The Biden Saga Continues

by Al Benson Jr.

Lots of questions about the “most transparent” administration in history and why it ain’t! The question has been asked–Why did Biden rake in millions on the sale of liquified gas to Communist China? Evidence for this was found on son Hunter’s “Laptop from hell.” FBI Director Wray and our excuse for an attorney general, Merrick Garland, presided over a “cesspool of information” about Biden’s business dealings involving both Joe and Hunter, who are now both under investigation! This cesspool of info was all known about before the midterms, but the “incorruptible” FBI made sure it was all kept under wraps until the election was over. Anyone ever think that this information might have made a difference in the election results had it been revealed? Apparently the FBI did and that’s why they sat on it!

Laura Ingraham on Fox News labeled the Biden Regime as “a total embrace of mediocracy.” She also described Biden’s presidency as a “ruinous legacy.” Laura, you were way too kind here. It has been reported that Hunter Biden paid $49,910 in monthly rent for one year while living at Joe’s house in Wilmington. That’s a pretty hefty figure. You would have thought Joe would have given him a little break on the rent, being family and all. This was all according to a document from the “New York Post.” according to the Red State of Mind Daily,

While that seems a lot to charge Hunter for rent, there might be an answer for such a figure. Fox commentator Dan Bongino appeared briefly on Fox News this morning talking about what he would be dealing with on his show tonight. In this regard, he asked a question–Is Joe Biden really a foreign agent? He didn’t mean that in the sense many think of–kind of an 007 spy type. What he meant was, does Biden get paid by foreign governments for influencing what goes on in this country and is that money channeled to him through his son, Hunter? If such is the case, might not that explain the enormously “high rent” that Hunter has paid his dad for living space in the Biden mansion? That may be a question that needs to be asked.

Have any of you all ever looked at the pictures of Biden’s mansion in Wilmington? It’s an impressive layout. You have to wonder how much it cost. You also have to wonder if he could have afforded it on a senator’s pay, or even a vice-president’s pay. I guess inquiring minds would like to know. Whether they will ever find out or not may well depend on how much more information about the Biden clan the FBI decides to “sit” on. The American people deserve answers. After all, they are the ones forced to pay for all the crap that is currently going on! Maybe with a few honest Republicans (there are a few) heading up some of these House committees we may get some of these answers in spite of the pro-Biden spin our prostitute press tries to put on it all. Time will tell.


4 thoughts on “The Biden Saga Continues

  1. I have always nursed the sneaking suspicion that there is no such thing as an honest politician so I do not understand why so many people are so shocked when news of sneakery among political operatives is exposed.

  2. John,
    I guess it is because most folks try to live basically honest lives and it somewhat shocks them when they discover that most politicians are crooks at heart. It goes against everything they have been or should have been taught. I’ve been following all this stuff for over 50 years now and I figure there is a small number of political personalities that are pretty honest–but it is a small number–and they are greatly outnumbered by the political crooks. And in order to wake folks up, the crooks have to be exposed!

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