Destroy Your Flags–Destroy You

by Al Benson Jr.

Commentary has abounded in recent months that, after the attempted Ethnic Cleansing regarding Confederate flags and symbols, regarding anything Confederate, that, after a short breathing period to give Southern patriots a chance to go back to sleep, there will be an attempt of some kind next year in Mississippi to change the state flag with its St. Andrew’s cross into something that the cultural Marxists will find more acceptable.  In their left-leaning rationale anything that “offends” them has to go. Doesn’t make any difference how anyone else feels about it–they feel they deserve the final word–and they intend to have it. “Offended Lives Matter.” All they need to move forward is a sleeping populace and a lying :news” media and they will implement their agenda.

The fact that, years ago, the Mississippi  citizenry voted overwhelmingly to keep the present state flag means nothing to those people. THEY  don’t want it and so it has to go. If not now, then next year or the year after or whenever they can manage to finagle its removal, by whatever means possible, legal or otherwise. I think they’d dearly love to see the Hammer & Cycle  waving over the capitol in Jackson. Do they know what they are doing–that they are trashing your history and heritage? You better believe they do. It’s on their “to do” list–it’s what they live for.

Franklin Sanders, in the October 2014 issue of The Moneychanger  said, quite accurately, “Make no mistake! For any people, the past is their life.Cut off from their past, a people cannot have any future. Their future dies. So it is not trivial when they attack your flag–they are not attacking merely that symbol, but everything that symbol represents, your religion, your culture, and ultimately you. They understand that without your past, they destroy your future.” Stop and think about that for a moment.  They realize, even if you don’t (although you should) that if they can destroy your past your future will be theirs, not yours.

They are more than happy and willing to throw your cultural memories and traditions, what Mama taught you, and what the preacher at church told you, into the dustbin of history, along with your flags, because they have a plan for your future. You may not like their plan, but they intend to force it on you anyway–for our own good, so they say.

The cultural Marxists know what’s good for everybody’s future and they have a plan to make sure we all get there, whether we want to go or not. Ask the United Nations! They and our federal government have lots of plans for our “future.”  And to partake of all their beneficence all we have to do is give up all that is dear to us, faith, family, culture, memories, our sense of place, our God-given liberties, all of it.

And a major stumbling block to our partaking of their socialist utopia (and making life better for them, not us) is those Confederate flags.  They remind  people of so much they need to forget–opposition to tyranny, out-of-control government, limited government–all the stuff that needs to go so they and the UN can build a better world for us all in which they control our future and we have no say about anything except how quickly we can obey their edicts. Got to get rid of those nasty Confederate flags, especially if they are part of your state flag. If people voted to keep them once then it’s time for another vote–and another round of propaganda from the “news” media about how terrible they are.

Part of what you will be told about those that want to keep Confederate flags is that they are ignorant, racists, poorly educated, the dregs of society.  Makes you wonder what the educational level of those that voted for our current president in two elections was.

This next yer may well see, in Mississippi, another attempt to force another vote to change the design of the state flag–if they are willing to even let the people vote and don’t just try to change it via government edict like some politicians I can think of. And those of you that have your children in institutions of public “learning” will have to keep an eye on what they will possibly try to teach your kids about your state flag.

It looks like 2016 might be an “interesting” year. what with the presidential charade, and if the cultural Marxists are able to engineer another vote on the Mississippi state flag, it would be just great if the good folks there could vote again to keep their current flag and stymie the  cultural Marxist agenda for their state just a little bit.


7 thoughts on “Destroy Your Flags–Destroy You

  1. Several things…”if they are willing to even let the people vote”. Let?…Let the people? As if its up to them? You mean the government? The elected? We need to reverse our minds that its THEM that serve US. We arent subservient to them. And WE call the shots. Thats what the dad-gum war was about in the first place. Second, they dont care what the outcome of our votes are. See exhibit Prop 8 in CA. Twice voted no gay marriage. When GovCo. Got away with blowing off voters and democracy, Judges and turncoats in every state just ignored the people. Third, ever notice when a Libtard doesnt agree with something its perfectly acceptable to protest and break the law to make their point but let a Clerk refuse to issue a marriage lic. She is arrested and they scream..ITS THE LAW OF THE LAND. YOU MUST OBEY AND RESPECT IT. Then the turncoat Republicans join in and bumble ..oh gee..i guess…uh…they’re right…duh…uh.. gotta obey the …uh laaaaww. LETS ALL SCREAM DIXIEPHOBES TO THEM. Lets get back to calling the shots and framing the narative. Play OFFENSE instead of defense.

  2. The narrative, btw, should be. If you are against the confederate flag, you are all for TYRANNY and then become.. watch this here….A SLAVE. Therefore, if you hate the flag, you LOVE SLAVERY. Who then is the REAL racists??? Lets hang this TRUTH around the necks of politicians, carpetbaggers, scallywags & other tinkerbell liberals.

  3. Think secession, think abolition of the cultural marxists and their enablers. It is powerful weapon in this cultural war.
    It turns sonofabitches psychotic just hearing the word. For them to know people even think secession disarms them.
    You always have to keep in the back of your thoughts they never stopped waging their genocide, not just on freemen, but on our ideals and virtue, our history indeed, and most important our faith. The war of Secession from the fabian bastards will never be over as far as they are concerned, it didn’t end in 1865, they only changed in tactics. The strategy of their insidious agenda has remained constant through the last two centuries. And insidious it is. They are the amerikan nomenklaturer, the Bolsheviks of our time and place. They are waging a campaign of “kulaking” the founding and current people of traditional America.

    There is fabulous dissertation of the 2nd Amendment, within this masterpiece lies the reason, the cause, and the principles for secession from and resistance to tyranny. Its called ‘THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT’, by David E. Vandercoy
    Copyright © 1994 Valparaiso Univ. Law Review. Originally published as 28 Val. L. Rev. 1007-1039 (1994)
    Can be found at this link:

    It is not so much about arms, it is the reason for arms, the cause of unalienable freedoms of all rightful and primal God granted liberty.

    Personally I was fortified by its origins and reason. It is a moving and inspiring statement of truths and first principles. If for no other reason, and brother there are many, that the reasons for arms and the principles and ideas of and for liberty are absolutely no different today against the cultural marxists and their human extinction movement than the Jacobins and Fabians of yesterday.
    It is said history is circular. That’s an understatement of profound and cautionary importance. It is also said those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first. No doubt. Because the dirt naps are coming if we don’t learn why we got to fight these bloody psychopaths with every bit of faith and virtue we got.

  4. This is delightful and salient lecture by Mark Steyn on symbols, free speech and tyranny out to destroy the symbols of the west. It is about islam’s efforts to crush free speech in the Christian hemisphere. I couldn’t help but see true parallel’s between the cultural marxists in our country attempting the same with destroying our flags and heritage. In fact, there is no difference between those two ideologies and their agenda, to the point there is no differences between them. It is no wonder why thoe cultural marxists love islam. They are the same thing.

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