The “Civil War” Was ALWAYS About Ethnic Cleansing

by Al Benson Jr.

We have all read in our Politically Correct (cultural Marxist)  “history”  books about how the noble and virtuous North went to war in order to wipe out the evil of slavery in the South and to preserve the Union (empire) from those treasonous, greasy Southern slave holders whose evil plan was to take their states out of the Glorious Union–and we all know that secession is treason–right?

This is the unmitigated hogwash that passes for “history” in our institutions of public learning and, sad to say, in too many private schools as well. If this were actually the case, one might question why the national government did not abolish slavery in the four slave states that remained in the Union. Even Lincoln’s infamous “Emancipation Proclamation” didn’t bother to do that. But we are not even supposed to think about all that–on with the agenda! And the agenda was, and still is, Ethnic Cleansing in the South (and eventually everywhere else once the South has been cleansed).

Historian and novelist Clifford Dowdey of Richmond, Virginia (now deceased) pointed that out for those astute enough to grasp it, in his book Lee’s Last Campaign, originally published back around 1960 and subsequently reprinted.

Dowdey noted, on page 57 that: “The Union population had been injected with a crusading spirit by Lincoln’s brilliant political war measure, the Emancipation Proclamation. This gave the equivalent of a slogan for the ignorant and the indifferent, while the necessary object of hatred for a crusade–‘the chivalry-ridden, slave-holding South’  was provided by the abolitionists and their powers in the Republican Party. Less than one fourth of the Southerners were associated in any way with slavery (scarcely more than ten per cent actually owned slaves) and active emancipationists included Lee, Jeb Stuart and A.P. Hill.  The chivalrous  attitudes were confined largely to plantation families, but the concept of chivalry particularly goaded non-privileged Northerners…Under the sanction of the slogan, the anti-Southern Republican Party enjoyed virtually despotic power in its policy of conquering the South by physical destruction.” And  earlier, on page 56, he had observed: “Lee saw from the beginning that the armed conflict grew from deeper roots than the difference of opinion over the Negro’s status or even preservation of the Union.” In other words, Lee saw the theological roots of the North’s vitriolic hatred for the South. That’s something most “historians” almost totally ignore.

As far as Lincoln was concerned, Dowdey told us back on page 50 that: “Lincoln assumed the responsibility for the consequences of total war;…he intended to heal the South’s wounds after its society was destroyed…” And on page 60 Dowdey noted, that “The changed nature of the war revealed that the forces arrayed against them waited only for their defeat by arms to obliterate the society of their beloved land.” In other words, the Yankee/Marxists in the North were planning on the total destruction of all Southern society and the replacing of it with something else. I believe that constitutes a pretty fair definition of Ethnic Cleansing.

Another astute observer of the Southern scene, author Frank Conner, said pretty much the same thing in his informative book The South Under Siege–1830-2000 when he stated: “Actually this cultural war has raged unabated since the 1830s, when Northern liberals decided to supplant Christianity with secular humanism as the official religion, and they selected the religious South as their battleground.  To understand what the (culture) war is really all about we shall review the battles of Northern secularism against Southern Christianity–many of which have been fought under the banner of black civil-rights. As those battles continue today, the opinion makers are attacking the Old South with ever-increasing rancor…the present day vilification of the Confederacy is part of a long term ideological war waged against the conservative white South for the purpose of destroying the Southerners as a people and rendering them socially, politically, and economically impotent.” And I might add that a large part of that agenda is also to render them spiritually impotent.

Whether Mr. Dowdey or Mr. Conner says it, they are both saying the same thing. Dowdey said it first around 1960 and Conner noted it again around 2000, and in the forty years in between, who paid attention? Not too many or we wouldn’t be in the situation we find ourselves in today. There is an on-going program among both political parties, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission–the Ruling Elite, that calls for the spiritual, mental and physical destruction of the South and particularly for the destruction of anything even remotely presumed to be Confederate. This all is, indeed, Ethnic Cleansing, or Cultural Genocide, and most Southern folks don’t even have a clue that this is happening or that it is an ONGOING program and has been for 150 years and more.

There is much more involved here than the concern over slavery, but current and past “historians” are mostly more than willing to go with the flow, write their politically correct books about the War, give their speeches and make big bucks by making sure they do nothing to rock the boat. They would simply rather you never learned about how your own society is being destroyed by “those people” I mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you remain ignorant then you can’t ask questions about why your society and culture are being destroyed.

