Do Southern Americans Even Have Any Real Congressional Representation Anymore?

by Al Benson Jr.

This is a question I have begun to ask myself of late, and I’m not altogether sure I like the answer I’ve been getting. In some few cases the answer may be yes, but in an increasing number of cases the answer coming up is a resounding NO! Most elected representatives in Washington do not really represent the voters in their states. Many are little more than political shills for the Ruling Establishment and the New World Order clique , and their agenda is to take us down that path as quickly and as bloodlessly as possible. But if they have to spill some blood (ours) then that’s okay too. Their agenda is to make us all hate our history an heritage and love Big Brother.

Part of their method of fostering our love affair with Big Brother is to try to “educate” us into viewing our history, our culture, and eventually our Christian faith, in a negative light. All these have to go, you see, for their New World Order to succeed.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the secular (humanist) halls of Washington. Our flags and symbols must go before we can be properly programmed to “love” Big Brother.

To that end, there was a story on USA Today  for April 21st about Confederate emblems being removed at the US Capitol. The article noted: “State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the US Capitol where each had been displayed. Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Thursday the flags, which had been removed during renovation, will be replaced with prints of each state’s commemorative coin.” Isn’t that touching? Other states get their flags back but some Southern states get a picture of their state coin instead. Any Southern congressperson complain about this? Sounds like discrimination to me–all the state flags are equal but some are less equal than others. What about the majority of the people in the states those flags represent? Well, Ms. Miller gushes on about the feelings of those that find our state flags offensive and how she is “sympathetic” to their views. What about the views of those of us that don’t see these state flags in that light? If the truth be told, (and don’t expect to hear it from the politicians) our views don’t matter. Should youi happen to be a Mississippian and happen to like your state flag the way it is, why  you must be a”racist” or a “homophobe” or a “male chauvinist pig” or whatever other title the cultural Marxist crowd can sling at you–and your views, and mine, do not matter! Get that through your heads. Our views do not count! And most of our elected officials will not stand up for us! A small, small handful will, but the rest are bought and sold. Their souls already belong to Big Brother!  Southerners who appreciate their culture and history are now persona non grata. You don’t count! I don’t count! So quit thinking you are just going to vote Republican in November and straighten it all out. You ain’t!

The agenda this year will be the same as last year–only worse. You will be subjected to yet another round of cultural purges and your flags, symbols, monuments, and history will be continually denigrated, in Washington, in the media, in our “halls of learning” and this will continue until many of you will feel ashamed to stand up and defend them. This is the first step in learning to “love” Big Brother. Get you to start denying what you have loved  and believed in, and you are half way there. And if they can get you to deny it, then you won’t be bothered trying to pass any of it along to your children or grandchildren, and that’s part of the plan, too. Your descendants must be brought up and “educated” in an environment where they are taught not to fight back, not to resist,  but only to acquiesce to the “will of the majority”  (really minority).

As time passes more and more of you will begin to realize that your elected officials really don’t give a hoot about you and what you want. They are mostly there to serve the interests of those wanting to change your culture into some monstrosity none of us will even recognize. And they expect you and I to be quiet and learn to do what they (and their bosses) want.

The French Revolution was a perfect example of their agenda. Remove everything form the past, including God, and start over with a blank slate, naturally with no “god” but the state. You see, in all of these things, there is always a theological perspective. They just don’t tell you that.

Those who read history will know where all that took them–straight to the guillotine  and the “Reign of Terror.” They thought man was perfectible, by their standards, and that, without God, they could build a modern Tower of Babel and get to Heaven by their own efforts, and hence, be their own “gods.” France has yet to recover totally from this silly humanist experiment–and now their spiritual descendants  want the same for this country–beginning with the South.

So whether people recognize it or not, spiritual warfare has been declared on the South, (actually it’s been going on since 1861) but we were told it was all “political” so don’t worry about it. But now it must become relentless. It almost seems that the Devil’s disciples feel their time might be getting short and they’ve got to put us and our culture and symbols, including Christian symbols, down as quickly as possible. Hint–in the long run, they won’t make it!

My question is, how many Southern folks will wake up and realize that this is a spiritual battle, that we will get no help or support from government at any level, nor even from many of our churches that have, unknowingly or otherwise, sold out to the New Workd Order.

Maybe we’ve gotten to the point we should have started at in the beginning. We will have to turn to the Trinitarian God of Holy Scripture for help and ask His guidance and strength to know how to fight back against those who would seek to destroy not only our culture but our faith as well. That is their ultimate objective. Let us pray that the Lord will be pleased to use us in some small way in His fight against evil, and especially the culture-destroying part of it we are faced with today.


7 thoughts on “Do Southern Americans Even Have Any Real Congressional Representation Anymore?

  1. I told you once before, these people have no fear of us. They have leaders, we have complainers. They know their subject. We don’t ! The only way we can win is through God. Here’s the truth, I can’t find anybody that loves God as much as they love their sports. Drive around any weekend to sport’s fields. They are packed. Look at the women in their yoga pants. This is the new south! Where are the men Al ? We going to bust hell wide open.

  2. Ken,
    You ask a good question. Where are the men? Problem is, I don’t have an answer. Guess in a sense I am one of the complainers. I have complained for years that people were too busy with their sports and reality shows to care what happened to their liberties and their heritage. At my age (77) I have, since I was 31, picketed, protested, marched, demonstrated and written and am now at the point in my life healthwise where I am not able to do much of it anymore except the writing. I did what I could while I could and exhorted others to do it too. If we bust open it’s going to be one heck of a mess because we are soft, apathetic, and we will bleed all over the place. I hope I am wrong, but what I have seen in the past 46 years does not encourage me regarding our prospects for the battle against evil–especially in the churches!

  3. Al, your writing is wonderful. It is needed. You say what so many of us just don’t have the skill to say. Here is a small truth; Al to many here in the South have believed a lie because they hated the truth. They believe that slavery is evil, because of that there is no way they can defend Southern culture. They are defeated and their preachers did it to them. Southerners don’t know scripture. Example, I have a cousin who is 92, been in church all her life. She made this statement, “I don’t know what the Bible says, but I know what the preacher says.” She is just one of so many.

  4. Ken,
    I published a little booklet several years ago now called “America’s problem with apostasy and strange doctrines” which if you will send me a snail mail address I can send you a copy of. It explains why the church has been neutralized here in the South, and other places as well.

  5. You know Al, that is the question right there. I believe it is like the 2nd Amendment, it means nothing to me, my arms are my property, a law has nothing to do with my God given primal liberty of defending and feeding my family, so then how does Congress have anything to do with my sovereignty. It certainly ain’t worked as advertised now, and it really really didn’t work as advertised in 1862. That should tell you all you need to know of that mind blowing fail.
    If there was one thing on all of God’s green Earth that told us the truth of the value and worth of Congress, it was the war of northern tyranny. They had one job and one job only, the will of the people, not the special interests of corporate/bankster power and profits nor the usurpation of that tyrant genocidal psychopath Lincoln, and they totally completely unequivocally failed in that one job, they worse than failed, they made the war of northern aggression and the cultural marxists possible, they own it. Just as the sonsofabitches own the tyrannical state breathing down our throats today. If it wasn’t for them, none of whats going down would be possible.

    Now you want to know how I really feel?

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