“William Tecumseh” Brennan And the Current Civil War

via “William Tecumseh” Brennan And the Current Civil War

5 thoughts on ““William Tecumseh” Brennan And the Current Civil War

  1. It seems more like the war of northern aggression, or rather the northern attempt to wage genocide on the southern confederacy’s people and culture, has never ended, and as Gen. Lee stated, the leviathan created with the assistance of false flag of “war” against the South, has morphed into the all encompassing totalitarian cabal of tyrants which has chosen to include all Freemen of the “republic” in its agenda to rule with the iron fist of raw naked unrestricted power.
    So yeah, the definition of civil war includes two adversaries each bent on controlling a form of government employing violent means.
    At least one adversary has employed threat of force and use of violence, because it has no other ultimate powers than forcing coercion or death on its subjects.
    A continuous line of unbroken tyranny from 1865 right to today. And the host which has carried this plague of tyranny, is the congress, faithfully upholding the edicts and diktat of the unbroken line of the leviathan Lee so well understood and warned us about if it was not vanquished by good Men.

    Which of course brings us to present time.
    Mr. Trump represents a complete break in that before unending line. The reaction to the color revolution of 11-9-2016 has been swift, egregious, all but unlimited, to the point of its powerless chagrin to subdue such defiance to its absolute rule, to next resorting to a palace coup, or an assassination, hence use of unrestricted violence, to crush the unending line of defiance and resistance to its power, once and for all.

    The wonderful thing about resistance to tyranny, is it possesses a weapon so powerful against tyrants, that once this weapon is unleashed, it is indomitable. Its motive power, its audacity, knows no limits. It is called withdrawal of Consent. It can’t be bought, nothing it can not be coerced, there is no bargaining with it, it is choice, the act of choosing to not comply, and to resist with every erg of audacity of each of its sovereign individual parts, which the sum of those parts, people, free people, become so powerful as a plurality, nothing short of killing every person who has withdrawn consent can stop such righteous refusal to comply with tyranny.

    To me, this is the definition of Civil War, in our case, a 4th Generation War, waged with capabilities beyond any in history. I think the tyrants have bit off far more than they can chew. This will be an insurgency of unparalleled intensity and directive, a combined strategy and tactics, to bring this war directly to the ones who began, along with its apparatchiks, its sycophants, and consciously with malice and forethought forced it to violent action.
    If I’m not crazy, I see the utter destruction by the hands of the dirt people the extinction of these perpetrators of tyranny. And I say this because us dirt people have suffered enough, we have extended our tolerance beyond reason, we have petitioned a wall of total inconsideration since at least 1860, and met in return betrayal on an unending line to today. There is great tribal knowledge, a great awakening of the devious cunning sly means with which these culprits have disguised their treachery and treason, the grift with which they have extorted and stolen our intrinsic wealth via a myriad of forms of serfdom and slavery to their State. The insults and trepitions against us are manifold, just as we have become cognitive of voting our way out of this is a false hope, that it requires us to rise in solidarity, and stand our ground accepting no compromise, refusing to take one step back or bend a knee. And in just repay, use our last line of defense and resistance to tyranny, to win our Liberty, unfettered by men and their scriptureless “laws” they create out of whole cloth, for 30 pieces of silver, a Faustian bargain.
    Up Your Arses!

    Lets watch them run to hide behind the Constitution they so disregard to their profit to escape our wrath. It will not protect those who have violated and manipulated its Bill of Rights to protect them from the rule of law and virtue intended in the original amendments created to protect us from the critical flaws of the parchment written in a conspiracy to create centralism in Philadelphia.

    To put it succinctly, just try it motherfuckers, try your “civil war”, we dirt people will give you war, a war to exterminate and rid us of you vermin who betrayed everything, for unholy power, for greed and avarice.

  2. You’re right. I has been an unbroken line of tyranny since 1865, at times more subtle than others, but it goes way back, too, to 1776 and beyond and the tyrants have more than the South in mind–they want to subdue the whole world and become the new “gods.”

    • Yeah, that far back, with the Fabien’s, but my understanding of history from 1860 back to the Conspiracy in Philadelphia is shaky.
      Like to tell you something I didn’t realize till 2008, but is germane to our comments, how so I’m not sure.
      I was born raised in NH. (became a WV copperhead 11 years ago, with good reason). We lived for awhile as kids in Zealand, a tiny place along the Ammonoosic River, amongst the King’s Grants, given to loyalists, and still held by many families today, essentially county size land grants with almost no inhabitants except the historical grant holders. This to me is indicative of a larger scope of pertinent history of the Fabians and their long march to destroy America, including Lincoln and his Marxists. But I’m digressing here. In 2008, I was reading up on the hienous tyranny of the Brettonwoods Conferences, and for some reason I got out my Rand Mcnally geo map Gazeteer, because something I couldn’t put my minds finger on was like an itch in my brain.
      Low and behold, we lived just north of a place called Fabyan, its what is called Bretton Woods ski slopes, directly across the road, rt 302, from the Mount Washington hotel, (the Bretton Woods conferences are held there). Here’s where it gets interesting, those land Kings land grants, its where the loyalists buged out to during the War of 1812, and from what I know as a native up there, there is a population of radical chic red diaper baby trust fund brats, really creepy nutty crunchy tree humpers, who behave and talk like they own everything, and look down on people like myself who work a skilled craft for a living, ( and as we are finding out today, these “elites” where locally known for all sorts of deviant sexual behavior, even incest), anyways, but both overlooking the Mt Wash Hotel, is Mt Deception, and Little Mount Deception, and a superb native Brook Trout stream I fished regularly growing up, called Deception Brook.