Mr. Dowdey made the statement that, at some point, the War “changed.”That’s the one thing I disagree with him on. I believe that Ethnic Cleansing, particularly here in the South, has always been on the agenda since day one. Other than that, his book is right on the money and if you can still find a copy on or some other place, then grab it. In the same vein, if you can find a copy of Frank Conner’s book I would urge you to pick that one up too. It’s long, over 700 pages, and I realize most folks today hate to read anything longer than the football scores on their local sports page, but we should really work at getting ourselves back into the habit of real reading, especially where our history and culture are concerned. Frank Conner’s book may be long, but it’s not difficult reading. He didn’t write it for college professors, he wrote it for ordinary folks, you and me.

If your heart and mind have been alerting you that something is decidedly wrong all across the country, but especially here in our South, (and after living here for over 13 years I consider it mine; it’s home) then you need to get these books if at all possible and start to find out why the society and culture you know and love is being systematically destroyed and you are being rendered  imminently replaceable by a horde of Third World terrorists and hooligans.

13 thoughts on “The “Civil War” Was ALWAYS About Ethnic Cleansing

    • It is some harsh complex stuff. Like the man says, it best to understand it now. Have you read Matt Bracken’s most recent brief essay?
      Matt is offering his kindle trilogy for free again. Ole Matt has been correct about a mind blowing range of events.

      Mr. Benson, you wrote a piece awhile back about administrative tyranny, ‘If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?’. Turned me on to Gary North’s masterpiece ‘CONSPIRACY IN PHILADELPHIA’
      That is a seminal piece you composed Mr. Benson. Every time I read it I wonder if you will write about those pivotal things again. That there in lies the key to some sort of redemption and salvation. It’s just a gut feeling. Intuition I’m trying to reason out.
      Talk about like Brushbeater said how history is circular.

      Want to hear something funny?
      I grew up in a town near another town named Fabyan, unusual kind of name for the Yankee north country, what we called God’s country. There are two mountains named big and little Mount deception, there’s a creek runs off a couple springs on those mountains called Deception Brook. Funny thing about that area, its where certain Boston Brahman’s bugged out to during the war of 1812, lot of colonial Kings Grants up in that range, funny too that is where Bretton Woods is located. Lot of old money up there too. Old money that walks around in the form of creepy eccentric people who live on or come to vacation, these old compounds. Its where I heard reference to Jacobin’s in a store down in town when I was pretty young, can’t remember the context of time or reference, but I’ll never forget the word, something about something that wasn’t good. A NH from another time I long for. It was a good place that NH.

      I never gave these things too much thought till about 7-8 years ago. Then connections start showing up. These fuckers trying to destroy our country, the world really, they are a human extinction cult, been at it a long time haven’t they? Exceedingly nasty creatures they seem.
      And I grok what Brushbeater is saying, and I think these things are the rotten fruit of the evil those psychopaths have sown. How righteous it would be to turn the table on them. Maybe it is time they became extinct.

      • Interesting that you grew up in the North, so did I, in fact I am what the Southern folks call a Copperhead (Northerner with Southern mindset) and it doesn’t have anything to do with the snake.

        A few years ago I did a series on the Constitution that the League of the South published and I think all 16 articles are still up on their site, they were a few months ago. Check them out under the title “Is the Constitution Really Inimical to States Rights?”

        These people are indeed trying to destroy the country be remaking it over into what they think it should be which is why I call them Yankee/Marxists and I don’t expect they will ever quit trying and so we can’t quit resisting their efforts. Most folks, even here in the South, don’t want to hear that because it implies our continuing responsibility to resist their efforts and that word “responsibility” is just too much for people nowadays–they don’t want any of that.

  1. Oh that sounds wonderful, thanks! I’m going to read those. Your have a very thoughtful and critical thinking mind. You use reason. I enjoy and really get a lot of your missives.

    Wow, a Yankee. That is a funny coincidence, I live in West by God Virginia now, moved about 8 years ago. It sure is a different world in some ways. Some things about the culture I’ll never quite understand, one has to be born and raised in the mountains and hollows to truly indigenous culture wise. Being a coal miner has been a truly great experience. I miss some things about the north country, but in a number of ways the rural NH I knew is like the rural WV I know now.
    It is serious flyover country down here. Them cultural marxist are considered penultimate fools and clowns by many of the people we know. Like shake your head in wonder kind of perception.

