Our First Civil War is a Culture War


By Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I continue to see articles on the internet about how we are now engaged in our second civil war, and although the folks that write most of them are sincere and present some interesting facts, I have to disagree with them on that one point.

Our first “civil war” was not  truly a civil war. It was a War of Northern Aggression to prevent Southern  independence.

I recently read a good article on https://spectator.org/americas-next-civil-war-will-be-worse-than-our-last/  It was a good article, but the author made a statement on page 2 that showed it was not a “civil war” and I doubt he even noticed. He stated, accurately, that “In the end, the war was fought over a single legal issue: whether the states that had freely ratified the Constitution to form the Union could freely leave the Union if they felt it no longer served their interests.” That comment alone takes the War of Northern Aggression out of the category of a civil war in which both sides are contending for the control of one government. That was not the case. The South had no interest in controlling the federal government—all they wanted to do was to separate themselves from it.

The author of the Spectator articles notes that: “The difference between the America of today and the America of what seems like just yesterday is that we once had a common culture” even through the War of Northern Aggression. To be sure, there were differences, even theological differences between North and South, and the author observes this, but for all of that there had been a common culture. Today, whatever commonality there had been is fast disappearing.  He notes that “Today, however, our divisions are so deep and fundamental that Americans cannot even agree on what marriage is or what a man and a woman is (which is pretty darn fundamental).” Well, it used to be fundamental until the Marxist college professors stuck their noses into it. Now it’s all up for grabs and college students are being taught “politically correct” (culturally Marxist) drivel that wouldn’t have been imagined fifty years ago except by the folks at the Frankfurt School. So our culture has been played with, twisted, and is in the  process of being turned into something no one in his right mind wants to see happen. The war on all things Confederate is part of this cultural shift. The author mentions the “lunatic self-righteousness of the Left” among whom “disagreement is bigotry to be prohibited by law or even condemned and prosecuted as treason.” He says that this is a “fire that will not easily be quenched and cannot be reached by cool waters of rational argument.” He’s right there. The Left will brook no disagreement and you cannot rationalize with them. They have an agenda, provided to them by the One World Government people who finance them and you are wasting your time trying to debate with them. All you can do is resist them with the truth and do it in such a way that you can reach that broad group of people in the middle,  most of  whom will not realize we are currently in a civil war until the storm troopers march up to their houses and demand their firearms on pain of death!

Another part of the civil war to change our culture is the concept of voting rights for non-citizens, which several liberal cities are pushing. If they get enough people to fall for that one the non-citizens who voted will end up helping to change our culture just the same  way as giving illegal immigrants the vote will end up changing our culture. That’s something else the Deep State has been pushing. Check out an article by James Murphy on https://www.thenewamerican.com for July 27th, 2018.

Think we are not involved in a civil war, even as I write this?  Check out an article by Paul Craig Roberts on https://www.lewrockwell.com for July 27th 2018. Mr. Roberts, who has followed national trends for decades, notes that: “The evidence is overwhelming that CIA director John Brennan, FBI director James Comey, Robert Mueller, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the Democratic National Committee are engaged in high treason against the American people and the President of the United States and are actively engaged in a plot to overthrow the President of the United States. Yet the traitorous intelligence officials  retain their high security clearances and have not been indicted, arrested,  and put on trial for high treason.” We have a culture in Washington that is totally okay with this. Civil war against the President and the American people is perfectly alright—as long as the denizens of the Deep State win.

That is the culture that persists in our present civil war—our first civil war. Will the American people be awakened enough to realize this is a civil war they may end up having to fight in—and I’m not just talking about using guns. That’s a good question.

