Republican Sellout Who Trashed Confederate Flag Has Changed Her Tune. Why?

by Al Benson Jr.

Republican sellout Nikki Haley is considering a run for the presidency in 2024. Let me say, right up front, I would not vote for her if she were the last Republican on earth! Many of our current problems with our Confederate flags and monuments started with her anti-flag hysteria back in 2015 after whackjob Dylan Roof killed those black folks in their church. After that happened she couldn’t get the Confederate Battle Flag in front of the capitol in Columbia South Carolina down fast enough. She was governor of South Carolina at that time and she thought going after the battle flag would win her some brownie points with the Republican Establishment in 2016. Didn’t quite work out that way. I got the impression they sort of ignored her.

Be that as it may, her hasty actions in South Carolina gave those who detest our history and heritage a reason to follow up on her actions and in the next four years, and continuing today, the South-haters have gone on a rampage to get rid of our flags and monuments, branding our heroes as traitors, which is a blatant lie! They have even gone to the point of trying to erase any history of our ancestors from the history books. They have sought the elimination of any mention of our ancestors, men whose boots they are not fit to lick, from the historical scene. The only memory they want the next generation to have of the South is that slavery existed there. Of course slavery had also existed in the North, too, but no one need be aware of that. Such admission would destroy their narrative.

In 2019, Nikki Haley changed her tune about the flag. At that point she said, of Dylan Roof: “Here is this guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the Confederate flag and just hijacked everything people thought of. Once he did that there was no way to overcome it.” In all honesty, Ms. Haley, you never tried real hard to “overcome” it. You went right along with it!

Haley’s comments at that time were seen as a confirmation of her effort to tie herself to Donald Trump, the president at that time. Trump was on record as saying, at the time, that whether you flew a Confederate flag or not was a matter of personal opinion. Trump did not condemn the Confederate flag like other gutless Republicans did.

I’m sure, now that she’s thinking about a presidential run in 2024, she wants to again soften her original hardcore stance on Confederate flags, in the hopes that Southern folks will have forgotten it. I hope that doesn’t work. She did our Southern history culture, and heritage irrevocable damage, which she has never really apologized for. I remember that picture of Dylan Roof she mentioned. It looked to many as if it had been photoshopped, which means it may well have been a fake! Too bad Ms. Haley didn’t check into that before she started removing our flags. But, then, her heritage isn’t our heritage, so I guess it wasn’t all that important to her. Political expediency always trumps heritage and history don’t you know!


5 thoughts on “Republican Sellout Who Trashed Confederate Flag Has Changed Her Tune. Why?

  1. Here lack of leadership and values to me (she’s an anchor baby too) started all the crazy monument hysteria. She should have said Confederate things had nothing to do with the murders. But she is a mainstream republican. I’d vote for hillary first and Trump should never put her in the UN role.

  2. If it came to voting for her, I’d just stay home. You’re right–she was one of those lousy picks Trump made. Though I supported him, I sure did not agree with some of those he picked for important positions.

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