been prevalent much south of Mason-Dixon but became so within five years after the “official” end of Reconstruction. And I think that theology did play a part, which I will deal with at a later date, Lord willing. But it was not the total problem.

The apostasy of the churches in the North into Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and in some cases, Spiritualism, also was a major contributor to the problem for Southern Christians. Where Dispensationalism weakened the strength of the church, Unitarianism tried to kill it and replace it with the same apostasy it had promoted in the North and gotten away with.

In the book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments Arthur R. Thompson has outlined how much of this began. He wrote: “Perhaps the greatest influence on an existing church was that of Emerson and his coterie on the Unitarians. Emerson studied at the feet of German-educated theologians and became the leader of the ‘German School’ of American Unitarianism. He became a Unitarian minister but left over the administration of communion and public prayer–he was against both. By 1848 he had left the ministry entirely. He became America’s death-of-God theologian.’

Mr. Thompson continued: “By 1885, all of Unitarianism was of the persuasion of Emerson and Theodor Parker, and was heavily influenced by the entire spectrum of the Left and anti-God movements. The purpose for infiltrating the churches was not to destroy Christianity alone. The intent was to use the organizational remnants for the purpose of ‘Illuminizing’ the population that had a conscience; further, there were many socialist leaders, such as Horace Greeley, who felt that Americans would not support socialism unless it was tied to religion…This is why the founders of our country did not want state-approved churches: this has become known as the separation of church and state. It was never intended to be for the limitation of Christianity or its practice either in public or private. There are too many pronouncements of our Founders for the need of Christianity to be the conscience of the nation for the separation of church and state to really mean the suppression of Christianity from public life. Let us not forget that the term ‘separation of church and state’ was coined by Jefferson, and this idea has been drummed into the heads of Americans over and over again by the enemies of religion until even the religious believe it. In the beginning of our country many states had laws on the books that forbade the practice of opposing Christianity , These laws disappeared soon after our founding.” Which fact means that the Illuminists and their good buddies were at work early in our founding era. Lots earlier than most Christians even think about.

Mr. Thompson also observed: “Nonetheless, if the Illuminists could take over church after church and change them into arms of the conspiracy as well as the state, they would achieve their goal in any case. Or, if they could only convince those they did not take over to refrain from getting involved in ‘politics’ their opposition would be minimal and perhaps ineffective. Today, the attitude that conservative ministers should not preach politics prevails. This is largely due to the idea of separation of church and state having been ingrained into the thinking of conservative ministers. On the other hand, liberal ministers have no problem preaching the socialist agenda.. They pay scant attention to the idea of staying out of politics.”

Now I will agree that ministers should not stand up there and tell their congregations how to vote. However they should stand up there and make their congregations aware of the real political issues of the day and how those issues affect their families and their churches. One of the devil’s lies is that “you can’t legislate morality.” That’s total satanic hogwash. Every piece of legislation introduced reflects someone’s morality, either for good or ill.

And what do Christians read? Mr. Thompson has duly noted that: “The Illuminists and their descendants always had as a main tactic of capturing not only the public schools, colleges and publishing houses, but the seminaries and Christian publishing houses as well. Relative to the latter, they need not destroy faith as much as they need to neutralize Christians from effective opposition either by advocating not getting involved in politics , for whatever reason, or by advocating false solutions based on the lack of historical perspective by the Christian community who have been educated in the public schools…Again, they need not destroy faith , they only need to neutralize the religious from opposing the Conspiracy through ignorance or lack of resolve.”

Judging from what I have seen in many churches over the decades, I’d say they have done a masterful job of neutralizing Christians. I’ve heard all the excuses over the years from Christians who have been neutralized and had their faith tampered with. Ive heard some Christians say “All you have to do to defeat communism is to “preach the simple Gospel.” Wrong! We’ve had oodles of Christians doing that for decades and communism is still here and stronger than ever, thanks to our public schools where the Gospel is anathema. Preaching to your kids and then leaving them in public schools almost guarantees they will at some point, succumb to the wiles of socialism. So, if you want the “simple Gospel” to take root then get your kids out of the public schools!

Space won’t permit delving into many of these issues, but suffice it to say that our churches have been tampered with and most members and pastors don’t begin to have the remotest clue. So start doing a little homework and if you pray for guidance the Lord will reveal things you need to begin to be aware of.

Did The Apostates In America Have Help?

by Al Benson Jr.

The late professor C. Gregg Singer, professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary noted in his book A Theological Interpretation of American History that: “To reduce secession and the (Civil) war to economic factors and to overlook the intellectual and theological forces at work, is to seriously misread the records of the era from 1850 to 1860. The admission that economic factors were at work does not involve the denial that other, and equally important forces were having a tremendous influence in the sequence of events which would ultimately lead to secession and to war. After 1830 there was a growing philosophical and theological cleavage between the North and the South. While the North was becoming increasingly subject to radical influences, the South was growing increasingly conservative in its outlook.”

Frank Conner, in his book The South Under Seige–1830-2000 has drawn much the same conclusion. He told us that “The key to understanding the current predicament in the South lies in grasping the very nature of the 19th century abolition movement–as it was shaped by the American Transcendentalists. They manipulated that movement for the purposes of waging an ideological war against the Christian South. The war of liberal North against conservative South began in the 1830s, and continues unabated to this day.” The cultural (and thereby religious) war against the South is not, I repeat, NOT over. The continued attacks on Confederate monuments in our day should amply demonstrate that.

