Why Do Southerners Continue to Finance the Destruction of Their Children and Culture?

by Al Benson Jr.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can continue to feed their progeny into those Marxist meatgrinders  we refer to as public schools and “institutions of higher learning” and then wonder why their kids come home spouting the lessons they have learned about Marx or Mao or Che and how wonderful the society they have planned for us will be.

People spend literally millions every year paying through the nose for “educations” for their children when, in most cases, all these “educations” are really all about is the planned destruction of their culture and faith. That may sound harsh to some, but having worked around and at colleges, I can attest to what those institutions do to kids’ faith and culture. While I am not indicting every teacher or professor  (there are some honest ones, though not nearly enough) I do indict the systems they work for that claim to be about “education” but are really about student indoctrination.

Confirmation of my viewpoint was driven home to me awhile back by a friend in Georgia who has been part of the Southern Movement and happened to have a Confederate flag in his garage. One day his grandson came over and asked him why he had that “racist” flag in his garage. The grandson attends the local public school. Realizing there was a definite problem with his grandson’s history education, Grandpa has taken it upon himself to work with his grandson to correct some of the gross errors  perpetrated by that school’s “history” or “social studies” teachers and, at last report, it seemed to be helping out. And that is good. But how many grandsons across the South and other places have this same historical bilge thrown at them where there is no help from concerned grandfathers or dads? Too many!  And our history and our culture are being systematically trashed–and we are willingly paying for it!

The same is true of colleges in the South. Many naive Southern folks think they can just avoid these problems by making sure their kids attend Southern colleges and don’t go north for their higher education. That could have been true 130 years ago or so–but no more. Southern colleges have been thoroughly infiltrated by the minions of cultural Marxism every bit as much as those in Yankeeland, and we had better wake up and smell the college coffee–and I can guarantee you won’t like the aroma–it has the smell of the far, far Left!

A case in point–Richard Meagher, a political science professor at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. Professor Meagher just had an op-ed piece printed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for January 1, 2017. The headline for his piece was A plea for the new year: No more Confederate nonsense, please.  Meagher admits he is a transplanted Northerner and that, therefore, he feels his opinion will be worthless to a good number of Virginia folks and other Southerners as well–yet here he is, teaching in the South, and spreading that opinion to lots of Southern young folks. I guess he figures if he can’t change their parents’  minds the least he can do is to indoctrinate the kids and change theirs. This was a classic “reconstruction” tactic after the War of Northern Aggression. Ignore the parents and indoctrinate the kids.

If what he says in his op-ed piece is a sample of what he promotes in his classes then those kids that sit in his classes are in trouble. Meagher states: “When I teach my politics courses, I remind students that the long history of American politics boils down to the repeated need to placate racist Southerners. Beginning with the three-fifths compromise in the Constitution, and continuing through decades of compromise to prevent a Civil War, Northern politicians did their best to tolerate a brutal apartheid   regime that was improbably nested within their developing democracy.” And he states later that: “To put it bluntly: The Confederates were the bad guys, as were their Jim Crow descendants.  They lost, and the country is immeasurably better for it.” Really? Someone should ask Mr. Meagher about the Jim Crow laws in Illinois sometime, though I doubt if he’d acknowledge the existence of them, but exist they did, whether he will admit it or not.

Meagher has no patience with Southern claims about states rights or that the War was about the principle of secession. He labels those claims as “preposterous.” You can tell from the running dog of his commentary that all his students will ever get out of his classes is that the War was fought over slavery. For him there is no other reason worthy of mention, and besides we all know–that the Confederates were the bad guys, right? You can bet your kids will know that after sitting at the feet of the “master.”

Mr. Meagher attended the City University of New York where he got his Ph. D. so I guess that is the line they preach there. Although you would have thought, with a Ph. D. he would have realized that is country was a Republic, not a “developing democracy,” but the difference between the two seems lost on him.

What it all boils down to is this–we have just got to cease celebrating all this “Confederate nonsense” and we “need to stop holding up the Confederacy as something to honor.” In other words, the Yankee/Marxists don’t like what we do here in the South and so we just need to stop doing it to keep them happy. And when we stop doing this or that they don’t like, why before long, they will appear with another demand to cease and desist from something else they don’t like. Do you begin to see where all this is headed?

As you can see, the systematic attack on Confederate history and heritage has already begun for 2017. Meagher fired the opening shot on New Year’s day–he didn’t even wait for the warm weather like the cultural Marxists did the last two years. And good Southern patriots better not wait for the warm weather to answer him either. The battle for your culture, faith, and heritage has already been joined for 2017. The only question is–how long will it take before us “bad guys” decide to fight back???

6 thoughts on “Why Do Southerners Continue to Finance the Destruction of Their Children and Culture?

  1. Possibly meager (did I spell that wrong?) never understood the pre Lincoln concept of federalism and the idea of self determination as opposed to the Tyranny with which Lincoln and his marxist buddies left the country.

    • His name was spelled Meagher, the same spelling for the Irish revolutionary general that fought for Lincoln. I’ve wondered if there was any relationship between the two. If so it might explain his historical worldview. I don’t think most today understand the pre-Lincoln concept of federalism as it is never taught in schools anymore. Today kids are taught collectivism rather than federalism of the original kind.

  2. You waste time telling a swine like Meagher anything. He and millions just like him will never change their beliefs. He understands that hate is a powerful weapon, and the evil yankee has waved the bloody shirt at us since that war. He won,t stop. We need to change our tactics, (they are not working). We need to learn to turn his hate of us to our advantage.

    • I’m not interested in Telling people like Meagher anything. They already think they know it all and that their Ph. D.s make them god. I am interested in trying to tell ordinary folks the kind of people and organizations to watch out for and to not trust their kids to.

  3. As a southern conservative who’s family has lived in the South since 1645 and has spent a long career in the education and training systems I have been screaming at the top of my lungs since the 1960s about the Communist infiltration and takeover of our education and training systems in the U.S.A. This infiltration had been going on for generations, but it really intensified in the early 1960s when the era of “free love and drugs” occurred in the 1960s was, in my opinion, no coincidence. It was a planned strategy by American communists, i.e. Marxists to distract the American people from what they were doing to our most influential National Institutions, such as our education and training systems. Karl Mark left a legacy of what is called “Marxism”, but he and his pal Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto. Marxists are Communists or Socialist if one wants to be a generalist. Proof positive is the large numbers of young U.S. citizens who voted for the avowed “socialist” Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election. If our education and training systems are not transformed from communist brainwashing institutions to conservative learning institutions the U.S.A. will become a Communist Nation as early as 2020 because by then our education systems will have brainwashed enough numbers of U.S. youngsters to vote a socialist, Marxist, Communist or Progressive into the Presidency with at least 51% of the vote. When that is allowed to happen the U.S.A. will never be a free and independent nation again…sad, but factual… Now is the time for patriotic Americans who love their individualism, freedom and independence to stand up and continue the fight to save America and our Nation… Al Barrs

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