Our Current Civil War Heats Up

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

After the farce that the violent Left tried to make out of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination process, plus their promises to make their future actions “more ruthless” the normal American public must start to confront the fact that those people consider themselves at war with us “deplorable dregs” and that they are willing to do anything, no matter how vulgar or violent, to win that war.

I read a comment this morning that asked the question “now that the confirmation process is  over, will the Democratic operatives just go away?” My first thought was “You’ve got to be kidding.” That someone could still be naïve enough to even think that almost had me rolling on the floor laughing! People–what does it take to wake you up??? Do they have to batter down your front door and beat up your  wife and kids before you finally begin to get just a glimmer of the possibility that, maybe, just maybe, these violent Leftists,  and those that pay them to create mayhem, are at war with you??? They want you, your history, your culture, and your way of life gone and like most Left-wingers, they are willing to do whatever it takes to  promote their agenda and worldview–even to the point of taking innocent life–they couldn’t care less! As promoters of abortion, their concern for innocent life is less than negligible.

Their futile attempt at storming the halls of Congress to shut down the Kavanaugh confirmation actually backfired on them. It helped some (not all) Republican senators to actually begin to develop a backbone. We can only pray, in the weeks to come, that the senators who started to wake up won’t go back to sleep again as the Leftists, urged on by those that foot the bills for  them, continue to engage in evermore violent tactics.

At this point, this is an actual civil war because we do have a duly elected administration in Washington, whatever its faults, and those  people on the Left are working to overthrow that administration and replace it with some sort of Hillaryesque socialist Demoncrat democracy!

Please don’t think that because they have been dealt a few setbacks that they are going away. They are like the people that are working to take down our Confederate monuments and flags–in fact, some of them are those people! They are committed to our destruction and they ain’t going anywhere until they have destroyed us. After they do that, they will turn on one another, and “the revolution will eat its own.” Unfortunately, most of us won’t be here to see that.

Those people don’t just do this on their own. There are high-tech and One World Government types that use the violent Leftists to carry out their agenda for our destruction because they don’t want to get their own hands dirty. They don’t want our blood on their hands so they hide in the background and  pay the Leftist rabble to do their dirty work. We need to realize that the people that finance Leftist violence are at war with all of us too.

Nowadays, most of those that  promote the violence are Demoncrats, though there are Republicans among them. One hundred and fifty years ago the promoters of this violent attempt to destroy our culture and way of life were mostly radical, abolitionist Republicans of the Edwin Stanton and Thaddeus Stevens type. They hated the South the way their spiritual descendants today hate the whole country.

And don’t think that because you are a Christian and try to “be nice” and not to offend anyone that you will be spared. When push comes to shove, they want you gone worse than anybody, because if you are a believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible, you have the ultimate truth that can destroy them and they know that. So you and your faith have to go too. They’ve just  got to keep you fat, dumb and happy so you won’t realize what they are doing to you until it’s too late to reverse it.

A friend of mine in Oklahoma (good state Oklahoma–I used to live there) Jeff Paulk, recently wrote an article I published in my hard copy newsletter, The Copperhead Chronicle. The title of the article was We Face a Spiritual and Political Battle. And Jeff got them in the right order–first the spiritual and then the political–because the political is an outgrowth of the spiritual. We truly do fight against “spiritual wickedness in high places” both spiritual and political. Boys, we need to grasp that fact, and most of us don’t have a clue!

We think we can beat these Leftist Captain Billy Whizbangs once and they will  go home. Never  gonna happen! That’s what we do–beat them once and then we go home. They stay in their fox holes and plan the next phase of their never-ending campaign for our destruction. We don’t even lay a good covering fire over their fox holes before we leave.

I am not advocating that we go our and start shooting Leftists, or even their paymasters, although if we are attacked we still have the right to defend ourselves and our families. What I am advocating is that we do what Scripture says for us to do expose the unfruitful works of darkness. If we are willing to do the homework,  we as Christians, can aid mightily in that process. If we are just too lazy to be bothered, then we can remain the fat, dumb and happy playthings the Leftists and their allies have worked to mold us into at least since the 1830s. I guess it’s sort of up to us as to what happens to our children, grandchildren, and the culture they will inherit.

So the Leftist civil war raging even as I write this continues. And certain highly placed people continue to employ the Leftists to destroy our country. Question is–what do we plan to do about it?

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