Who Was Lavoy Finicum?

by Al Benson Jr.

Like lots of other folks I kept my eye on the situation at the wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon. I had my doubts that the occupation of the wildlife refuge was something the Sagebrush Warriors should have engaged in. I don’t question their intent or their integrity but I kind of felt this was one battle they should have passed up. It seems like all it did was to give the feds a chance to get even for being made to look so bad at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in April of 2014. And you have to know, with their current Marxist mindset the feds will not just get mad, they will get even and then some.

However, Lavoy Finicum interested me. He was a Mormon rancher from Northern Arizona and seemed, from what I could see of him in videos to epitomize the Western lifestyle, and I in no way mean that in a derogatory sense. I have spent time in the West over the years. My family and I have camped and hiked over much of the country. I have talked to people who have had problems with the BLM and their confiscatory efforts at “acquiring” land. And Mr. Finicum had had his problems with the feds taking his water and generally harassing him. There seems to be sort of a federal agenda nowadays to get the ranchers off the land many places in the West and you have to wonder what the deal is. Does the land contain uranium  or other valuable minerals that the feds and their corporate fascist buddies would like to make millions off of, even though it isn’t theirs? The fact that it isn’t theirs would pose no problem at all for them. After all, they’ve got the power so they can basically do what they want and if they lean hard enough on the local and county politicians and law officers, most of them won’t fight back. Some will but most won’t.

Anyway, Lavoy Finicum was part of the protest at the refuge in Oregon. He seemed like a mild sort of man, not a troublemaker, but like most Westerners used to be, he didn’t like being pushed around. Like many Southern folks he just wanted to be left alone to lead his life, care for his cattle, and not bother anyone. When the feds started coming after him he made some You Tube videos explaining why he was resisting what the feds were trying to do to him. I watched a couple of those before I wrote this article and watching them and seeing his clear line of reasoning in what he said, I thought “here is a marked man.” The feds don’t like people who resist and who carefully explain to whoever will listen why and what they are resisting. My first thought was that, if they can, they will get this guy–one more irritant out of their way, one more example of the Western lifestyle shoved down the memory hole.

The Westerners have the same identical problem we here in the South have. Their lifestyle, traditions, culture and all the rest are under assault just like ours is. They have become the victims of the current phase of “reconstruction” only most of them don’t realize what it is yet. They and the Southern folks really need to get together because the cultural Marxists have their way of life slated for destruction just as they have ours here in the South. For the New World Order to triumph, both the Southern and Western ways of life have to go.

I sincerely hope some folks in the West who wish to preserve their culture and lifestyle get to read this and that it will begin to make them think. We are all being subjected to cultural Marxism and ethnic cleansing and we need to help each other to find ways to resist.

Lavoy Finicum tried to resist in the way he knew how to. It cost him his life. I also watched the FBI video of when they were pursuing them. They claim he pulled a gun. Others in his vehicle said he was on his way to a meeting and had left his weapons back at the place the protesters occupied. It was pretty hard to tell from the video exactly what happened, and I watched it all the way through twice. It looked  to me, like when he hit the snowbank and got out of his vehicle he had his hands in the air but then lowered them and that’s when they shot him. The police claim he was armed. It would be nice to see a real close up of him on the ground there after they shot him to see if there really was a gun or not. Knowing the feds penchant for “truth” I honestly have my doubts.

But the feds have now atoned for the sin of losing out at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, so we will have to see what ground angels fear to tread on that they will next stomp all over in their campaign to rid the West of real people.

44 thoughts on “Who Was Lavoy Finicum?

  1. We all who have a care are LaVoy Finnicum now. Your dead nuts to right Al, we are the Kulaks now. Executing LaVoy was the war of northern aggression, reconstruction, Wounded Knee and Waco, (both Waco’s), Ruby Ridge, tearing down symbols of Southern heritage and culture, in a nut shell.
    Whatever remained of a constitutional republic was buried when he was left to bleed out in the snow.