  2. LS is pretty awesome. Just checked their site out. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Tell you something, I always admired the idea and act of Secession, and am trying to grasp the ideas and concepts of Abolition of the state.
    I read Eric Frank Russell’s masterpiece when I was a boy, ‘And Then There Where None’, I never forgot it. Read it anew about a year ago. Man oh man, what a masterpiece. It only got better with time. Have you read it?
    It is really about a plurality and how powerful one is, and the most powerful weapon ever devised, consent. But that is what it takes for secession. Because secession start in the heart and mind. At least that is what I’m thinking I understand. So many people don’t understand they are a plurality, that there is even such a thing, that it doesn’t matter how many people comprise a plurality, just that it is one and knows it is one is what matters. Thats that totalitarianism working, you know, make everyone afraid, then go after the few who aren’t. That plurality, if it figures out it is one, the cultural marxists are toast.
    And that comes back to those sonsofabitches. They destroy everything they get their greasy fetid meathooks around, why they have made islam their proxy armed branch of cultural marxism.
    They are pluperfect petrified of Secession. They have to kill it, even the nascent budding of it, they can’t tolerate the tiniest bit of secession in any form. It is the ultimate withdrawal of consent. Its an existential threat of extinction to the bastards. And it’s just not Secession from slavery of their precious state, its Secession of ones mind, ones virtues, convictions, faith, individualism, self determination, culture, from them. They can’t get around it and outflank Secession. Andrew Brietbart said the most profound thing, he said “Culture is upstream of politics”, I like to see it as Secession is upstream of cultural marxism too.
    I miss that guy terrible. He was a warrior. I think they killed him. He terrified the sonofabitches. Had their number no doubt. Knew them inside and out.

  3. Where in West Virginia to you live? My family and I lived there for 2 years back in the mid-1970s during part of that Textbook protest they had there then. Something else you should read about. If you get a chance try to pick up a book written by Karl Priest who lives in Poca. Name of the book is “Protester Voices” and it tells the actual version of what happened there during that protest. Having been there for part of it I can vouch for his accuracy. We knew Avis Hill, Ezra Graley and some of the protest leaders back then. You might find the book on Amazon.

    I haven’t read the book by Russell. We now live in Louisiana and this is pretty much flyover country too and that’s not all bad. Secession is not a bad idea and it is not treason no matter what the political pundits, so called, say it is.

    You grew up in New Hampshire and I grew up in Mass. but neither of us is a Yankee in the sense that word is used today. Yankee is a mindset more than a geographical location and Ive had Southern folks tell me that who told me that because of the way I think I am not a Yankee no matter where I came from.

    • Near Fenwick Mountain, Eastern Nicholas County. Approximately center of WV.
      You know I’ve heard reference to the textbook protest. I figured it must have been something people had a legitimate cause about. Have to check that out. Somehow I’ll bet Rockefeller is involved in that somehow. He and his odious bedfellows have been behind many ugly efforts to destroy southern culture. Talk about a carpet bagger.
      Maybe this is related, the kids up on this mountain I’ve talked with think that common core is a total joke. They have a serious dislike of it and we hear they give the teachers a lot of grief about it. This one sharp little girl showed me her lessons when I asked her if what she learned about it, she said right out they where being brainwashed, laughed and said you don’t know the half of it. Those cultural marxist really suck. To possess the psycopathy to use children as tools speaks of a kind of evil there are not words to properly define. They try destroy everything they can. How can so many be so sick in the fucking head I wonder.

      Secession is treason to a tyrant class. That makes the whole idea delicious. Wave it in their faces, like the barrels of our guns. You know Mr. Benson, secession is one of the greatest ideas ever invented. I mean that with all my heart. Secession is dreaded more than guns by the marxists. And that tells you everything you need about secessions legitimacy. I love the idea of secession. It has all the components of exercising liberty, or is that exorzising tyranny? I have a great time with people who are horrified by the idea of it, how they say it can’t work, how you have to have administrative government, or really administrative tyranny for people to have a civil society. Right, how’s that working out?. Right there is a contradiction in terms if there ever was one. That’s the totalitarians hiding among us for you, (Gary North was right about a lot of things).

      Hey! I was born in Chicopee Falls Ma, we lived in New Ipswich NH, Gibson’s Four Corners at the time, our house burnt down, then we moved and was raised up north.
      Small world. I adore the traditions and the culture of the South, the hospitality and generosity. It is another world from yankeedom. Its time to secede again. But not so much geographically, but as Christian people, it is time the meek inherent our liberty no matter where we reside. The Fabians and their ilk have caused too much trouble in this world, an insidious scourge that permeates every facet in the sphere western Christian civilization. They deserve a proper rejection and withdrawal of consent. Hunt everyone one of them down. In doing so there is great redemption and providence. Nothing less will do.

