“Reparations, Reparations, Satan’s kingdom For Reparations”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Now that the socialist Demoncrats have captured the House in Washington, all manner of slimy legislation seems to be oozing out around the edges of that august body and, if passed, most of it will cost the American taxpayer not only a large chunk of his income, but a larger chunk of his remaining liberty as well. Remember, these are the folks that want to “equalize” everyone’s income. In plain language that means they want to confiscate more of your income in order to bequeath it to those who are “unwilling to work.” If you don’t believe me just ask Alexandria whats-her-name Cortez about that as part of it is her brain- (or lack thereof)- child.

According to an article on https://thefederalistpapers.org for February 3, 2019 by Carmine Sabia, one Democratic candidate is out there calling for $100 billion in slavery reparations.

Sabia noted that “A new Democrat candidate has an idea of how to crash the economy and virtue signal at the same time. Best selling author Marianne Williamson appeared on ‘New Day’ on CNN Thursday and called for $100 billion in reparations to pay black people for slavery. They don’t have $5.7 billion for a wall but they do have $100 billion to virtue signal. ‘We need a moral and spiritual awakening in the country,’ Williamson said.” Well, in general terms, I’d agree with Williamson–we do need a moral and spiritual awakening in this country–but this decades old reparations for slaves game ain’t it! Here’s a lady who endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election and she’s talking about a spiritual awakening! To what spirits?

So very many of these people who push this reparations for slavery line seem to have done no homework whatever. Or it could just be they hope you haven’t done any. They seem to proceed on the premise that all white people need to pay reparations to all black people for slavery and that’s the whole enchilada for them. The slavery issue is lots more complex than they are willing to deal with and they seem to be trying to snow the public with their rhetoric so the public won’t try to do any homework to find out the facts, or to ask any legitimate questions.

I’ve got a few questions I’d like to throw in here that I think are legitimate and these are things the reparations crowd never addresses, at least publicly. What they admit to in smoke-filled backrooms, who knows?

Just who should pay reparations for slavery? What about white folks whose ancestors  never owned slaves? Why should they pay? What about black people that owned slaves (and there were quite a few)? Should they pay? If not, why not? What about American Indians that owned slaves–should they pay?

What about black people that came here after slavery was ended? Are they entitled to reparations? If so, why? Just because they are black? Lousy reason, folks! In an earlier article on my other blog spot I specifically mentioned all the blacks that came to Minnesota from Somalia in recent decades, and there are lots of them. Are they entitled to reparations because they are black, even though they never had any ancestors in this country that were slaves? If so, why?

The reparations clique never seems to mention any of this. I think inquiring minds would like to know.

Just the other day I came across an article posted on American Renaissance on December 2, 2018 by William Robertson Boggs, entitled The Reparations Hoax. Mr. Boggs observed: “The latest attempt by blacks to extract race-based benefits from whites is the increasingly popular demand for ‘reparations’ for the injustice of slavery. Although neither Congress nor any state legislature is likely to pass a reparations act any time soon, black activists are laying the  groundwork  for what they hope will be a massive transfer of wealth from whites to blacks…The rationale for reparations is that today’s blacks have a moral right to compensation for the unpaid labor of their ancestors. That right is not open to question; the only disagreement  is over the amount of compensation and how it should be distributed…One favorite way to calculate the debt is to figure what 40 acres and a mule were worth in 1865 and then add the accumulated interest up to the present. A theorist in Washington state concludes that this works out to $98,191.35 per black person…Like so much of what our country says and does in the name of race, all this is pure lunacy. First, slave-owners certainly did buy and sell slaves and forced them to work without wages. However, all slaves and slave owners are dead. There is no legal basis for punishing distant descendants for the wrong-doing of their ancestors or for rewarding the distant descendants of those who were wronged.”

As far as the slave trade, all the guilt does not belong to the white folks. Boggs noted: “Slaves were usually captured in tribal wars, but Africans had learned that it was impractical to enslave people from neighboring tribes, since they could easily escape back to their own people. Captives were therefore sold to traders who resold them only after they had marched the slaves so far from home they could not return…Whites certainly did not rob Africa of its manhood. Unlike the Africans who supplied them, whites paid for what they got. If today’s Africans have a quarrel, it is with their own warfaring ancestors rather than with whites.”

Makes you wonder if the descendants of the blacks that sold slaves to the whites should have to pay reparations? Something else no one bothers to address. For those who want to learn about the history of slavery, I would recommend a book by Hugh Thomas called The Slave Trade published by Simon & Schuster back in 1997. It deals in part with black Africans selling other black Africans into slavery, among other things.

Probably wouldn’t hurt some of the folks in Congress to read this before they decide to start redistributing our wealth to folks who have never been slaves. It’s a long book, it’s over 800 pages, but even that is not as long as some of those bills Congress passes that no one gets to read until after they become law.

7 thoughts on ““Reparations, Reparations, Satan’s kingdom For Reparations”

  1. USA citizens and voters who care about their futures and their Nation best take close notice of what they can expect if a Democrat, any Democrat, wins the Presidency in 2020, or after. Citizens and voters can expect more of this Democrat Socialist slimy legislation oozing out around the edges of the despicable House of Representatives. This slimy behavior by Democrats telegraphs their intentions for the legal citizens of the U.S.A. regardless of what even moderate and somewhat conservative Democrat constituents want. Democrats are already experiencing the autocratic norm of the Democrat Socialist Party and can expect more and worse if they gain control of the Senate and the Whitehouse…

  2. Thing about trying to shake down America using politically based extortion and the infantile virtue stance, while attempting to instigate race warfare against White Christian Men of The West, is both your race and white guilt cards get maxed out and your declined. We have obama and his red diaper baby co-conspirators to appreciate for running the American goodwill account into overdraft.
    I think by the time that regime was in its 1st full year of usurpations the inkling maybe something smelled pretty foul regarding the black supremecists and their fake race grievance, like as in the whole thing is nothing but a protection money racket and federal funds laundering scheme that now had a “brother” with an open checkbook with unlimited overdraft. After 8 years of those clowns check kiting everything in sight, it is actually comical to read about these reparation con artists trying to grift us all over again. The whole “slavery” thing is a joke. Who are they thinking will be conned anyways? They have alienated just about every White Christian person in this country. Now they are demanding to be paid untold treasure on some vague insinuation those same White Christian’s after decades and trillions of Johnson’s “great society” scam, still somehow have to cough up even more gims me dat?

    No question who is the slaver and who is the slave here. Financial serfdom, to a barbarian race who never invented the wheel, hasn’t has yet to graduate past a state of perpetual genocide upon its own race, has a genetic propensity where those afflicted, are incapable of the concept of time and consequences, and somehow it is a virtue where your race requires a sugar daddy/baby sitter in perpetuity, yet that same race is somehow responsible for your own specific hereditary racial genocides and pogroms. All the while cloaked in this ludicrous act of rage and moral superiority. Never mind being the most useful dupes imaginable, for another set of shakedown artists, who are the real white racists.
    You can’t make this kind of shit up.

  3. Karl,
    I totally agree with you. Like the slavery question it is a complex issue. But the socialists who are pushing this agenda are trying, insincerely, to boil it down to a black/white issue because that’s what fits their agenda.

  4. Actually the whole idea of reparations is nothing more than a scam to drive a wedge between the races. It’s a divide and conquer strategy, something the Marxists have used with some success in this country as well as elsewhere. No one, regardless of party, should pay a thin dime for this scam.

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