  2. I believe what is happening is the herding of everyone into sustainable cities. People like Finnicum are chinks in the wheel of the brand of progress that is part of Agenda 21. Seriously, the intention is that no one will be living in a good part of The West. If you look at the planned NAFTA super highway – it goes from Mexico to the eastern part of the country – with wide swathes of “people free” zones.

    • You’re correct. This is part of the Agenda 21 UN project on how to get us off the land and into their little “economically sustainable” ghettos so they can pillage whatever natural resources the land contains, they and their corporate fascist buddies. All part of the Marxist “redistribution of the wealth” agenda where they redistribute our wealth among themselves. Or, as the new governor of Louisiana, an Obama Democrat calls it “shared sacrifice” which means we sacrifice and they share it.

  3. Have you listened to this, LaVoy’s Daughters wrote and sing for what their father died for.
    LaVoy passed on Devine Ridge, his Daughters sound like Angels voices from heaven.

  4. Doug,
    I read this a couple days ago on the LOS site. It seems a pretty accurate description of where we are. Nothing wrong with secession if it’s done in a legal and proper manner. The Constitution, for all its problems, does not forbid secession, in fact 3 of the states that ratified it, New York, R. I., and Virginia, ratified it with secession language included in their ratifications and no one seemed to gripe about that. If secession had been illegal then that language should have been removed from their ratifications and it was not.

    • I’m with you Mr. Benson. Secession is as natural and is as legitimate a primal right of people as the right as owning arms. Something no piece of paper or man made law can supersede or determine. “Clinging” to God, tradition, values, culture, bearing arms, secession, are as inherent components of being free as breathing air.
      And I think in great part that is the heart of the matter why those who presume to rule over us despise The South and all it and her people stand for, why all signs of The South and it’s heritage and meaning must be eradicated. For The South and her people symbolize all that is anathema to their evil. Just as the power of self determination that is natural to and integral to bearing arms is and why owning arms, as is all property, to be eradicated. Because property and ideas such as these in the hands minds and hearts of people make them slaves not.
      It is said The South Will Rise Again. It is rising. The very fact this war of eradication against The South has never ended, and that now it has taken on the character of pogrom, that secession has become a distinct possibility, that secession the idea that it is not only possible, but that it’s time has come, and it resides as a fire in the hearts of Southern people, that there is viable and reasoned cause for it, that growing preference for secession has an impetus on the threshold of becoming a cascade, as is liberty in all it’s components among a plurality that is becoming very close to understanding it is one, is a existential threat to the state and it’s statist minions and useful dupes. I think that fear is what is shaping the character and response of the cultural marxists and their useful idiots. Liberty, Secession, is a dangerous thing. It is fraught with perils, they are hard things because you must take risks and make leaps of faith to exercise and live them. Secession is self determination is hard work, it requires personal courage, steadfast will, no guarantee’s but you are totally free. This is scary stuff too many. Their fear of self sufficiency of people and their self determining way of life manifests itself in their consent to slavery to by and of the state, it is complete, a safety net woven of chains of slavery. They are the totalitarians among us, the willing executioners and enablers of tyranny. The cultural marxists are nothing but a tiny minority of sociopaths and psychopaths, they have no power but what the consent useful and willing dupes and the corporate slave class provide them. The motive power of secession can never be destroyed. I think that is what horrifies and irks the regimes who control the state, I think the specter of freedom and the liberty movement terrifies them, it is why they term their fear of the only existential threats they face, (aside from their own self destructive nature), as in pogroming us “Domestic Terrorists”, just as they do with “Assault Rifles”, that our rifles will be used to assault them for what they are doing to us in defense of our sovereign nature as individuals and primal right of self determination.

