Ethnic Cleansing–Round 2 ?

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently in an article, I quoted from the book Embattled Banner by Don Hinkle where he described the tactics of those who hate Confederate symbols, particularly the NAACP. He stated on page 163 of his book that: “Such strategy has been used by anti-flaggers throughout the South ever since the battle flag debate surfaced. In short, their strategy is this: Go in and agitate; get rid of what you can and then pull back; wait for things to calm down, then return to wipe out the rest.”

With things quiet right now on the anti-Confederate flag front, I wonder if that’s what we are seeing at this point. That dubious photo of Dylann Roof holding the Confederate battle flag surfaced almost immediately after the tragic shooting of those black folks in Charleston and it was like the first round of an orchestrated wrestling match. Every scurvy politician, North or South, started screaming that the Battle flags all had to come down, the monuments had to disappear, the streets and parks all had to be renamed (preferably for socialists)–the whole nine yards!  Well, these folks got some of what they wanted.  The Political Class, always known to have the courage of a flea, especially in an election year, did exactly what the Cultural Marxists’ script called for them to do–they waffled, caved in, and tried to appear to take the moral high ground by calling for Confederate flags to come down. They did exactly the same thing the Communists did. In this case the “moral high ground” was a swamp.

Naturally all the radical groups at the far left end of the political spectrum chimed in on cue, when it was their turn. And the bought-and-paid-for “news” media, affectionately known as the “prostitute press” pulled it all together, put the right spin on it, and sought to feed it to the public as “objective and neutral truth.” Sounded like the whole scenario had been choreographed. Gee, you don’t suppose—?

But then the reaction set in–Confederate flag rallies around the South, Confederate flag caravans on major highways, Confederate and Southern patriots showing up at city council meetings in large numbers and informing the city council members in no uncertain terms that they’d better leave the flags alone or they might be out of a job come next election. And guess what?  Some of them were bright enough to actually get the message and decided that, all things considered,  maybe they’d just leave those Confederate flag alone–for now–at least until the election is over. Nothing devious about these folks!  They’ve got the “moral high ground” cinched, right?

But, with my suspicious mind, I’ve gotten to wondering.  This Dylann Roof kid is one of the few shooters in this whole bunch in the last couple years that has been taken alive. Most of them have turned up dead, supposedly by doing themselves in when their usefulness was over. But Mr. Roof is alive and in custody. And who has heard anything about him lately?  He certainly isn’t getting the publicity that the Kardashians seem to get, where the media is literally keeping track of what color handkerchiefs they blow their noses with on Tuesday. That’s big news for the uninitiated. But hardly a word about Mr. Roof anywhere, yet he is in custody and will presumably be brought to trial at some point. My question is: what interesting tidbits will he “reveal” if he gets on the witness stand?

Will the public be treated to a long litany of all the Southern heritage groups that encouraged,  wined and dined him, and ultimately influenced him to commit the tragic act he is supposed to have? None of it would have to be true, of course–that wouldn’t make any difference–all he’d have to do was name some groups or individuals and the “news” media, per instruction, could run with that and the whole thing with the flags and monuments would be reignited all over again. After all, didn’t Pontius Pilate say “What is truth?”

Sadly, in our profligate day, truth is not really truth anymore–“truth” is whatever furthers the agenda and that you can get people to believe, even if it isn’t really true. Less is more, right?

So, if I were going to give any advice  to the good folks in the Confederate and Southern heritage and cultural movements, I would say this–Get ready–because when this kid comes to trial you are probably going to see Round 2 of this present ethnic cleansing campaign swing into full gear and whatever flags and monuments they were unable to get rid of in the last go-round they will be trying for on this one. So don’t fall asleep at the wheel just because it’s quiet right now.

I’ve emphasized this before, but feel the need to keep on because I don’t think a lot of our folks really get it yet–we are dealing with (cultural) Marxists, whose program is to destroy our faith, history and culture, and Marxists, cultural or otherwise do not quit. You can beat them today or tomorrow and they will be back next week, or next year, so you had better be ready for them. You can’t defeat them today and then go home and rest on your laurels, because if you do that they will bury you!


10 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing–Round 2 ?

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  2. Al, I love your writing. I think, though, you have left a sentence off the end of your piece. “In order to be safe from their continued attacks, you must extirpate them where ever you find them before they bury you.” There, fixed it for ya!

    • When I ended it that way what I had in mind was that old statement by Kruschev (don’t think I spelled that right) where he threatened to bury us. I’m old enough to remember that, though I must admit I never thought that I’d live to see it come to pass, compliments of the people our electorate put into office, one of which would just love to run for a third term of socialist activity and which a large part of our electorate would still vote back into office because of his skin color, without a clue as to what he was doing and with no concern–as long as he was the right color. The fact that he’d enslave them along with the rest of us has never even entered their minds!

      • You are right–they always come back. They never quit and most on our side fail to grasp that. They have failed to grasp it as long as I can remember. Our side wins one battle and thinks it has won the whole war. It never seems to occur to them that all they have won is round one and there will be much more to come.

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