Pence Gallops In To Save Biden

by Al Benson Jr.

There’s an old saying that, in politics, nothing happens by accident. It is all planned out by sleazy characters in smoke-filled back rooms. I think there’s a fair amount of truth in that.

We had just reached the point where Joe Biden was beginning to sweat over all the classified stuff he had cached in various places when an unlikely “savior” in the form of Mike Pence, charged into the room to take some of the heat off him. It now turns out that Mike Pence also had some classified documents turn up at his home. There was a photo of Pence’s home on Fox News and it is a mansion just like Biden’s house is. These folks who want to run our lives for us sure know how to live well!

When I saw the news item about documents being found at Pence’s home, my first thought was ‘How convenient for Joe Biden.” It’s interesting that Pence does not seem overly worried about being prosecuted for this. Has he been assured he need have no worries about that?

According to the “New York Post” Hunter Biden had access to classified documents. Here is a guy who consorts with prostitutes and uses crack, and yet he has access to classified documents! Yet, he was clearly out of control at the time! Hunter wrote about things he should not have known about. So the question arises–did Biden use those classified documents to enrich his family? The company, Burisma, paid Hunter Biden over $80,000 a month for not much of anything. Why? Hunter leveraged classified information from Dad to do business in Ukraine according to Miranda Devine, the author of “Laptop from Hell.”

It is also noteworthy that some big banks are making money off “rebuilding Ukraine.” You can make lots of money “the Ukrainian way” which is via corruption! Blackrock and J. P Morgan have cozied up to Zelensky. Decades ago General Smedley Butler said “War is a racket.” How right he was! You have to wonder who else besides Mike Pence will be brought in to give Biden a bit of a respite. Maybe by now the Deep State figures Biden has gotten the message about not running in 2024 and so they are giving him a breather. I’ve often wondered about Mike Pence. There were times when he seemed slightly less than enthusiastic about what Trump was trying to accomplish, at least to me. The Deep State goes lots deeper than just those obvious socialist Democrats most of us know about. It also has deep roots in the republican Party. Always remember, no matter what their party affiliation, the Deep Staters are working to do this country and our way of life in.


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