The “I’m Offended” Movement is Cultural Marxism in Action

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been watching this game of minorities and others being “offended” at just about anything and everything anyone else says or does. It has gotten beyond being ludicrous so we need to stop and take a good look at it and where it is headed.

The “I’m Offended” game, or maybe agenda would be a more correct term, seems to do one thing–it limits freedom of expression and action. For fear of “offending” someone you dare not say this or do that, and so if you follow this to its logical conclusion you end up saying nothing, doing nothing and thinking nothing. Such inaction on the part of most people makes totalitarians, whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Communists deliriously happy.

Lots of folks have started to notice this trend (agenda) of late.  I read a quote just last week that said: “My freedom ends where your feelings begin.” That’s a very accurate statement. The man who said it understands what’s going on. I read another one this week where the man said: “I’m offended by all those folks being offended over nothing.” That one is also on target.

There are so many out there now that are “offended” by so much that if everyone gives in to their list of pet grievances society will come to a screeching halt. Could that possibly be the name of the game?

They had a major flap at Yale recently over, guess what, Halloween costumes! An article on  for November 10th said: “Halloween is more than a week in the past,  but students at Yale University are having a tough time moving on. Angry that school administrators did not take their concerns about offensive costuming seriously enough, a group of minority students met with Yale president Peter  Salovey last week to have their say. Salovery, it seems, was moved by what he heard.” What politically correct, blubbering sycophant who runs any kind of school in today’s offended world wouldn’t  be “moved” when students came to him with this kind of frippery? It gives him a chance to buddy with the plebes as if he really cared about their concerns.

It seems that some of these students are finding life on the campus of Yale “profoundly difficult.” It actually got to the point where the Intellectual Affairs Committee sent out an email requesting that students not wear “culturally unaware and insensitive costumes.” The article stated: “Apparently we’ve reached that point in history where one can take a joke.” Oh, you better believe you’ve reached it. We have arrived at the point where no one can say or even think anything that some minority group will not find offensive and jump all over your case about. There is absolutely NO humor in these people whatever. They are deadly serious.

You have to understand that this “I’m offended” agenda is another phase of Cultural Marxism. That’s all it is.  It restricts people’s liberty to laugh, or kid, and if the truth were known, much of it is not all that offensive, no matter what they say.  And I have noticed that these people who are waiting in line to “be offended” at the drop of a hat seem to have no problem at all offending white Christians, or any real Christians for that matter. They are literally standing in line to have their shot at putting Christians and their beliefs down. Haven’t noticed that? Maybe you just haven’t been paying attention. White Christians especially are the one group that it’s perfectly okay to offend, particularly if they are from the South. In fact, its’ open season on them.  Anything goes–and unfortunately, most of them don’t have sense enough to realize it yet. They’ve been kept too busy not trying to “offend” every other group around–even to the point where a lesbian “bishop” in some church in Sweden has had the cross removed from her church lest it “offend” the Muslims! You would not believe how much of this crap goes on and how much the Christians play into it unknowingly. Not much spiritual discernment left in this day and apostate age. We are so busy trying not to “offend” rank unbelievers that we can’t be bothered to stand up and defend what we are supposed to believe. After all, that might “offend” someone!

Now I am not advocating that we go out of our way to try to offend anyone, but let’s face it, Christians, just by being Christians are going to “offend” lots of folks. The truth always offends those who don’t want to believe it. If the truth offends you, I’m sorry, that’s tough. Jesus said in Matthew 11:6 “…blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Maybe Christians need to be more concerned in making sure they are not offended by Jesus and His teaching than they need to be concerned that they might offend some pagan who doesn’t want the truth anyway.

We have, this past summer, had a concentrated campaign of ethnic and cultural cleansing here in the South that has been the most dramatic I can recall in my lifetime. And you can tell that those people who want to trash our culture, want to get rid of our flags, statues, monuments, even park and street names (it all has to go, immediately if not sooner) are playing for keeps. I don’t think most Southern folks realize the intensity of the hatred those people have for us and our history, faith and culture. Everything we believe and do is “offensive” to minorities and therefore, we must stop it all, right now.

I wonder, has anyone bothered to put forth the possibility that what they are trying to do to our history, faith, and culture just might be offensive to us? Oh, that’s not even a concern. Our right to exist ends where their injured feelings begin and we need to be on “stools of everlasting repentance” forever.

After all, the Cultural Marxists are only trying to obliterate  our faith, history, and culture–why should we be offended at that? I’ll tell you something–you’d better learn to be offended by it, otherwise they just may pull it off! Where will you be then?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again–you had better learn how to resist these people because that’s the only thing they understand–and if you don’t do it they will just run over you as if you were so much “collateral” damage. And, as for these folks that are “offended” by everything from soup to nuts, start telling them to be thankful they still have the right to be “offended.” It’s one of the few rights they still have. And if this “gentleman”  they helped put into the White House has his way they won’t have that long!

11 thoughts on “The “I’m Offended” Movement is Cultural Marxism in Action

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    • Most people don’t think of this as a Cultural Marxist movement, but they should. It restricts freedom and does so in a logically consistent manner even though most can’t see that because they have not been taught to think logically.

