Second Amendment Under Attack–One state at a time

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, the Virginia legislature has voted to make the state Capitol in Richmond a gun free zone, at least that seems to be the plan up to this point. It’s only eight days away from Lobbying Day in Richmond on January 20th and lots of pro-Second Amendment folks are expected to turn up to legally register their complaints about what the legislature is trying to do to gun owners, which is to make most of them criminals for possessing anything more than an air rifle. Admittedly, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the way things are going in Virginia, you almost have to wonder when they will start outlawing those air rifles. Seems like there are anti-gun bills out there now to outlaw just about everything else!

You Civil War re-enactors in Virginia that possess Civil War era weapons, how long will it be before they decide to come after your guns? Think that won’t happen? Maybe you better think again.

What happens in Virginia may well be a portent as to where the rest of the country, or at least a good part of it, may be headed.

As much as I hate to say it, there are politicians here in the South, and in the West, that would dearly love to disarm all of us. They realize they can’t accomplish their heart-felt desire to socialize the country until they have successfully neutered the Second Amendment. That is really what all of this stuff in various states is  all about–eventually putting to death the Second Amendment under the noble-sounding guise of “states rights.” Those people really hate the rights of the states to be self-governing but they love the “rights” of the states if they can use that argument as a plan to disarm us. If they manage to do that, then the “rights” of the states won’t be worth a flip anyway because, without arms, the states won’t have any “rights” to defend. They will have been removed by our “friends” in our state capitols and in Washington, you know, those people that are so very concerned about our welfare (as well as our ability to defend ourselves from them).

I have heard, recently, about some in Washington who have been telling us that the Second Amendment is really outdated anyway. In most cases these are the same worthies that are telling us that the Electoral College is antiquated and should be done away with. They must really think we are all as stupid as they wish we were. Do away with the Electoral College and about three Democratic controlled states would decide future presidents almost for perpetuity. With out public school “educations” we are not supposed to be able to perceive that little fact.

You almost wonder, with the situation in Virginia as it is, if some false flag situation will be scheduled to take place there in the next couple weeks or so to show the world that Virginia really needs protection from all those “gun nuts” that reside there. I do pray such will not happen but if it does, I will not be greatly surprised.

Red Ralph and his socialist state legislature may have some friends and supporters on the Left that may figure this is just what is needed to help cement all those new gun control bills firmly into law. And this is the sort of thing the Leftists are famous for. Look at how many of them we had under the Obama administration that were used to promote gun control. And a goodly number of those working through the Trump administration are still Obama appointees or supporters. Trump seems oddly ambivalent in this area. For instance, John Brennan still has his security clearance, which should have disappeared long ago but doesn’t seem to have, so you do have to wonder.

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