The Second Battle of Gettysburg?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The original Battle of Gettysburg was fought back on July 1-3, 1863 both in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and was, for a number of reasons I won’t go into here (lest I end up writing a book) a Yankee/Marxist victory. After the battle Lee took his Army of Northern Virginia, battered and bruised, but not totally defeated by any means, back into Virginia, where they fought on for almost another two years. Meade, the Yankee general in command at the time, chose to not hastily pursue Lee. In fact it was awhile before he got his army going again. He seemed to be almost in shock over having won the battle, a position not shared by too many Yankee generals at the time.

The battlefield is today, and has been for decades, a major draw for tourists, historians, and many others with more than a passing interest. My family and I have been there three different times that I can recall and on some of those trips we also visited other battlefields that were not too distant. We have also visited Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which is in the process of being turned into a shrine to honor abolitionist/terrorist John Brown.

I am told now that all the battlefields have posted information that the War of Northern Aggression was all about slavery and slavery alone. And so at national monuments history is being erased just the same as at state monuments. If this is the case, then I guess I won’t be visiting anymore “Civil War” battlefields. When I go to a historic place I go to learn and appreciate the real history, not to be propagandized with Leftist drivel.

We are now approaching the first part of July, and the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. And, according to that group of extreme fascists that ludicrously call themselves “Antifa” (anti-fascist) is planning on holding a “rally” at the “Gettysburg National Battlefield on July1st in protest of President Trump and asks its members to ‘Bring and burn Confederate flags’.” The article also notes that “There are approximately 1,328 monuments, markers and memorials that stand in both the cemetery  and battlefield to commemorate the Union and Confederate troops who fought there.”  Most of these were put up and paid for by the states the various soldiers on both sides came from.

So why is Antifa making a connection between President Trump and Confederate flags? Or are they looking for one more brush to tar him with? The president and the Confederate flag is a long stretch even for them. So I wonder, what will happen if  enough of these Antifa thugs get their way paid to Gettysburg so that a sizable number shows up?  What about the monuments on the battlefield–especially the Confederate ones? These people have been known to deface and destroy Confederate monuments and grave markers all across the country. Suppose they decide to run amok where there are Confederate monuments? Will the National Park Police try to stop or prevent this?  Will local or country police be called in to prevent this–and can they even do anything on federal land?

During the first Battle of Gettysburg the Confederates at least had troops on the ground. There won’t be any there this time. Or will the prevailing opinion up there be that, since all these Confederate monuments in the South are supposed to represent  “racism, white oppression” and all the rest of the fertilizer that is thrown at them, that it’s alright to just let Antifa “do their thing”–as long as it’s only Confederate monuments that they destroy? That may seem like a foolish question to some, but with all the anti-Southern propaganda that has overflowed from the Swamp this year, I think it’s justified.

For over two years now we have been treated to the Leftist campaign of intimidation, smear, and desecration  regarding our flags and monuments. Most of those on the political and religious Left love to have it so. It makes them feel so “righteous.” And, if the truth were known, some who claim to be on the other side are not all that much bothered by it either.

The Left, and those who finance it, have paid for and carried on an unremitting campaign of ethnic cleansing against the faith and culture of the South, and, to their sick minds, they are justified in whatever they do to us and our culture because the agenda is to replace our faith and culture with their own faith and culture. How else can they propagandize our children and grandchildren  unless they wipe out any memory of our history and heritage? All except the slavery part! That they retain because it can be used to beat us over the head with.

The Leftists, for all their talk of “inclusion and compassion” are the world’s biggest hate-mongers. They have no positive agenda about anything. It’s all negative. All they want is our destruction and you cannot reason with them because their consciences are “seared with a hot iron” and they are beyond sanity or reason.

But if they have no real agenda, those who pay them to commit their destruction upon us do have an agenda–and it is an anti-Christian one. You need to realize that this is what this whole thing is really all about. The Leftists would never be able to do anything were it not for the Soros’ and Rockefellers and others of their ilk that slither around in the background and put up the money for them to do it. Start learning who your real adversaries are and begin to  oppose and expose them and what they do. Reflect on 1st Peter 5:8-9 for wisdom in this area.

8 thoughts on “The Second Battle of Gettysburg?

  1. Anyone interested in the truth of Lincoln’s tax war need only order a copy of “The Little Book” researched and written by a veteran of Lincoln’s war who was in Pensacola, Florida when Lincoln’s acts of war began, even before is invasion of South Carolina and Fort Sumter. That soldier was Huger William Johnstone. Johnstone wrote “THE TRUTH OF THE WAR CONSPIRACY OF 1861 prior to its publication in 1921. His conclusion validated what I too have uncovered in period document research for many years. For just a few dollars you can order Johnstone’s Little Book from The Confederate Reprint Company, or from To cross check what Johnstone wrote prior to 1921 and what I wrote not knowing about Johnstone’s Little Book go to my free Website at –Al Barrs

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  3. This article is so correct! A little further clarification about John Brown: it should be pointed out that he had full intentions of overthrowing the government of these United States, and replacing the constitution with his own so as to establish the “Revised Government of The United States”. Now he was TRULY engaged in a “Civil War” whereas all the Southern states wanted to do was leave the union and start their own confederation: no “Civil War” there! Monuments to this man are unthinkable and if left to stand, should further justify any and all monuments to those Southerners who had no intentions of overthrowing the United States government. Just my two cents. – Al Stone

  4. People, even real historians do not know or tend to forget that as the battle of Gettysburg ended the New York City riots began, and they were horrific. They were so bad that within the week, the Army of the Potomac had to be split in half, with one half having to be sent to New York City in order to help stop the riots.

    General Meade, previously wildly over-guesstimating the size of the Army of Northern Virginia was in no mood whatsoever to follow after Lee. Afterall, the truth is Gen Meade won his battle on the shear bad luck of Lee’s army.

    The union army’s split and being sent to NYC can be verified in the works of, “The War of Rebellion”, the official approved history of the war.

    Michael -Deo Vindicabamur
    Classical Historian Western Civilization

  5. Well, what percentage of the population do these Anti-fa represent? A tiny minority of an even smaller minority. So, why are they getting special treatment?

  6. They represent a very small minority of the population, but those that are willing to pay for their depredations have a specific agenda, part of which is the tearing down of our history and culture and they are willing to be used to do that.

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