The Americanized Taliban and ISIS in the South

by Al Benson Jr.

We presently have, in the American South, a clique of people who try to elevate their questionable status by referring to themselves as “Progressives.” That’s a politically correct name for socialists and communists that want you to accord them much more status than they deserve. They feel that if they assume the lofty title of “Progressive” the ignorant American public will not be able to figure out that all they are is a batch of disgruntled Leftists who are trying to tear the country and culture down, and often getting foundation money for doing it. (Can anyone say “George Soros”?)

I don’t think referring to these Leftists as the American Taliban or America’s ISIS is out of line at all. After all, they are using the same MO to do here what the Taliban and ISIS have done in the Middle East. Their agenda (and the agenda of the foundations that pay them) is to destroy Southern and Western culture, and their feelings really get hurt when we refuse to tell them that what they are doing is culturally uplifting. With these people, the destruction of Southern culture has become an art form. However, when you look at what they are doing here, you get the sinking feeling you have seen it somewhere else before–and you have.

In my Internet ramblings, I found an article on for February 26, 2001 which stated: “Taliban militia supreme leader Mulla Mohammed Omar on Monday issued a decree ordering the destruction of all statues in Afghanistan including ancient pre-Islamic figures…Media reports have said zealous officials among the ruling Islamic militia recently destroyed several ancient relics in Kabul Museum including an exquisite and priceless Buddha dating back some 2,000 years.” An article from the same source for February 27th, 2001 quoted the Islamic militia leader as saying “all we are breaking are stones.” That seems to be the attitude some here in the South have toward the removal and destruction of Confederate statues and monuments. The fact that removing these will change our culture is not supposed to be noticed.

Another article on by Andrew Curry for September 1, 2015 observed: “The ancient city of Palmyra in war-torn Syria, flourished as a Roman trading outpost around A.D. 200. ISIS militants seized it in May and are destroying some of its historic buildings. Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria continue their war on the region’s cultural heritage, attacking archaeological sites with bulldozers and explosives.” Another part of the same article described ISIS “dynamiting of centuries-old Christian and Muslim shrines.” Does it sound familiar? Those people are the Middle-East’s history and culture destroyers–doing away with what came before them and is, in most cases superior to them.

They have the exact same mindset as their American brethren in the South and West–tear down what you don’t agree with and replace it with your worldview and agenda, which, if it is Leftist, is certain to be inferior to what they are trying to destroy. And if you destroy the faith, culture and history of not only the upcoming generation, but also of past generations–who gives a rip? It’s all part of the game. Gotta break a few eggs to make a (socialist) omelet don’t you know.

So the Taliban destroys statues of Buddha in Afghanistan and ISIS dynamites ancient Christian shrines in Iraq and Syria–and the Powers That Be work at taking down Confederate monuments and flags in New Orleans, Charlottesville and Lexington. Is there really much difference? They’re all removing and destroying or distorting history. They’re all spiritual brothers and most likely have the same Father (of lies).

Just take a look at where on the political spectrum those who want to destroy our monuments and flags are coming from. You don’t see any Libertarians or John Birch Society members there do you? But you see lots of various kinds of Leftists, socialists, community organizers and their ilk. These are always the sort of people that are trying to do away with your history, faith, culture, and symbols and seeking to replace them with their faith, culture, and symbols. If your theology demands that you stand up and defend the symbols of your culture (and I hope it does) then their theology demands that they destroy your culture and symbols.

They realize they are in a theological battle, most of you all don’t. You haven’t been trained to see it that way. They have. They spell out their religious creeds in The Communist Manifesto and in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated to Lucifer. The best most of you all can do is “heritage not hate” which, while it is somewhat helpful, is not nearly enough, since hate had nothing to do with it to begin with, except on the part of the Leftists, who hate your God, culture, and the symbols of that culture.

We have to find some way to inculcate a theology of resistance to Leftist designs to destroy our  culture. Perhaps checking out Ron Kennedy’s new book Dixie Rising–Rules for Rebels (Shotwell Publishing Columbia, South Carolina might be a good place to start.


3 thoughts on “The Americanized Taliban and ISIS in the South

  1. I suspect we have just about reached the end of talking to these people. We do not have money, or political power. There is no political power, local, state or national that will intercede on our behalf. In short our back is against the wall. We must surrender or select another course of action. My opinion is we need a leader with ability who can organize and motivate us to fight and win.

    • Ken,
      I have never been a big advocate of talking to these people. Given their cultural Marxist mindset, talking to them only encourages them to push more. They need to be resisted and one way to do that, among others, is to try to educate people as to what is really involved here.

      I have long contended that this is not a political issue but really a spiritual, or theological issue and we need to treat it as such and expose the theology of the Far Left for what it really is–a theology. But most folks cannot seem to grasp that concept. Until more do, I am afraid we will cont8inue to fight rear guard actions until somewhere down the line someone begins to wake up.

  2. Mr Benson, a 1st rate piece of writing, like my favorite of all across the entire internet, your masterpiece, ‘If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?

    Something is going to have to be done with this cancer, this human extinction movement, of toxic psychopaths.
    This is a matter for us men of the west. We must deal with this. Not government. Not any law enforcement. Not the courts. Not the political class, but us. We have to take care of this matter. It is truly the kind of matter for only us dirt people to take care of. It can not be tolerated or permitted to spread its evil any longer.
    Our culture depends on it being cut out like the vile fetid tumor it is. Nothing of it can be allowed to remain. There are no half measures, no compromise, no reconciliation, no mercy.
    No Quarter.

    I believe also, the time is fast approaching, by hook or by crook, by the matter being forced upon us via the law of unintended consequences and happenstance of events taking their due course we will have no choice but ending this plague of insanity that calls itself progressive.
    The only thing progressive about it is it will progress until it destroys the South and the entire West or we stop it and then destroy it in entirety. Root and branch. Nothing can be left of it.
    This thing will do only one of two things, destroy everything it touches or be destroyed, it will go no other way, it has never gone in any other direction. It is incapable of it.

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