      Something you wrote in response to one of your commenter’s a few days ago made me think of this.
      It is important for Southerners as it is for Christians to know their own history, because if you know your own history, no one else can tell you who you are. It is akin to liberty, if you know liberty, no one can tell you you are slave or enslave you. It is what consent is, something which can only be given, it can not be taken. If you know you have the power of your consent, you can withdraw your consent. It comes all full circle and all these things are inextricably linked, as they are to the idea of the 2nd Amendment, and how the 1st Amendment is not possible without the 2nd and vice versa. There is something undefinably the same with all these things even though part of all these things are unique, but then again they are the same as they are so unique in humanity, and similar in place and time in human history, how all merged in one narrow window of time in a great leap of freedom like nothing in all of human history.
      That is what is so beautiful about the south, about secession, about liberty, it is that motive power inherent in all this. It is audacity, and indomitable spirit. It is why it is so utterly despised by some and loved and cherished by so many.

  5. Doug,
    If they hate the South because of secession then they should also hate New England because that part of the country threatened secession on 3 separate occasions, the last being over the War of 1812. Although New England didn’t actually secede they had delegates that met in Hartford, Conn. in 1814 to strongly consider it. Interesting how the hatred can be selective over the same issue.

    • Mr. Benson that right there is something about NewEngland you point out I believe deserves serious consideration. If you look at the French Indian wars, and those who where involved such as Stark and Comee, and the men who comprised Rogers Rangers, your looking at the seeds of secession from tyranny leading up to the revolutionary war. NH, where I was born and bred, was a hotbed of secessionists and classical abolition of and from tyranny.
      It stands to reason the Fabian’s concentrated their early efforts of their human extinction movement there, and it become their embedded nursing grounds of statism. So in some ways I believe you are very correct NewEngland, especially Vermont and NH, is much akin to the South’s secession and its movement and actions it has undertaken and holds to.
      I can say with 1st hand experience, there is a core of traditional values of freedom and self determination that exists in NH, a real die-hard discreet culture which has always thrived up there. It flies below the radar of the narratives and memes of the 5th column, it is an incessant thorn in the soft underbelly of the cultural northeast marxist cabal. Long established and as solid as the granite bedrock of NH. Small as it is, it is a force.
      I can’t define it in words, but I suspect if there is any place in this butchered republic where an indomitable uprising against the cultural marxists begins, NH/Vermont is where it will rise. Don’t ask me how I can say that, it is just a gut sense. I can use myself as an example. I’m a Yankee through and through, as you are, a Copperhead as you coined it, we copperheads possess a certain kind of firebrand within us. Defiant to the end. Furian’s. If there was only one of us left, those sonofabitches would try to hunt us down. Guarantee it. Sure it was northern aggression that waged genocide on the South, still is northern aggression that rules the regimes running the state, but they ain’t the only power in this land by any stretch of the meaning.
      Read the NH state constitution, then think about that absolutely foul piece of human statist garbage Sheneen and all the rest of the cultural marxist psychopaths and carpet baggers who have insinuated and imposed themselves upon the political structure and culture of NH and NewEngland as a whole. They think they own it. Like the fuckers of the BLM and its armed badged leg breakers and assassins. This isn’t just happenstance or convenience of politics and corruption. Remember it says Live Free or Die on NH Vehicle tags. Sheneen had it stricken from the tags on that Pagan Holloween festiva, only to be forced by threat of armed rebellion if it wasn’t reinstated, though in a egregious subdued manner. Where else in this entire nation is there such a visible and candid statement of liberty and slogan for secession?
      A civil war that begins in NH would be a very intense and violent affair, the geography, the resources, that Yankee defiance and natural ingenuity, it is a highly aggressive mix of comeuppance and cold anger that matches the cold winters that shape the character of northern hillbillies.
      I’m not saying it will happen, but being a died in the whool Yankee, the possibilities are pretty dynamic. The South thinks it has a cultural memory of the Fabian’s, try having to put up with their high and mighty crap for two centuries.
      Maybe one day, the South could be the anvil, and us Yankee’s can be the sledge hammer, and pound them cultural marxists bones into dust and fertilize the ground with their ashes and up springs a nation reborn into liberty.
      Now wouldn’t that be prophetic?

