The Establishment Declares Guerilla Warfare Against Trump Administration

by Al Benson Jr.

The conclusion I reached regarding my heading for this brief article has more than been borne out in recent days. Usually when a sitting president hands over the reins of power to his successor the custom has been for him to quietly withdraw and go do something else, write his memoirs or dedicate his memorial library, or whatever “something else” might be.

But that is not to be the case with our current Marxist president. He has already informed us that he “isn’t going anywhere” but will stay in Washington to keep his finger on the pulse of current events. Which means he is going to be second guessing everything that Trump does, and he realizes that a compliant and prostituted “news” media will daily report his running commentary about how poorly Trump is doing things to the public. So Trump will be fighting on two fronts at all times.

I don’t doubt that Obama would have loved to have left Washington and gone somewhere where he could play golf 14 hours a day, eight days a week. But it would seem that his bosses in our Ruling Establishment plan to keep him chained to Sodom on the Potomac so he can do their bidding there.

And we also hear about some Democrats that are planning on starting up a “war room” to combat Trump at every possible opportunity and to start training a new cadre of young socialists to be prepared for when the Establishment manages to get rid of Trump. Honestly, folks, have you ever seen a post-election scenario like this one? I’ve been following the political scene for over 45 years now and this is a first for me. It is being admitted flat out that the losers are not going to accept their loss but are instead going to continue their blatant Leftist assault from the sidelines.Sort of makes you curious as to where some of George Soros’ money will be spent in the next four years.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mr. Trump has many of these Establishment types in his own party and you can be sure they will work with the “Demoncrats” because when it comes to the Ruling Establishment, the Deep State, or whatever you care to call the CFR/Trilateral hacks that will be doing this dirty stuff, party labels make no difference. “Republicrats” or “Demoncrats”, they all belong to the same New World Order crowd.

One thing the American people need to realize is that when the New World Order people declare guerilla war on Trump and his administration they are also declaring it on us!

They realize the public at large knows they’ve been shafted by them and that’s why so many voted for Trump–because he promised them an administration that would cease sticking it to them. Only problem is “those people” don’t want to cease sticking it to us. They enjoy it! The cultural Marxist mentality is one the enjoys pulling the wings off flies and the legs off frogs. It gives them a power trip and they like how that feels–so they want to keep doing it to us, and besides, lots of their friends make money off of it one way or another.

They want us to know that they are the “god” in Washington and it really ticks them off when we fight back. So they’ve got to double down and stick it to us to show us who’s boss. When Hitlery called us all “deplorable” she was being honest for one of the few times in her life. That’s how they think of us. Am I advocating that we fear those people? NO! If anything we should oppose and expose them because “gods” they are not, except in their own minds!

So keep your eyes and ears open in the days to come because the New World Order boys (and girls) in Washington are really going to try to neutralize any and every good thing Trump tries to do and they are going to try to neutralize anything whatever that might give the ordinary man a shot at a little more liberty than he now has.Those people don’t like liberty–especially for us–they want us in bondage–and they will do whatever they have to in order to make sure we stay there. That’s the cultural Marxist mindset and we had better understand that. Whether you always agree with Alex Jones or not, he says one thing at the end of his broadcasts that we should think about–“You are the resistance.” He’s right.

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2 thoughts on “The Establishment Declares Guerilla Warfare Against Trump Administration

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  2. Great screed Mr. Benson, most passionate. Ranks right up there with your succinct essay on North’s Conspiracy in Phelidelphia, If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?, which I say is one of the finest pieces of it’s kind out there.

    Not for nothing, your insights in If Liberty Was the Object piece is at the root of what we are faced with and must exercize from our culture and government. With ratification of that device of administrative tyranny called the U.S. Constitution, it has been a down hill ride into slavery to the state and it’s totalitarian illegitimacy, how the cultural marxists cunning use of it as both a shield to hide behind to protect themselves and to enable it’s agenda, the war of northern aggression and Lincoln and his Marxists being a perfect example, and allegory of of today, while using that totalitarian force to impose such foul ideology upon us that without that force of the leviathan and it’s illusion of legitimacy we as a nation of people in general would never impose upon ourselves.
    The mutually supporting nature of this hideous partnership is hardly known due to the revised history and lies designed specifically to hide us from the truth.

    Look Mr. Benson, you have a nice way of explaining things, you have a calm and rational style of writing, that dirt people like me find insightful and comfortable to relate to. I always thought from the first time I read your missives, the first I read of yours being If Liberty Was the Object on a recommended link from Bill Buppert of Zero Gov, it would be a worthy thing indeed if you wrote more on the subject. Don’t get me wrong, the brevity of that great work made me think much further on the whole dynamics of administrative dictatorship, I suspect you have a lot more insights to share, and hope you will share more. You will probably find a much larger receptive audience if you did.
    In anycase, I for one have been much informed by most of your writing, and really appreciate you for your great efforts.

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