2 thoughts on “Our First Civil War is a Culture War

  1. Since my “enlightenment” and journey zince first reading your blog Revised History, which in itself, the revisionist changing history to fiction, is a journey in itself as the revisionists have tirelessly worked to change the history of Lincoln and his Marxists genocide on the South, their so called ” civil war”, which altogether is a journey which began before even these statist Yankee’s acquired the raw naked powerf to wage terrorism, revised later and ever since in the form of some holy crusade of emancipating the slaves, the revisionist’s just war, an oxymoron of an oxymoron of biblical proportions, and whole cloth, in itself, where the truth behind the revisions is to make all us dirt people slaves to their Marxian utopia. Contradictions and huge lies within lies in the form of massive dissimulation dressed up as the approved truth. No more no less the same as the 5th column agitprop theater of the fake media today, except for the technology to spread the lies and historical revisions relentlessly 24-7-365.
    So the question became for me, what is different between 2018 & 1860?
    Nothing. Nothing that matters in regards lies, narrative, revised history, and the end game, nor how it is achieved. Genocide has been a constant companion of revisionism, they go hand in hand.
    So the question, a question that is becoming the question of the day as the truth outs, really what’s different between now and the WA of northern tyranny. The answer is blatant. Nothing, but some minor details and the subjects of the Marxist aggression.

    In other words, if I have learned, understood anything on this journey of enlightenment instigated by you Mr. Benson Jr., the “Civil War” never ended, it went into stealth mode via a whole system of cunningly crafted lies possible thru revision of history to match the lies called the narrative approved by the Marxist cabal.
    And that which we are witnessing today is the resurgence of the Amerikan Bolsheviks and their goal to liquidate the White American “Kulaks” they call the Deplorable’s.
    Circular history, regardless of revisionism.

    Along about 2004, a number of years after a 16 year employment where I performed a highly skilled trade all over the US, having the pleasure of meeting people and knowing places all over the lower 48, I met my future wife, and upon the advent of our union, my bride to be asked where would I like to be married. Without more than a lights in quick epiphany on the spot, I said I would like to get married in WestbyGodVirginia. So we did, and decided on our honeymoon, on the Cheat Diver, in a prior Governors log cabin we stayed in, we also decided to move from my ancestral birth place of the northern mountains of NH, to make a life in the western rim of the Monongahela Mtns of West Virginia. We never looked back. Almost to a person, a lifetime of family, friends, and acquaintances, with but a couple exceptions, we where disowned by all. The bigotry and horror expressed openly with hostility of before considered friends and family, was an enlightenment in its own right and light. Even to this day, into our second decade of life in the beautiful mountains, few have made any gesture of reacquiring contact from the north.
    The first evening in our new abode, on a rural remote ridgeline at 3000 ft, of farms and generational residential forrest land, at 11:00 pm, sitting in our new front yard enjoying the beautiful stars, a pickup truck of 7 strangers pulls in our driveway and this lady says, “Howdy neighbor!”, lets go have a cookout”. We where delighfully aggreeable to such an invite, ending up on the highest knob on the mountain ridge, in a hay field, with a hickory wood fire, drinking our him made wines and our niebhors home made moonshine, while a young man just back from culinary school cooked us a banquet in cast iron pans, on that hickory smoke campfire, off the tailgate of his truck. A memory to take to our eternal rest.
    Those neighbors and a few handfuls more, are our family and tribe. We became so without a word or effort, it happened natural as can be. To this day we all look out for each other, help eachother, have each others interest and concerns always in mind. It really is a tribe up here. Nothing like I new of up north.
    So one day, Mr. Benson, you defined for me what a Copperhead is, and I understood completely what that is. And proudly wear it as a badge of honor. An honor I will never quit trying to rightfully earn among my family and tribe.

    In that light, nobody can take what we are in The South away from us. They can take every monument, statue and symbol of The Confederacy of True Liberty of The South, put in in a pile and nuke it…

    We are The South, and We are still here.
    And nothing or nobody can deny us that strength, the ties that bind, of family, tribe, community, love, faith, and traditions, long held, hard won. These are indomitable things. Just the Men and Woman of The South are indomitable people. Our history resides in our bones, runs in our blood, we never forget, the outside world is conned and grifted but we are not.
    And we can never be enslaved nor conquered, and after 160 years, We are still here!

  2. Back in 1975-77 we lived in West Virginia, during part of the textbook protest in Kanawha County, which we went there to take part in. You are right–the War never ended, it just took on a subtler approach we might call “stealth reconstruction” and that is what we live in to this day. Except for some grave family emergency we would never dream of moving back North. The folks here have accepted us as part of them and we are culturally comfortable where we are.

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