Federal Judge Promotes Cultural Marxism in Mississippi

by Al Benson Jr.

Just because you are a federal judge doesn’t mean that your rulings have to make any sense. All it means is that those rulings have to conform, above all, to the prevailing political theology. And the prevailing political theology (and it is a theology, make no mistake) is that any and all things Southern, white, and Christian must be uprooted from any and all places, starting in the South, and replaced with cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism IS the new political theology in this country and it will prevail no matter who ends up being president (Hillary) or how many states Trump gets stolen from him by the Republican Establishment, because both Republican and Democratic Establishment members are all avid practitioners of the religion of cultural Marxism. They live for it. As for the desires of the voters who pay the bills, they are absolutely last on the cultural Marxist list, if they even make it onto the list.

So it comes as no surprise that a black federal judge in Mississippi has issued a statement that the Mississippi state flag is now to be considered “anti-American.” In Judge Carlton Reeves’ fractured thinking the flag is anti-American because it represents those “who fought to leave the United States.” Does it surprise anyone that this man was appointed by Barack Obama to be a federal judge? It shouldn’t. This is the caliber of Obama’s appointees. The Great High Priest in Washington only selects those who will minister his decisions favorably in his churches (courts) so when I first read the article about Reeves’ stand on the flag in Mississippi the first thing I did was to check to see who appointed him.

This is the same judge who ruled in November, 2014 that Mississippi’s same-sex marriage ban violated the Due Process and Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Had he not reflected Bishop Obama’s theology he wouldn’t have gotten appointed. He was confirmed in the U S Senate in December, 2010 by a voice vote, which means your slightly-less-than-honest senator can come back home and lie to you about having voted for him and there is no record of it.

But now we cut to the chase. Reeves issued his flag ruling in a lawsuit brought by Carlos Moore, another black lawyer from Grenada, Mississippi. Moore is asking Reeves to declare the Mississippi state flag “an unconstitutional relic of slavery.” While Reeves isn’t saying yet whether he will fully consider Moore’s lawsuit regarding the state flag, if you have half a brain you already know the answer.

And Moore’s rationale for all this is, get this, if the U S Supreme Court last year effectively legalized same-sex marriage all across the country, then the Constitution protects “a fundamental right of dignity and the state flag violates his dignity as well as that of other blacks. So, in order to get rid of this fundamental lack of black dignity we have to get rid of the present state flag. Replacing it with one with a hammer and sickle on it would probably be considered appropriate. Such a flag would truly reflect the theology of cultural Marxism.

Back last summer, after the orchestrated Confederate flag purge had begun I wrote an article for this blog spot entitled “Is the Confederate Flag Becoming Illegal?” Maybe some folks thought that was a bit over the top, but here, less than a year later, we have a federal judge who is perilously close to declaring a state flag with the St. Andrews Cross on it to be “unconstitutional” and therefore illegal. Folks, if you all follow some of this stuff, you know we are not making it all up!

Interestingly, Attorney Moore feels the Mississippi state flag violates his “dignity.” Well, I’ve got a question–what about the dignity of all those citizens of Mississippi and other places who have had ancestors that fought in the Confederate armies? Are not those of us who have Confederate ancestors due the dignity of celebrating and remembering our ancestors and trying to educate others as to what that War was realy all about–and it wasn’t “racism” and slavery. Those that promote that line either haven’t done the historical homework or they hope you haven’t. For those wanting a good history lesson as to what the War was really all about I would point you to an excellent article by Dr. Donald Livingston on the Abbeville Blog for April 15th. You can check it out at http://www.abbevilleinstitute.org

Dr. Livingston gives you some of the history you will never see in the “history” books Keep your eye on what happens in Mississippi in the next few weeks, and what happens with the cultural Marxist agenda as the warm weather approaches and the paid protesters don’t mind getting out and doing their thing. If you think last year was bad, then I think you’ve not seen anything yet. And there are lots of us in the South that won’t take our Confederate flags down no matter what these two black judges come up with.

13 thoughts on “Federal Judge Promotes Cultural Marxism in Mississippi

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  2. At some point these cultural marxists, psychopaths really, run out of symbols like flags or historical statues to outlaw, then it is on to people they try to outlaw. It is the end game here. It is what you must ask yourself and face the answer boldly without reservation. All this does not lead any place else. There is no being left alone by these psychopaths if they are not stopped dead cold. And I mean dead stopped.
    Only problem with all this outlawing of the natural historical people whose culture it belongs to, is outlawing people works both ways, and oftener than not it is psychopaths like these judges and the apparatchiks, and the leaders of the human extinction movement who create these false flag cultural pogroms end up swinging on the end of 13 knots or taking dirt naps.
    So really, they are not cultural marxists but cultural murderers. Tomorrows genocidal maniacs. This kind of red diaper baby marxist pogrom is training for these judges and their ilk, these are the psychopaths the psychopaths are grooming for the eventual genocide of the White Race of Western Christian Men, and enslavement of the remains of civilization, which is the ultimate object of cultural marxism.

