Censorship As Civil War–hide the truth and keep your enemies silent!


by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Civil war comes in many forms–two opposing factions vying for control of a government; one group striving for control of a government while their opposition (usually ordinary folks) don’t even recognize what is going on; one revolutionary group (usually behind the scenes, often in government, financing and guiding radicals in the streets and enabling them to commit “uncivil acts” (Hillary’s term) against the general population to scare them in order to keep them from exercising their mandate to vote and take part in the political life of the nation. There are probably other examples, but you get the idea.

A major part of these forms of civil war is censorship, either by hiding information the public needs to be aware of or trying to censor out of existence those that try to inform the public about what is really going on. Usually both the hiding of facts and the censoring of those who seek to reveal those facts go on simoutaneously. You see, all the facts can’t always be hidden, and there are those who follow the political scene who are able to dig out at least some of the truth–hence they must be silenced, lest they reach enough people with what they have found that those who operate behind the scenes surreptiously would be politically embarrassed.

None of this is new. It has gone on since at least the French Revolution and it reared its ugly head in this country awhile before our War of Northern Aggression in the form of censorship and propaganda.

As the War of Northern Aggression gained steam the beneficent Mr. Lincoln made sure no voices of dissent against his agenda would be heard in the North. To that end, many opposition newspapers were shut down and individuals who dared to disagree with Lincoln were routinely silenced. Some were treated to the motel-like conditions of Old Capitol Prison for extended “vacations.” These included newspaper editors, politicians,, even clergymen, among others. Depending on what sources you refer to, anywhere from 13,000 to 38,000 Northern folks were treated to the “country club” conditions of Yankee prisons during the War. And these people were not all raving Southern sympathizers either. All you had to do to be treated to the joyful experience of a Yankee prison was to disagree with Mr. Lincoln about most anything from the conduct of the war to the high price of groceries–and if someone chanced to hear you and reported you, you were hauled off to the slammer. Evidence of your “crime?” Hell, no! No evidence needed, just someone’s word that you said what he said you did. In light of recent events in Washington does that scenario sound familiar?

And in Lincoln’s situation, you almost, in a sense, had a government within a government–because the agendas of Edwin Stanton, Thaddeus Stevens and others in Congress were most definitely not the agenda of Lincoln in the final analysis. Of course this has mostly been censored out of the “history” books, lest too many ask questions. Has anyone recently noticed a parallel situation in the Trump administration–a situation where the President has a direction in which he wants his administration to go while many in his administration under him have a different path they want to take us down?

Now I’m not trying to compare Trump and Lincoln, although I think Trump would be flattered. He shouldn’t. The only reason he might be is that he doesn’t understand the real history, having bought into the fables the historians peddle. I don’t think Trump is nearly as devious as Lincoln was. I’m not saying he is dumb by any means. He wouldn’t have gotten where he did if he was, but I don’t think his level of deviousness remotely approaches Lincoln’s. Often Trump will say straight out what he thinks about something–a habit most politicians don’t like. Too forthright! With Lincoln you hardly ever knew what he really thought and he couched his comments in a way that you could often take them the way he wanted you to instead of the way he really meant. A good example of that is the way he parsed words regarding the Fort Sumter situation that he used to start the war. I realize that saying that will cause any Marxists reading this to explode and they will scream that the South really started it. No they didn’t. Lincoln pushed them into a situation that made them appear to have started it. It was an example of Lincoln’s truly devious nature. Again, this stuff is censored out of the “history” books because you don’t need to know the truth–lest you learn to fight back! In the sense that the censors seek to keep you from knowing the truth, they have declared war on you.

But Lincoln was far, far from the only devious personality in his administration. I recently read an article on http://www.wadeburleson.org about the Lincoln assassination and John Wilkes Booth. In part it said: “The historical account of the actual assassination of our sixteenth President of the United States is without factual dispute. What has been open for debate is the number of men (and women) involved in the conspiracy to either kill or kidnap President Lincoln. The Lincoln Conspiracy, a 1977 book by David W. Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier Jr. seeks to prove that in 1865 Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War, and other Radical Republican allies, sought to kidnap Lincoln. They intended to hide Lincoln for a time while bogus articles of impeachment were drafted to remove him as president. The primary motivations for this plot were strong opposition to Lincoln’s liberal Reconstruction plans…” While there are some items in this article I don’t necessarily totally agree with, this part rings mostly true–except that Lincoln’s “liberal” Reconstruction plans were mostly formed to benefit Lincoln and not the South. Any president that could have allowed what Sherman did in Georgia was no friend of the South. His Reconstruction agenda would, in some way, have benefitted him in his second term.

Does some of this about impeaching Lincoln strike a similar note to what some officials today want to do to Trump? They didn’t have the 25th Amendment in Lincoln’s day, but the name of the game was the same.

Just yesterday I watched a video on You Tube called Missing pages of J. W. Booth’s Diary by a man named Don Thomas, which he made on July 9th 2016. Mr. Thomas has also written a book, The Reason Lincoln Had To Die. You can find it on Amazon. He self-published it in 2013 because he couldn’t find a publisher that would touch it with a ten-foot pole. Whenever publishers shy away from this kind of stuff I like to check it out. I got the impression, watching the You Tube video that Mr. Thomas had really done some homework, and he came up with many of the conclusions that the authors of The Lincoln Conspiracy did. I think Thomas’ book will be worth a read and his You Tube video worth watching–provided some politically correct censor doesn’t discover it and decide we all don’t need to see it.

I guess, looking at our current situation, I am forced to reiterate something I have said previously–we are engaged in a cultural civil war. The establishment has declared war on us ordinary folks by hiding the truth from us as much as possible and when certain people try to get that truth out there they are censored because the establishment, Deep State, whatever you want to call those people that feel they have the right to dictate to us how we should live cannot afford to allow us to grasp the real truth–in history, politics, theology, or any important place. We have to be kept in the dark so we will not have enough real truth to know how to oppose their agenda for us–total subjugation. Because, if enough learn the truth, they will fight back. And if they do, whether I see it in this life or not (and I don’t expect to), we will find that the truth, in Christ, will eventually set us free, provided we are, in Christ, willing to stand up and defend and promote it. Those that oppose us cannot stand the light of truth shining on their evil deeds. Thar fact, alone, should reveal to us their true origins (John 8:44).

8 thoughts on “Censorship As Civil War–hide the truth and keep your enemies silent!

  1. It’s almost comical, but when I posted this article I tried to send the link out on one of my email servers (I won’t say which one) and in the subject line I typed in “cultural civil war.” Some email censor must have spilled his coffee over that one because my email server refused to forward it–zilch, zero, nada. However, having learned how this game is now played I changed my subject line to “cultural disagreement” and sent it out again. This time it went through with no problem. Just remember now, no one is regulating our internet usage. And no one is watching what we do–right???

  2. Fantastic lecture! Reading this it was like being in the front row, my eyes seeing the great passion and empathy of a guy who has very good critical thinking skills and a solid grasp on true history and how the revisionists do their evil deeds.
    Like your previous masterpiece about the Conspiracy in Philedelphia and Centralism, it really strikes a cord in my understanding things never ment to see the sanitizing light of the truth.
    Most excellent, bravo, thank you Mr. Benson!

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