The National Education Association and the Confederate Flag

by Al Benson Jr.

Back in July of this year the National Education Association had a big meeting in Orlando, Florida and, as is typical with this “educational” organization, they ended up debating issues that seldom have anything to do with education but would make a wish list that every socialist congressperson in Washington would dearly love to vote for.

An article by Stephen Sawchuk on Education Weekly blogs has headlined: “Resolution on Confederate Flag Sparks Controversy at NEA Assembly.”  The first sentence in the article stated: “National Education Association delegates adopted a new business item directing the union to ‘find appropriate and effective efforts to remove the confederate battle flag from schools and public spaces.'” What trying to remove Confederate battle flags from “public spaces” has to do with education escapes me and honestly, folks, how many Confederate battle flags have you recently seen atop the flagpoles at public schools? This is a politically correct (Culturally Marxist) propaganda item to alert other leftist organizations that the NEA and they are on the same page.

This item would have originally included as well “other symbols of the Confederacy”  and this led some there to question whether this resolution would include “war memorials for confederate soldiers, statues, exhibits and state flags (like Mississippi’s)  that incorporate Confederate flags. In the end that language was deleted” and they relegated their resolution to just Confederate flags. That must have been a heart-breaker for some of them. But I guess they realized, at that point, that they didn’t want to bite off more than they could chew and just getting rid of Confederate flags would still be a major step in their ethnic cleansing agenda.

The resolution on the Confederate flag passed strongly on a voice vote, but before they could manage even that it took 90 minutes of debate. Mr. Sawchuk in his closing statement said, in part, “This is not just a battle over flags, this is a battle over historical narratives.” While that wasn’t his entire statement he did realize that some historical narratives have not been really explored–though he and I would probably disagree on just which ones haven’t.

Some of the commentary by bloggers on this site was interesting and insightful. One blogger said, in part, “Do I fly the flag? No. Do I care if someone else flies the flag? No. This is just a group of people looking for a way to be insulted and this flag is the newest thing on the block.” While I believe there is a lot more to it than that, he is definitely on the right track as far as he has gone.

Another blogger on this site took an interesting tack. He said, again in part, “My second conclusion is that the hypocrites and ninnies who are on the march to save America from the Confederate flag have about the same chance of success as the Children’s Crusade. Do they have the slightest idea of who they are dealing with? They are taking on the same people who fought the Union to a standstill for four bloody years, and they are taking on people for whom that flag means something and it probably isn’t slavery…People who had never cared before will start sporting Confederate flags,  if only because their self-appointed ‘betters’ say they shouldn’t do it.” I have to admit that this commentator made a couple valid points. I’ve seen Confederate flags recently in places I never saw them before and Confederate flag rallies have proliferated  here in the South–and that’s not all that bad.

It goes to show you that the Cultural Marxists  (who ARE Marxists) don’t always get it right. Sometimes they end up ticking off people that, for the sake of their cause, they’d be better off just leaving alone.Sleeping giants sometimes awake–not as often as I’d like, but it does happen.

Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman in Crimes of the Educators have stated: “Note that the NEA recognizes no American culture that the student may take pride in. He is to appreciate the cultures of others, and learn about them, at the expense of learning about his own.”  And that holds doubly true if the student happens to live in the South. When we first moved here from the Midwest I talked to a knowledgeable pastor who made the comment that the South has been the most heavily brainwashed part of the country. It has been going on here since 1865. No one who has observed the national scene to any meaningful extent should doubt this. The socialist agenda of making Southern kids ashamed of their faith, history, and heritage has been pursued with extreme vigor. Part of what is going on now with Confederate symbols is a big part of that.

All you have to do is study “those people” that are opposed to Confederate symbols–the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the National Education Association. These groups, in order to gull the public, try to pose as “mainstream” which is totally ludicrous. They are all way over there on the extreme left of the political (and religious) spectrum. They don’t come close to being the middle-of-the-roaders they try to pretend they are. They are all Cultural Marxists, and a Cultural Marxist is nothing more than a Marxist promoting a Marxist agenda whether he belongs to some organization or not.

So take a close look at these groups that are so assiduously working to remove the symbols of your heritage. You won’t like what you find, but you do need to be aware of it.


10 thoughts on “The National Education Association and the Confederate Flag

  1. You just nailed it. The question is: why do parents allow the NEA to brainwash their kids? Maybe it’s the path of least resistance, but whatever the reason, the results will be dire!

  2. “National Education Association delegates adopted a new business item directing the union to ‘find appropriate and effective efforts to remove the confederate battle flag from schools and public spaces.’”

