On The Other Hand, Maybe I Wasn’t Wrong!

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have followed my recent columns on either of my blogs know that I have recently questioned some of those that Donald Trump seems to be nominating for various cabinet positions in his hoped-for new administration. Although he has made a couple good choices, I also feel he has made a couple not-so-good choices, or at least is about to. Mitt Romney would be a horrendous pick for Secretary of State and Nikki Haley is a horrendous choice for any position. However, if those on the liberal/Marxist left manage to get their way all my concerns may turn out to be academic, as Trump may well have the election stolen from him and the Bilderbergers may yet be able to enthrone Comrade Hillary as their president of choice.

Whatever vote fraud has turned up thus far has consisted of voting machines in various places being programmed to record votes for Hillary no matter who you voted for. And now that Trump has won the election in a rather resounding victory it seems that, over two weeks after the election problems are suddenly starting to turn up. I guess the election results were so devastating to the cultural Marxists among the Democratic/Republican Elite that it took them until now to find some way to reverse what happened. Do I think the American voters will be shafted yet one more time? Only someone with a suspicious mind would ever feel that way, right?

A headline on http://www.lawnewz.com on November 16th noted that “Election experts” reportedly contacted the Clinton Camp and told them to consider contesting the election results. And, although the Clinton Camp has not officially done this, they seem to have a willing surrogate in Jill Stein, who ran for president on the Green Party ticket  and garnered about 1% of the vote. Ms. Stein has now stepped forward and is in the process of raising millions of dollars, some say about $6 million so far, to pay for filing to get the votes recounted in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Supposedly these “election experts” have determined that, though no election fraud has shown up, they can see certain “anomalies” in the voting patterns in those three states, and if the vote totals could somehow be “rearranged” in those three states it would be just enough to hand the election to Hillary. Why what a surprise! Who woulda ever thunk it?

I wonder if these “election experts” found any problems  with the vote totals in some counties in Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia. Probably not. In an article from World Net Daily that was reproduced on http://www.teaparty.org  it was noted that: “…efforts are underway to challenge the votes in three states won by Clinton: Nevada, Colorado and Virginia. Operation Sabot 2016, launched by the group Oath Keepers is contesting vote totals in Clark County in Nevada; Denver and Boulder Counties in Colorado; and Richmond, Fairfax, and Henrico Counties in Virginia. In all three states there were precincts where over 95% of the vote went to Clinton with voter turnouts above 90%…” But the prostitute press hasn’t said much about that and I guess that this doesn’t qualify as an “anomaly” to the “election experts.”

Trump won 30 states with 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232. However if the vote totals in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could be changed then Clinton would end up with 278 votes to Trump’s 260. Interesting that the “election experts only found anomalies in those states that would give Hillary a win and they didn’t seem to find any problems in states where Hillary seemed to win so overwhelmingly in some areas that any sane person would have to question it. Sort of like certain precincts in Ohio giving Obama 108% of the vote back in 2012. No one questioned that so we are supposed to assume that Obama was entitled to 108% of the vote I guess. At least he could have shared the 8% with Romney and just kept the 100% for himself. Marxists are supposed to be all about sharing the wealth, so why not the votes too?

The Tea Party article noted that: “The spoiler aspect of Stein’s recount effort has led critics to dub it Operation Steal.”  Of course we have been duly informed that Ms. Stein’s recount effort is in no way an attempt to help Hillary–she just wants to make sure that truth and justice prevail–you know, “the American way” and all that. But seeing that this recount effort can only help Hillary, you will have to pardon me if I question the purity of all these intentions. I wonder of Ms. Stein’s compulsion to get at the truth would have been as strong if Hillary had won the election. Forgive me if I rather tend to doubt it. And what happens if this recount should happen to turn up more votes for Trump than he previously had? Why then you will never hear about it. That is not news you need to know. You only need to know if it works the other way.

It would be interesting to know where Ms. Stein got all those millions of dollars in such a short time. How come the folks that were willing to put all that money up didn’t turn loose of it during her election bid? Or if they did support her they sure held a batch back. Supposedly such donations can’t come from corporations, they have to come from private parties. Would George Soros be considered a “private party” if he took the money out of his own pocket instead of doing it through one of his front groups? Oh definitely!

When Mr. Trump made the statement during the debates that “the system is rigged” all the elites snickered. Only problem is–the system may well end up being rigged–just not quite the way Trump thought it would be. We all need to keep an eye on this one because I have a feeling that all kinds of interesting stuff is going to happen before we’re finished  and the voting public will probably get stiffed (again) in the process.

If we are going to do a recount in states where Trump narrowly won, then let’s be fair and do the same in states where Hillary narrowly won. And I have read accounts on the Internet that claimed that somewhere around 3 million illegal aliens voted in this election, along with all those continuing voters in grave yards that always seem to resurrect every election day long enough to vote early and often.

All I can say is–if they manage to steal this from Trump–then welcome to the Clinton/Bush Amerikan dream–or should I say nightmare?

6 thoughts on “On The Other Hand, Maybe I Wasn’t Wrong!

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  2. Karl,
    While I’ve never been in love with Trump, I would rather have him than Hillary. I don’t think, at this point at least, he will knowingly harass the Christians. You can bet the farm that Hillary will. We are in her crosshairs.

  3. Just recently signed up to receive your blog and have enjoyed them, keep up the good work. You are writing what a lot of people like myself are thinking. David Boone

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