  3. Its coming from above, too.

    ‘WASHINGTON — State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the U.S. Capitol where each had been displayed.

    Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Thursday the flags, which had been removed during renovations, will instead be replaced with prints of each state’s commemorative coin.

    “Given the controversy surrounding confederate imagery, I decided to install a new display,’’ Miller, chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, said in a statement. “I am well aware of how many Americans negatively view the Confederate flag, and, personally, I am very sympathetic to these views. However, I also believe that it is not the business of the federal government to dictate what flag each state flies.’’’

    I guess that last sentence is what distinguishes her from a Dem?
    It goes on:

    ‘Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., had called on Congress to remove all items bearing the Confederate battle flag, including his state flag.

    The flags had been displayed on the wall in the tunnel that runs between a House office building and the Capitol. Visitors and members of Congress travel between the office building and the Capitol by walking or taking small subway cars that go by the flags.

    “I am pleased that the Architect of the Capitol will no longer display symbols of hatred and bigotry in the esteemed halls of the United States House of Representatives,’’ Thompson said in a statement. “As I said last summer, this is the People’s House and we should ensure that we, as an institution, refuse to condone symbols that seek to divide us.’’

    The committee’s move Thursday puts the spotlight back on the states, including Mississippi, where battles are brewing over whether to remove Confederate flags and statues from public places.

    Last summer, Thompson urged Congress to hold a hearing on his resolution to remove items from House grounds that feature Confederate flag emblems. Democratic lawmakers, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., joined Thompson in the effort. But little happened.

    Miller said members of Congress can continue to display their state flags.

    “This is the ‘People’s House’ where each congressional district sends their designated representative to be their voice in the halls of Congress,” Miller said. “With that, it is common practice for each member of Congress to display their state flag, alongside of the American flag, outside their individual offices and in this way all state flags are displayed on Capitol Hill.”

    Mississippi lawmakers still display the state flag outside their offices. Thompson doesn’t.’


  4. The campaign of cultural Marxism is far, far from over. Those people did not get all they wanted last year and so they will be back this year, and next year, to destroy our culture. We have got to learn to be as tenacious at preserving our culture as they are in trying to destroy it.

  5. Someone sent me a picture of a new bumper sticker with a Battle flag on the left hand side and a logo that said “Fighting Marxism since 1861.” Going to see if I can’t pick up some of those. They are totally appropriate to the situation.

    • In one respect, I’m not worried, I know who and what I am, I’m a Copperhead, I’m meaner than one too, in that respect, I make the fiercest kind of Southerner, a warrior unlike my adopted Hillbilly brothers, I know what those damn yankee scum are in ways a hillbilly can never know: Cultural Marxists make a big mistake, they believe they have special privilege to shape the cultural battlefield, hubris in its purest most insidious form too, it is how they operate in order rule people, rule souls, how they rob people of their dignity, or so they think, but cultural marxists have no dignity, no spirit, no indomitable will, they are slaves to something truly ugly and nasty, but once they think they have robbed a culture of everything visible and symbolic, that culture is no longer in their power – it is free again. They didn’t win in 1865, all they did was carpet bag the South.
      Truly free people are impossible to rule over. The South isn’t a Flag, beautiful as it’s banner is, it is the spirit and culture, something no statue or history can ever fully portray. Not that those symbols and ideals of Liberty and enduring secession from tyranny aren’t important, but because the assault upon them is so very much such an important thing, and every reason to fight because of those things. The South is the South, because the South is what America is truly about and why the cultural marxist are existentially threatened by its existence, by it’s peoples existence. See, those fucking yankee scum, they are terrified, haunted by what the south is, by its traditions, its culture, its beauty, its hospitality and generosity, of spirit, of grace, because of its inherent natural savings grace. The South by its mere existence stands in the way of the human extinction movement, because the power of its legitimacy of what is good and right about people everywhere, of the good in this world thats worth fighting for.

  6. Bumper stickers are fine, however only a few people will see them. Try this for size, make a Battle flag rubber stamp and then stamp every piece of Yankee money you have. Stamp everything that has anything to do with those people. send copies of the flag to all those that hate it. If you go into a federal building stamp everything you can. Don’t stop. Stamp their flag. If you fly the US flag take it down.

    • Great idea, especially if they replace Jackson with Tubman on the $20 and put MLK, Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson on the back of the $5 which of course already has Lincoln! I’m getting a stamp.

    • Good thinking. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone, mess with them damn yankee scum, letting them know they never will win, that the South and secession of its hearts and minds live, using their infernal instrument of tyranny, valueless slave script aka fiat dollars. A brilliant idea!
      I think their war of aggression was about slavery after all. Slavery of the state!

      Cultural marxists are all about agitprop, it is the narrative and meme through dissimulation and dhimmitude they live by, without controlling the message they have nothing but use of force and application of violence, so agitprop it is very effective and can have great influence, but agitprop is also like tracers, they both work as effectively, or more so both ways. Add in a little genuine grass roots, and agitprop is highly influencing, because it comes from genuine culture, and culture is always upstream of politics and tyranny.

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