Marxism and the Bureau of Land Management

by Al Benson Jr.

In that infamous document The Communist Manifesto, which the League of the Just (Illuminati) hired deadbeat revolutionary Karl Marx to pen, Marx noted, quite accurately, that: “In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of private property.” In other words, if Marxists of any stripe influence and eventually rule your country–you own nothing. Rather, they own you. Any land you may have thought you owned now belongs to “the People” which, being interpreted, means the State.

It is in that context that you need to begin to look at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as an instrument of the Marxist state that has as its agenda the appropriation of any and all land. You may even have a deed “proving” ownership which, to them, is irrelevant. Your deed is really worthless because they have the power to move you off of your land and in a Marxist state such as we now exist in, any and all means to do that are open to them–anything from constant harassment to extermination. After all, if you are in the way you have to go–and the end always justifies the means.

This fits in perfectly with the United Nations Agenda 21 program, whereby people are moved off their land and relocated in nice little mini-ghettos, naturally owned by the State.

Ranchers, farmers and other property owners in the West and in other areas need to begin to realize that the Marxist agenda that is present has as priorities moving them off their land and destroying their culture, lifestyle and worldview. The cultural Marxists in the South are busy trying to destroy the culture and worldview (particularly the Christian part) of the South and, naturally, with that destruction will come the abolition of private property, because the concept of private property is a biblical one and so that has to go.

Ultimately this struggle is as much theological as it is political, but most people, even on the Marxist side, don’t grasp that. Unfortunately, even most Christians remain totally in the dark on this issue. Most folks, Christian and otherwise, have not been able to connect the dots to see where all this is incrementally going.

For instance, there was an article on for October 15, 2015, written by Tara West, that stated: “A group of Texas ranchers are furious after representatives from the federal Bureau of Land Management made claims that their land doesn’t really belong to the ranchers, but rather it belonged to the federal government. The federal officials claim that despite each rancher having a deed for their property and having paid property taxes on the land each year, the land should never have been sold, as it is actually federal land.”

There was an article in The Blaze that mentioned one rancher, Ken Aderholt. He got a phone call from a BLM rep in 2014. This “land aquisition”  expert for the BLM claimed that “625 acres of Aderholt’s property actually belonged to the federal government.” This individual said this discovery was made when the government began “redefining” boundary lines along the Red River, which separates Texas from Oklahoma. Aderholt noted that by “redefining” the boundary from half a mile in to the river it significantly affected the size of his property, and even his home place. When Aderholt explained to this BLM worthy that his home place sat on some of the land that the feds had “redefined” this individual retorted “You have reason to be conserned.” Translated into plain English that means “We’re taking your home place and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it. It’s part of our agenda, so kiss it goodbye.”

It’s also a major part of the overall Marxist agenda for the confiscation of private property. Notice they seem to be taking it in increments instead of all at once–at least for now–the old Fabian socialist approach. Do it all at once and folks really get shook up. Do it in smaller increments and they may not like it but they are like frogs in the cool water that gradually gets hotter and they don’t realize what’s happening to them (the Marxist agenda for the abolition of private property).

Folks, the federal Marxist revolutionaries, starting in Washington, want your land, all of your land, just like they want all of your guns. It’s as simple as that! Get a copy of The Communist Manifesto and read Marx’s ten rules of revolution and you will begin to get the picture of what is now going on in this country–as has actually been going on for decades while everyone has slept through it, Christians included.

The folks taking part in the Sagebrush Rebellion need to understand who their enemy is and what his plans for them are and they need to do enough homework to expose those plans publicly.

More on this as the Lord allows.




24 thoughts on “Marxism and the Bureau of Land Management

  1. from

    “Back in 1992, a friend gave me a copy of Global Plan for the Advancement of Humanity, ,(which some refer to as Global Plan 2000), which has been stored on a disk since then. In cleaning up my office, I ran across the disk and have posted the document for the benefit of those who have perceived this plan to be a contrivance. If you take the time to read the entire document, you may be surprised had how closely the plan has been followed since its inception in 1991″

    • Ought to? Oh Brother, is that an understatement.
      I’ve come to a realization it really is hearts and minds everywhere that have to won. And that it is our hearts and minds specifically in the various movements of freedom from secession to libertarianism and everything in between. There can be no dividing ideologies or politics or agenda. Not to say there can’t be differences or opinions, but that we all have to find a way to set aside differences and turn our energies and natural inherent powers of legitimacy and aim them at the great enemy of liberty.

  2. Al,

    Once again, you are on the money. For too long the sleeping citizenry has waved the stars and stripes thinking that communism and Marxism were limited to other parts of the world. They were not aware that communists have been at work changing out system of government since the 1860’s. They have been at it a long time and have made considerable headway in such areas as centralization, abolition of private property, government schools, etc.

  3. Jeff,
    That was one of the reasons Donnie and I wrote Lincoln’s Marxists–to get folks to begin to realize that we’ve had a problem with communism and socialism lots longer than we think we have. You’d be surprised at how many people in the Southern Movement had no idea of any of this until we wrote the book and started giving speeches about all of it. I can recall seeing jaws drop when I mentioned Communists in Lincoln’s armies the first few times and so can Donnie.

    I used to start off a speech asking listeners about certain generals they had all heard of and read about and then I’d ask them if they realized that so and so was a Communist or a socialist. They never had and it was a revelation.

  4. Private property ‘rights’? As in, do not pay your ‘property tax’s’ (rent or? …fill in the blank…) and watch what happens. The king must have his dues ………

  5. Quick, what do you see when you look at this picture Al?

    Think about it. Bet you dollars to donuts most think of the police state, statist trampling people into submission.
    I don’t see a tyrants boot.
    I see the march of liberty and freedom trampling tyranny into the dirt.
    If you believe in winning you win.