  4. Sounds like you and I are on the same page pretty much. The concept of “one nation indivisible” making secession wrong, is the main reason i quit saying the pledge of allegiance several years ago. It’s amazing how many of us New Englanders finally figured it out. The man who was the founder of the Confederate Society of America, Jim Bitzer,came from Springfield, Mass. and the man who is the current president of that group is from New York.

    Like you, we love the Southern culture and, except in some case of family emergency, would never think of going back north. This is home and most Southern folks we know, knowing how we feel, have accepted us.

    Actually, I was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island but grew up in a little Mass. town called Seekonk. Even as a youngster I had Southern sympathies and I grew up during the “civil rights” stuff in the 50s and in New England anything Southern was definately a no-no and they didn’t hesitate to tell you–which made me embrace it all the more.

    The Marxists are out to destroy this country and its heritage and to do that they must destroy Southern culture, history, and Christian faith, and they are working on it as fast as they can. I don’t think most of our folks here in the South truly grasp that yet. They are in a life and death struggle for the preservation of their culture and they ain’t struggling enough yet.

    • You may not see it, I think your dissertation you posted last year ‘If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?’ is superb. You would probably say it was short, but it has an epic sense about it. And that is quite a trick considering the scope of North’s grasp of the truth.
      Talk about being on the same page, when I read it you caused me to have one of those epiphany’s, one of those personal paradigm moments when you suddenly see it all laid out in front of you say aha! Like the key to the Rosette stone.
      And now I learn of a fellow traveler from the north, and more things click into place.
      North is one of those guys that while everyone is thinking in X, he is thinking in Y.
      Your description “…Mr. North, like many of us over the years, has learned that the movers and shakers, the ruling elite, the country’s “other masters” will simply ignore what they do not want dealt with, and they press their lackeys in the “news” media to do the same, and the media bombards us with sports extravaganzas and “reality shows” to the point where we do not have the time or inclination for any serious reflection. If the truth can be out there and almost totally ignored by the general populace, Christians included, they don’t even have to bother shoving it down the “memory hole” anymore. Most people today will gaze at the plans for their own destruction and that of their kids–and yawn…” covers a lot of ground. Not as an indictment, but something better and grander. It is certainly reason for many things that are good worth fighting for, and cause in itself. It certainly speaks to our hearts and reason for love of the south. Which is in its own way love of fellow man and liberty, providence, and belief in something better and larger than just ourselves.
      It is a great piece. Seriously, do you realize that? That is the kind of thoughtfulness written that plants seeds, like Senneca said about how ideas grow.
      Maybe, speaking of Stoic’s, that is why sometimes Yankee’s make good hillbillies. Maybe to be a rebellious yankee requires a level of stoicism. And a deep abiding unshakable faith on God.

      I see the blind side here in these mountains and hollows also, and I worry. But then hope springs eternal, I’ll see that quiet stoic hillbilly indomitable spirit, and it is like riding an emotional roller coaster. It sure is complex. But the cultural marxist not withstanding, the Fat Lady isn’t singing. And as Andrew Brietbart said, “We have guns”. And the marxists are gonna have a far more difficult time raising another union army. If any army worthy of its name this time around. People with Guns and Faith are their existential enemy, they may have a foothold in cities and enclaves of totalitarianism, but this is a big ass country, and by no means do they have that power over flyover country they need. At least I don’t see it. They don’t call it the “Unsecured spaces” for nothing. And there is plenty of people in those sodomite enclaves who don’t buy it and aren’t afraid. They are just isolated and surrounded, But people with indomitable faith can fight surrounded perfectly well.
      As insidious as the sonofabitches are, they don’t hold a square inch of moral high ground. That matters for a great deal.
      I think too, the bastards have had it pretty easy.
      Saved this anonymous comment from a piece on Zero Hedge, it’s a beauty:
      “Ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast.”

      But the important question is what next? How do we dig deep within ourselves and rediscover the abiding faith and will to go from gotteramdung to something like successful abolition of the state or compact of confederation or a precinct system of will of our liberty. What is the fulcrum and dignity of liberty, how do we put God back and follow scripture?
      That seems the profound and really hard thing.
      I think about that quite a bit, its everything really when you get down to the crux of it all.

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