Cultural Marxist Mentality on Display

by Al Benson Jr.
Well, it seems as if Bill Clinton’s better (or more vindictive) half is calling for less civility in politics. Is anyone even surprised? When was she ever civil to her adversaries? She labeled those who dared to vote against her vaunted presidency as “deplorables.” And in very typical cultural Marxist style, she continues to accuse them of what she and her socialist Democrat friends routinely do. It’s alright for her but not for her adversaries.

“Madame President” has been quoted as saying “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” So what does she spend her time trying to do to her adversaries but the exact thing she is accusing them of? But after all, isn’t she entitled to do that to us? If she isn’t, well, she should be. And aren’t her adversaries then entitled to return the favor? Oh no–no way. The game doesn’t work that way.

Hitlery, oh, sorry, I meant Hillary, Saint Hillary no less–the patron saint of the radical Left, is just taking a page out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, you know, the one he dedicated to Lucifer. The radical Left is not particularly noted for its “civility” as one can quickly grasp by watching the antics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, among others.

The game plan of both the Leftists and those who pay them seems to be to so scare their opposition that they never even begin to fight. Part of the way to do that is to work to destroy their cultural distinctives. The Frankfurt School has been working at this for decades. Just today there was an article on

It stated, in part, that “therefore, for the revolution to happen, the movement must depend on the cultural leaders to destroy the existing, mainly Christian, culture and morality and then drive the disoriented masses to Communism as their new creed. The goal of this movement is to establish a world government in which the Marxist intellectuals have the final say. In this sense, the cultural Marxists are the continuation of what started with the Russian revolution…The Russian Revolution was not the result of a labor movement but of a group of professional revolutionaries.” They couldn’t have cared less about freeing Russians from the tyranny of the Czar. Their overthrow of Russia was to be the “launchpad” for world revolution, which is still going on and is more and more manifesting itself in this country as our first real civil war.

If you wonder at the rise of moral corruption and cultural disintegration in this country, look no further than the cultural Marxists. If you wonder about the continuing rot in our public education system (which is not new by any means) look no further than the cultural Marxists. In fact, the above noted Infowars article notes: “The way toward the rule of the cultural Marxists is the moral corruption of the people. to accomplish this, the mass media and public education must not enlighten but confuse and mislead. The media and the educational establishment work to put one part of the society against the other part.” This is part of the old “class struggle” technique, but the cultural Marxists have expanded on it by creating new groups of victims and oppressed people.

So, political correctness, which is really nothing more than cultural Marxism flourishes. Notice how Columbus Day has now become “indigenous peoples day” and how Thanksgiving, originally a Christian holiday, is all but ignored except for football, or how you are not supposed to say Merry Christmas anymore, lest some unbeliever  or apostate become “offended.” How many people unthinkingly buy into this cultural drivel because the educational establishment, and even some of their churches, give them no real moral leadership or the information to recognize what is happening to them and to the country?

So the first civil war in this country is being waged by the cultural Marxists because they know that in order for them to prevail the Christian faith must be suppressed. How many Christians have even begun to realize this? How many preachers realize it, or even want to?

I realize Scripture promises that the Lord will prevail in the end, but maybe, just maybe He might want to use some of us in that process. And if we just sit back and don’t bother to learn what goes on, how much use will we be to Him?

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