      • The social and political situation is bad and getting worse. Brazil is probably our future if we’re lucky, Yugoslavia if we’re not*. Most of our children will not live in the prosperous, high trust society we have taken for granted.

        You have to think you can win, but I don’t think we can win in any way that brings back the easy living of the mid 20th century. Secular liberalism is fully entrenched(even in churches!), approximately 13% of our population is foreign born and has no connection to American culture (and both parties want to increase this number), economic predictions are not rosy to sat the least, our media is anti American, our schools are anti American, our government is anti-American (WTF?!), a large percentage of our population is anti-American especially the younger ones, so I don’t see any chance of a large scale return to ‘conservative values’ (whatever that means these days). The US is over, its time is up and something new is coming. Maybe several somethings? I don’t know, but its a new epoch.

        * I could have this backward. A Yugoslavia type outcome with a civil war could be like ripping the band aid off and ultimately be a good thing.

      • Depending on how it all works out maybe “several somethings” might not be all that bad. Like me, you may have read a book “The Nine Nations of North America” several years ago in which the author splits the country and continent up the way he thinks it will eventually end up. One thing he leaves mostly the way it is, with some additions, is the American South, which he aptly renames Dixie. His concept of Dixie is something I could live with.

  6. ‘Ultimately this struggle is as much theological as it is political, but most people, even on the Marxist side, don’t grasp that. ‘

    Mr Benson, I love the Bible Belt South its where I’m from and I am not enjoying its dilution. That said, there is an anti-intellectual strand that runs through the culture here, Bible Belt Christians are not ones to really study theology and certainly not to think in theological terms. That you said ‘even on the Marxist side’ in the quote above tells me you’ve noticed this, too. Its probably our greatest weakness.

    • How is a theological education a prerequisite for faith, and belief in something larger and better? (Is this what your saying here?) I think Christian faith crosses all walks of life, it is the great connection, especially in times of trial and tribulation, it tends bring out the best in people. Like, there for the grace of God I go.
      The Whole Armor of God is something not to discount lightly, and you can bet as things continue to slide towards dissolution of this Judea Christian based republic, it is going to take on dimensions not witnessed since the war of northern tyranny. And those who are going to be on the sharp end of that armor are most likely going to be people who have little formal education in theology or partake in organized religion. It is the meek and humble who will be on the receiving end of the devil’s deciples, aka the cultural marxists, running things.
      After all was it not Marx who said religion is the opiate of the people?
      Me I believe in the great character of this God Blessed nation, our faults and mistakes not withstanding. If anything, it is our foibles and transgressions that will give us the means to determine our destiny as a free people.

      • Theology is not a prerequisite for salvation or faith, but it should be a prerequisite for a pastor, since his calling is to shepherd his flock towards the truth. So, in that way, theological study is a prerequisite for a properly functioning church.

        You said, ‘And those who are going to be on the sharp end of that armor are most likely going to be people who have little formal education in theology or partake in organized religion.’

        Disorganisation and disunity is why we’re in this mess in the first place. If we were a united people our enemies would never have gained entrance and taken over our institutions. You agnostic libertarian types are part of the problem – your shibboleths are too easy to fake.

  7. Roger,
    I have to agree with you. Down here we don’t study much theology. Problem is that most Christians in the South, and many other places too, study their theology through the grid of the Scofield “Bible” Notes and in my opinion those notes are one of the great neutralizers of the Christian faith in not only the South but the whole country. Several years ago I wrote a little booklet “America’s problems with apostasy and new doctrines” in which I dealt with Scofield and his “secret imminent rapture” theory which is really not more than a couple hundred years old. Bible commentaries in this country in the early 1800s did not mention it the way Scofield does.

    Also worth noting is the fact that Scofield’s theology infiltrated the South within five years after the War of Northern Aggression was over. Consequently today, most Southern folks would rather wait for the rapture to get them out of this mess than stand up and fight back like they should. I have often referred to Scofield’s theology as “the theological arm of reconstruction.”

    • I would say most get their theology from tv!

      ‘most Southern folks would rather wait for the rapture to get them out of this mess’

      I hate to criticise my own, but since I’ve already started I might as well continue. There’s a strain of an almost gnostic this-world-doesn’t-matter disengagement from reality and preachers aren’t doing enough to correct this error.

      • Lots of these TV preachers are making big bucks off the books they sell about the rapture and the end times and all that. I was there and believed all that once so I know. Now I am what folks used to call a Calvinist, so I had to walk away from all that. Most preachers don’t want to get involved in all this. They preach in 501-C3 churches and if they say too much the IRS gets on their case, so just as easy to pretend it isn’t there. But it IS there and at some point Christians are going to have to relearn to deal with it. The Protestant Reformation was not fought by couch potatoes and our future theological battles won’t be either.

      • You should be ashamed of yourself. The only way we are going to get through what is coming is together. And that all begins with each of us. I ask, why not just jump off a cliff now instead if you feel resistance to the cultural marxists is so futile and hopeless? Where is your faith Brother? There are people you will never know who will never give up, never say die no matter what. A goodly number of them probably never walked into a church in their lives. That don’t mean they don’t have faith. And before this is over, those people are going to die for your and my liberty and freedom, and our right to our faith of our choice. One brave soul already did, LaVoy Finnicum. A very devout man too. Where is your courage and faith I ask you, where is your humility? Does not being educated in theology teach those virtues and values?
        Maybe you do not understand what is at stake, but you play right into the cultural marxists hands. Those sonofabitches thrive on dividing people, undermining their faith and traditions.
        We all have to find a way, find within ourselves a the way to work together or we are toast. The human extinction movement works together to destroy our culture and civilization.

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