The Sleeping Giant Is Waking Up In North Carolina

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Although this article will be mostly about North Carolina, I came across a brief article on Zero Hedge just before I started on this. According to Zero Hedge they had “an active shooter situation” near a school in Henrico County, Virginia this morning. There was no more information than that, and I must admit, with my ever suspicious mind, the first thought that came to me was is this a false flag event in Virginia only a week before Lobbying Day there to get folks in Virginia more attuned to embrace some form of gun control there? I can’t say that for sure, but the thought occurred to me. Maybe it will to other folks too.

And now, on to North Carolina.

There was an article by Glenn Counts on for January 5th about Lincoln County, North Carolina county commissioners voting “to take gun laws into their own hands and become a 2nd Amendment sanctuary, which means county officials would refuse to enforce any new restrictions on gun ownership.” The vote was unanimous.

There was one dissenting voice, however, and that voice was that of Vice Chairman Richard Permeter, who said “I generally oppose meaningless resolutions.” The article noted that over 3,000 people had signed a petition that supported the resolution. Permeter commented that “I can’t ignore the fact that these are intelligent people who have good opinions and sometimes if I’m the odd man out, I have to ask, ‘Why?'”

All I can say here is that if Mr. Permeter has to ask why over 3,000 people in his county signed a petition to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County in view of the recent and sustained attacks on the Second Amendment, then he just hasn’t been paying attention. Why indeed!

Then, there was the article  in The Charlotte Observer for January 8th, which was obviously biased, but then, what else is new? The article said: “Three North Carolina counties declared themselves supporters of gun rights this week, adding to the list of so-called Second Amendment sanctuaries across the state and the country.” Note the subtle dig here–“so-called Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

The article continued: “Commissioners in Lincoln, Surry and Wilkes counties in Western North Carolina voted to defend gun ownership, according to news reports and government documents. Local government leaders across the country have passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. Many times the moves are symbolic and show that officials plan to defy state or federal efforts to restrict gun rights,  McClatchy newspapers have reported.”

These votes came this week. Cherokee and Rutherford counties became Second Amendment Sanctuary counties back in 2019. The article noted: “In Surry County, northwest of Winston-Salem, officials voted 5-0 to refuse  to use government resources to take guns away from people who follow the law, its resolution shows. And to the west, another unanimous vote means the Wilkes County government is ‘opposing any efforts’ to restrict gun rights, according to leaders. Nearby, other communities are eyeing similar resolutions.”

And so the trend continues across the country. Law-abiding gun owners are beginning to wake up and realize that the only threat to their Second Amendment rights does not come from the federal government, though that threat is always there, but that they now have a serious problem with the governments in many of their states capitols who are every bit as anxious to disarm them as ATF in Washington is. Would be socialist dictators exist in every state capitol across the country and when they seek to undermine the Bill of Rights they need to be resisted! When they do that, they are trying to overthrow the law of the land, and as such, they constitute themselves as usurpers and lawbreakers!

Governments are not God, though many of them would like to be or think they are. The people in our state capitols are supposed to be there to serve the best interests of those that elected them. They seem, in the main, to have forgotten that and they now seem to think we the people exist to serve their best interests, and heaven help us if we dare to disobey their edicts!  May the Lord reveal to them their folly–even if they don’t want to see it! It is my fond hope He may use this Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement to do some of that, and in the process, humble some of these would be socialist dictators to the point they realize that God is still in control and that they ain’t Him and never will be, no matter how much they want to be.



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