The question then arises–why did the Transcendentalists do what they did? Were there other influences at work on them? I noted in a recent article how the sermons of abolitionist Unitarian Theodor Parker “echoed the socialists of Europe in the 1840s”. Historian Arthur R. Thompson, in his frequently quoted from book, To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments noted that Theodor Parker’s supporters “formed a congregation in Boston and installed him as its minister. Among his flock were Louisa May Alcott, William Lloyd Garrison, Julia Ward Howe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Samuel Gridley Howe, and William C. Neill. Depending on the source, it is claimed his congregation grew to somewhere from two to over three thousand people–quite a large congregation of ‘Christians’ who had a pastor that did not believe in Christ…Indeed, it appears that many ministers of the Unitarian variety simply used the freedom of their office and responsibility to be free enough to work for socialism and ultimately atheism by one path or another.” No doubt, by now, you recognize some of the names of socialist luminaries in Parker’s “congregation.” How many of you had to read Little Women in school? They didn’t tell you it was written by a Unitarian apostate did they? Christians were not supposed to know that. Or that the Battle Hymn of the Republic that appears in way too many Christian hymnals was written by a Unitarian apostate? Christians should know this kind of thing but mostly that are totally ignorant of it–and some get mad when you tell them.

How many know that Lincoln protege William H. Herndon was in regular communication with Theodor Parker? How many know that, according to Mr. Thompson, Walt Whitman “became known as the man who influenced Ella Reeve Bloor in her youth, on a visit to her home. When she grew up she became ‘Mother Bloor’ within the leadership of the U.S. Communist Party.” And Amos Bronson Alcott, Louisa May’s father was “influenced by the Illuminist Pestalozzi in his educational experiments…Some of the ideas of Alcott are commonplace in American schools today.”

So have we in our day been influenced by the apostasy of the 1800s? And were some of those apostates back then influenced by the Illuminism that came from Europe? You might as well ask if the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The Question That Never Quite Goes Away

by Al Benson Jr.

To secede or not to secede. The question often looms just in the background, just far enough off stage that you don’t quite see it, but it’s always there. And it has resurfaced in the state of Illinois–again. An article on for August 25th deals with it. It notes that three counties will vote next November to try to split downstate Illinois from the Chicago area. And I don’t think that’s a bad idea. We lived in Illinois for several years and noted that the liberal vote from Chicago was often enough more than sufficient to outdo the vote from the entire rest of the state on certain issues that benefitted Chicago, even though the rest of the state voted against them.

The New American article stated: “Two counties in Illinois, along with a portion of a third county, will vote this November to consider a nonbinding resolution to split the state in two–essentially making the City of Chicago its own entity while the rest of the state follows another path. Brown County in western Illinois and Hardin County in southern Illinois, along with the northeast portion of Madison County in the southwest part of the state, will vote to consider joining 24 other counties who have already voted in the last five years to study the possibility of the rest of the state breaking away from Cook County and the Chicago area to form their own state. Or, put another way, the counties would like to kick out the Chicago area, which dominates state politics. The movement to separate downstate Illinois from Chicago is still alive,” And the mentality in Chicago is light years away from the mentality in Southern Illinois!

In 2019 two state representatives sent a bill to Congress that sought congressional approval that would allow the non-portion of Illinois to become its own state. It seems Congress freaked over that and it never got out of committee. As an aside, Judge Andrew napolitano had an article on Lew Rockwell’s website for September 1 which noted that: “Nullification and secession as ideas were cast aside by the Supreme Court and by the outcome of the War Between the States. But the defeat of an idea–politically, legally or even militarily–cannot always bury the idea permanently. When an idea’s time has come, nothing can stop it.” The judge is right–when the time comes, nothing can stop it.

One of the men who sent the bill to Congress said that “My reason for signing on is that there are two different Illinois in the state. We have to have policies that allow both to compete nationwide. The idea of separating Chicago from the rest of the state isn’t new. It goes back as far as 1840. Many counties have longed for years to separate themselves from what goes on in Chicago. The New American articles notes: “In the 1970s, fourteen counties in west-central Illinois began referring to themselves as the Republic of Forgottonia as a way to protest how their needs and wishes were largely forgotten by the state legislators in Springfield…Downstate legislators as recently as 2011 asked that the rest of the state be separated from the Chicago area after Pat Quinn was elected as governor despite carrying only three counties outside the Chicago area. Downstate citizens don’t feel heard in a state government completely dominated by far-left Chicago.”

The article also notes that: “The Illinois movement to break away from liberal stronghold Chicago echoes other movements such as the Greater Idaho movement, which looks to move several Oregon counties to Idaho, a state they believe lines up with their more conservative values.” And, although it’s not mentioned much in our “history” books, one of the reasons for the South’s secession from the U.S. in 1861 was that the cultures of the two sections were very different and the theologies of the two sections had become different with the advent of Unitarianism and Transcendentalism in the North as opposed to orthodox Christianity in the South.

The New American article concludes: “While these movements don’t have what most consider to be a reasonable shot for succeeding, they are a gauge of how fed up many in rural America are feeling regarding their representation. People in rural America feel they are ignored by state and federal government–and they’re right.” Same here in north Louisiana. Liberal New Orleans gets all the action while those of us in the rest of the state get some splendid rhetoric and that’s all. It won’t stay this way forever. At some point something will have to give and those who laughed at secession will end up crying in their beer.