      Now I have no historical evidence that ties or describes these most interesting things which elude to the possible birth place in America of the Fabian Society, but one thing Marxian history tells us is if you look closely, Marxists always reveal truths of themselves and their actions.
      To me, there are no unrelated singular spontaneous things in these tyrants world, and for quite awhile, in our world they want to destroy.
      I do know, the Fabian’s agenda is based on “The Long March”, where they surmised in their beginnings America was too powerful, the audacity and indomitable spirit of Freemen Americans precluded any attempt to overthrow this Republic thru 1st generation style war, read the revolution and 1812, but thru its institutions, from the top down inside out, through long years slowly eroding and turning its Republican form of government into a totalitarian leviathan, through the destruction of long held hard learned precepts, culture, morals, and faith of these Men of The Cristian West. That as long as America existed in its insurgent primal God given, natural freedoms and Liberty, that America, would be such an influence on dirt people the world over, the dream of 1 world order of globalist power, which would rule the Western Hemisphere in totality, would never come to fruition. I think as we are seeing today, that the massive amazing solidarity of withdrawal of Consent, literally the greatest Color Revolution in history, took place on 11-9-2016 which threw the Fabians timeline of usurpation back a century or possibly more, or if I dare, eventually, because Alt-Right is inevitable, that Christian Men of The West will rise up and extinguish the Marxian plague infesting our institutions and culture. A culture I believe if history is both to be believed, and is circular in nature, that everything here and more is all connected, will prevail. Prevail for reasons we both I’m sure understand, because we are both part of that indomitable nature, and Audacity of Spirit.

      I believe also we are in the midst of an insurgency, a great awakening, The Zeitgeist have you, a gestalt and a plurality of the greatest withdrawal of Consent the Marxists could imagine, as their barn blind inbred arrogant perspective have led them to severely underestimate the motive power and resolve of the Christian faithful dirt people of The West.

      If our wrecking ball named President Trump is any indication, the next stage will come at the end of one of our more enduring mores, Tolerence. And Prudence. Particularly Prudence. Which I to me THE underlying issues of our time. It is the exact reason the prolification of lack of prudence which gives us every betrayal of societies moral standards. It gives us the foot solders and cannon fodder of the Long March, SJW’s, Convergence, judicial activism, all the social engineering programming, from the media to academia. As Gary North pointed out, the loss of scripture has had a most evil effect on every aspect of our American legacy of small government, trust of elected, and unelected representatives, gave the War mongers of Lincolns Marxists the fig leaf of illusion of legitimacy to wage genocide upon the great agrarian true compact of confederacy of pre USC America Southern self determining dirt peoples.

      Interestingly, I do not know of any modern dissertation paper or essay on the Fabian’s whole timeline thru history, its effects on America, and its subsequent forms it took thru 2 centuries plus.

      I think one of the finest works you have written, to me its a masterpiece, how you stuffed so much in a tiny box, and pointed out a map of the paths to deeper understanding of our birth as a nation, ‘If Liberty Was The Intent Why Did They Give Us Centralism’. Indeed! It is the pertinent Question, the right question, why?

      Maybe you dont see it, the profound character of that post, the breadcrumbs that lead to the ultimate outlier, of North’s works, in no small way your insights in that post are motivating and breif, as any truth should be, to those who seek it, as it is self discriptive and obvious before one can even start moving their lips in comment or insight. That’s the beauty of the truth of history, or is that history of the truth?

      If I most politely can ask, would you or could you do an essay in the style of your masterpiece on the Fabian’s? ( or is it Fabien, or Fabyan? ).

      As the Oracle said to Neo, in the Matrix, in remark to his statement ” I think it is time I know the truth”, “So do I”.

      Where I’m coming from to you, is it is time we know the truth. Where and how this insidious Marxian pandemic began, in your respectable and passionate style of unrevising history. I think it would be well received, as the awakening proceeds, the truth of this is indeed revolutionary, in this time of universal deceit.

      In any case, I sure appreciate you for your writings, they are most interesting, entertaining, above all informative and insightful.
      So thanks Mr. Benson.
      Keep up the grew work!

    • Thanks!
      I always got the impression the early American based Fabians loosely parallel the Jacobins in a couple ways. And the Fabians where die hard colonial era Tori loyalists, with some radical Wigs, who where appalled by the audacity of the “Rebels” winning their independence from the Crown. And that they resolved themselves to the long effort of destroying the Patriots new nation.

      I’ve noticed since the Obama regime all the reference to the Fabians and many aspects of Soviet Russian class structure, like the Nomenklaturer system, I have read has since been highly revised into sanitized propaganda or disappeared completely down the memory hole.

      I have a few works on the colonial period, that make reference to the Fabians, but nothing definitive. What I think I know about them I’ve pieced together from various references.

      Seems like if memory serves Fabian’s in colonial America where a different faction than the London Fabian Society.

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