  2. We have been watching the cultural marxists for decades, they are called the mainstream media. They are like the aliens in the movie Invasion of The Body Snatchers.
    Just look at the outstretched accusing finger below… go sic, sic those Kulaks.
    I think it is all rather comical myself. Nasty and fetid these things are, I dare not call them human cause they ain’t, (its like calling the ruling elite, “elites”, they are neither, or the extortion racket known as “The Federal Reserve”, they are neither also). But what is funny to me is these are such a tiny minority. And they live in these social vacuums of potemkin villages. Coddled and pampered, spoiled brat radical chic absolute bigots, and the ultimate racists.
    I do hope they decide to come up my driveway. I would like to give them a dose of the blood dancing they are trying to foment.

  3. You are so right. What is happening is so insidious, that we will be fully communist without a shot ever being fired, or an invasion taking place. It will be done through progressive education, which was started a long time ago by John Dewey. Any Christian who surrenders their children to government institutions masquerading as schools should be ashamed.

    • I have been trying to tell Christians exactly that for literally decades. Mostly they don’t want to hear it and reply to me that I am not “positive” enough in my attitude toward the public school system–I mean, after all, the local public brain laundry has a few Christian teachers, (who for fear of losing their jobs can’t say anything, and it has a great band program). A great many of them are more antagonistic toward Christian schools than they are toward John Dewey’s and Horace Mann’s public “creation.”

  4. Its tribal warfare. The tribes in question cannot win economically or militarily so they attack us socially and politically. This is a war we are not currently equipped for or even willing to engage in.

  5. And that’s why, at this point, they are winning, because most on our side are not willing to admit there’s a culture war going on because, were they to admit it, it would mean they would have to do something about it and it might take away from their Tuesday night poker sessions or their reality shows and that’s just too much to ask. The brain laundries we refer to as public schools have taught us to accept our own destruction with the least amount of effort possible.

    • They are the totalitarians among I believe. It is the use of fear as a tool to cow others. It is micro power writ large. A plague of sociopaths who thrive on the power to intimidate. Sick fucks for lack of a more polite truth.
      They only win when they bully cowards and people with little or no moral virtue or belief in their own dignity of liberty.
      They sure are pathetic examples of the human species. Cultural Marxists? Oh ya, and something else too. The human extinction movement is what they are.
      And they dare tell me how to think?
      They can kiss my arse.

      George Bernard Shaw said it well: “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

      And Andrew Brietbart, how I miss him so much, he was a warrior, he had heart, he inspired me, Andrew said it best: “Culture is upstream of politics”.
      These jackals out to destroy this beautiful place called America, our home, can never destroy the essential thing about us who are self determining men.
      We are those who believe in something better, larger, than ourselves.
      It is the linchpin of our essence as men of principles, of our moral compass, our Liberty, that we care about more than ourselves, that we believe that there is indeed the truth we can through the freedom of our primal rights, make this world better as we live as individuals and free sprits, and leave this world a better place than we found it by living so free nothing can enslave us.
      The proof is all around us. From the truth this Republic of People has been under attack from it’s founding for being free, prosperous and the shining light to all who seek the same. To the fact that today those forces of darkness believe they are on the cusp of ridding God’s green earth of what they see as an abomination.
      The truth the fulcrum of tyranny is being levered with ferocity only as those who harbor evil intent to undo the light that Liberty has brought to this world can.

      But there is something indomitable about us and our Liberty. Something so hard to define, but so very profound for that very reason.

      It is the greatest paradigm of man. The idea we are free men no matter what. An idea that changed the world.
      That our Liberty is the linchpin of our being free.

      We can never loose our perspective of such things in the face of such evil. No arms, no laws, no power can ever have the force of the idea we are free men. We must never loose sight of this truth, this beautiful truth. The evil upon us rages against this crux of Liberty. It abhors the very idea that you and you and I and we can even think such a thing.

      Yes, and never give up your guns.

      But never ever give up the idea Liberty is yours. Never think it! Embrace this fundamental truth as nothing else you cherish. With out it we are lost. Without this integral component of your spirit you are lost. And no arms in the world can ever protect you from the evil that fills the void the loss of your inherent Liberty provides. Look upon the world around us! All those millions upon millions of lost souls. Souls who have lost their way. Souls without the dignity of Liberty, without the vision and moral compass the gospel of Liberty provides the soul. The faith of Liberty. This thing Liberty, it belongs to you as your soul and spirit and faith belongs to you. It is as much a piece of who and what you are as the heart that beats within your chest.

      Before we take up and wield the might of the pen, or the wrath of our arms, remember well there is a far greater weapon. The very might that we are always, and always will be, free men.
      Never for a moment doubt, that it is both the source of our greatest strength as men, and as a people.
      Never forget.

      This very idea is the eternal constant existential threat to tyranny.
      It is the greatest most feared assault weapon in the arsenal of Liberty.
      This individualism is why the cultural marxist fear and despise us.
      And to deny us the dignity of our individualism is to deny us our self determination.
      They simply can never win if you refuse.
      I Won’t!

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