  6. Doug, I would probably have to agree with you about New Hampshire. Of all the New England states it seems the most disposed to the kind of freedom we are discussing–sort of a “you do what you want and leave me the hell alone” attitude. I grew up in Mass. learning that attitude because many there did not want to leave me alone and as I grew older the attitude developed and grew, in my case, almost to the point of bitterness, which was not good. To this day, if we have to travel to New England for some reason about all I can take of it is a week and beyond that I literally get physically uncomfortable and I want to start back either South or West. I get more comfortable when I cross over either the Ohio or Maryland border depending on where we are headed.

    • Ya, your operating behind enemy lines for cry in’ out loud. Who in their right mind wouldn’t who got a lick of freedom running through their viens feel anxious. A distopian nightmare is what those psychopaths turned Massachusetts into, where the slightest act of freedom you could end up like LaVoy Finnicum or Andrew Brietbart. It’s like living inside the classic scifi movie The Body Snatchers. Used to feel that same way dropping down across the border into the socialist banana republic of Massachusetts. And the release and relief of going back north across check point charley. It got to the point I would come down thru Keene by way of Brattleboro and shoot down through West Springfield no matter how much time or gas it involved. Still had to run the Connecticut State Gestapo highway patrol, or go through rural upstate NY and work my way through rural PA and Maryland. Much a prettier route in any case with wonderful diners, procure some toothsome delicacies from the Amish folk, and a bit of romantic time with my better half.
      I always figured the cultural marxists have been incrementally closing off the North East corridor through NY and Conn in anticipation of instituting weapons bans and checkpoints. It is a tactical and strategic bottle neck, geographic too with having to cross over the Hudson and Conn rivers. Perfect to channelize attempts of outside assistance and support of any northern partisans and armed rebellions into easily controlled funnels.
      I don’t put anything past the bastards. It is all about control in any case.
      Guns really are a problem for them. Drives them bonkers. I always loved the duality of Ole Mao’s axiom about the party should always control the gun and never the gun control the party.

  7. I want to answer your question Mr. Benson. Who Was LaVoy Finnicum.
    It is becoming evident LaVoy Finnicum was a pretty amazing man. LaVoy had great leadership qualities, the kind which rouses and inspires people to be more than they thought possible, brings out the best in people. Like Andrew Brietbart. Their lives where not cut off by accident.
    I’ve added LaVoy Finnicum to my list of great people who teach us who we are. I’m not going to let what transpired lie either. This isn’t over by any stretch of the word. Just as the South and secession isn’t over either.

  8. I got the impression that the occupation of the wildlife reserve was a set-up to lure Lavoy Finnicum into a position where he could be assassinated under the color of law.

  9. What I heard was that there were a couple people in the occupation group that had been asked to leave the Bundy Ranch during the episode there because they were fomenting trouble and the people at the ranch weren’t really trying to cause trouble. It seems these people were part of the occupation group in Oregon. I don’t have a lot of specifics but this was the gist of it. The feds didn’t get to kill anyone at the Bundy Ranch and given the situation there, had they started shooting they would have had major problems. In the Oregon situation they got to atone for losing in Nevada and they got to kill someone like they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. I think some of these folks really enjoy taking life. Makes them feel god-like I guess.

    • Once you kill another human being, you loose something. a little bit of your soul. No one is ammune. Some deal with it with reason, they live with it and move on, some I think are devastated in the soul by it, it haunts them, but some, they are charged by it. Is is not the ultimate power to kill another? I think that is where psychopaths come in. Once a psychopath kills nothing in life can meet the thrill, only killing for killings sake. It is the road to perdition, there is no turning back. Cops are no different than any other humans and how killing has an effect on one.
      I think in law enforcement circles, as in politics, psychopaths gravitate towards each other, sociopaths too. You see it in the tin pot dictatorship of public officials lot of places, from our town halls, to the DMV, the my ors office and in the courts. It seems to be a plague upon our society. It drives tyranny and corruption.
      They are the barbarians at the gates of Christian Western Civilization. They are opening the flood gates of more.

      I’m grateful I’m a Christian Man, a Freeman.

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