Joe Biden–China’s Best President!

by Al Benson Jr.

Multiple Biden family members received cash from Communist China according to Fox News for March 16th. Beau Biden’s former wife and Hunter Biden’s former lover received thousands from Hunter’s associates. You have to wonder why America’s greatest adversary, Communist China is is funneling money to the Biden family.

So far, they have found four members of the Biden family that have received Chinese Communist cash. What service has the Biden family provided for all this cash? That’s the question few have asked to this point. What has prompted such largesse to the Biden clan on the part of Communist China?

According to “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer madea bombshell revelation about the Biden family and its infamous cash dealings. The saga dates back to March 1, 2017, nearly two months after now Presient Joe Biden stepped down as Barack Obama’s VP. According to Comer, Biden family associate Rob Walker was wired a sum of $3 million by State Energy HK Limited. It is important to note that the company is affiliated to CEFC China Energy, an energy firm backed by China’s ruling Communist Party. The $3 million then went on to being divided between two Biden family associates and three members of the Biden family in a span of three months. Here we take a look at how the money trickled down from China all the way to the Biden’s.” The article then details how the money was siphoned off to various Biden’s.

Other sites that dealt with this are and https://nypost/2022/01/27 Other sites went into quite a bit of detail about this. According to the New York Post the Chinese elite have paid around $31 million to Hunter Biden and some of his kinfolks. That ain’t exactly chump change! Can anyone still capable of honest thought and reflection still wonder where the Biden family got so much of their money from? You don’t have to look much further than Communist China. Can anyone still capable of honest thought honestly claim that Joe Biden is not a thoroughly compromised president? Communist China owns him–lock, stock and barrel!

Joe Biden will never be able to make a decision in anything that favors America if that decision runs counter to what the Chinese Communists want! That should be more than evident. For those that want to do a little more serious reading on this subject, I recommend Arthur R. Thompson’s recent book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order. this can be ordered from the John Birch Society, 770 N. Westhill Blvd, Appleton, Wisconsin 59414 and it’s not real expensive, but it is most definitely worth the read.


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