    That’s pretty much been done. Other than memorials specifically dedicated to Confederate soldiers, the only places I see Confederate flags are private property. And I see them everywhere now.

    • I don’t know about their winter meeting or when it was held but there must have been some that spoke up during the meeting in Orlando that I wrote about due to the fact that it took them 90 minutes to debate the issue and then they trimmed down what they demanded. I do know a handful of either current or ex-public school teachers that do stand up for Confederate heritage but we both know they are in the minority.

  3. Unfortunately, parents continue to feed their kids into the public school because that’s the path of least resistance for them and they feel it absolves them from having to take any more action except to gripe a little when the school does something they don’t like. So they gripe–but never remove the kids because doing that would involve responsibility and it’s easier to gripe than to take responsibility.

  4. That is well said Mr. Benson. You have a critical stately cadence to your writing of your thoughts that gives your use of reason a certain legitimacy that is close to unassailable.

    To me, the difference between a cultural marxist and a marxist is the marxists use guns and kill people who are even remotely possible existential enemies, and kill everyone they can just in case. Cultural marxists use lies, and agitprop to manipulate their enemies, perceived and imagined into consenting to their bullshit, and to radicalize the ignorant and the gullible into voluntarily committing cultural transgressions, stir up shit, and use violence against those the cultural marxist point their finger at, like an invasion of the body snatchers. Its victimization on a grand scale, divide and conquer plain and simple.
    It is those, for both categories of psycopaths, people who are not afraid or gulled and what they believe in and stand for who the marxists of all varieties, I just repeated myself sorry, fear most.
    Fuck those fuckers.

      • Oh brother, did you ever say something important right there.
        They will I think, and are beginning to sense it, figuring it out. The good thing here is you don’t require a high level of sophisticated reasoning to understand how the human extinction movement operates or what their agenda is.
        But what we need is the sense of plurality, call it provincial maybe, to find redemption, and through redemption the providence to beat the sonofabitches.

        And that is what as many of us as can who understand must do.
        We must spread the idea of a plurality of people in liberty. It exists, it just hasn’t figured out it exists yet. When this plurality begins to understand it is one, that is when the paradigm begins. And there is nothing the marxists can do to stop it. Just its existence is existential to the bastards. It is what they have spent these last two century’s trying to destroy. It is their great weakness. Divide and conquer only works when you create a negative of a plurality who are afraid. Its consent, tacit or coerced which gives the fuckers their illusion of power to rule souls.
        Where they go wrong is with people who are not afraid. They stick out like sore thumbs, easy targets in a cultural battle field dominated by useful dupes. It is what Marx based the fabrications of all his theories on. Easy targets because they are isolated, plump targets to be picked off at leisure, in such a fashion as to create more fear and loathing among the useful dupes and further submittance to the false ideology of lies and narratives.
        Where they go wrong is with people who are not afraid don’t have it in them to back down or bend a knee to tyranny. They are manifest in their dignity of self, their individualism, self determination, and liberty.
        I think the motive power and the audacity of such people is undeniable in every sense of the meaning. They are the one thing which the marxists and everything about them are not. Legitimate. One component of that legitimacy which is undeniable is consent. Consent is something which can only be given. It can not be taken. It is the inherent inseparable legitimacy of refusing to consent, or not.
        But where consent really becomes a force which can not be denied is as a plurality which refuses to comply, which withdraws its consent. Litterally, as a marxists the only way you try and stop such a plurality is by killing it. But a plurality in liberty in our culture is another thing too, it has something very unique which gives it enormous power, its guns, and even more important in aggregate, it is open source insurgency, leaderless resistance, it is grass roots all the way, and it has the most important foundation of successful resistance to tyranny, territory and property. As you probably have surmised, it is property and territory the fuckers are attempting to disavow this plurality of. Slowly but surely they have steadily without pause worked to deny freemen of these two essential and inherent, primal really, components of a man’s freedom. Whilst under threat of and use of force and violence extorted the wealth from freemen, the fruits of their labor, to fund the very state that acts to enslave them.
        Spreeeead the wealth.

        In absolutely no uncertain terms Mr. Benson, your wish is of paramount critical importance. It is the crux of that plurality becoming a plurality, of it realizing it is a plurality, and not an isolated unconnected forlorn group of individuals who by dint or their being isolated no power to change their destiny.
        I believe with all my heart it is contingent upon our destiny, our liberty and its freedoms, for all of us to make that plurality the force of legitimacy it is. Its awareness of plural legitimate rights and dignity.
        Somehow we must find a way, and within ourselves to become conscious of us as plurallity.

        For me it is a really difficult concept to put into words. I’m no wordsmith or thought leader, I’m a welder with a 7th grade education. But I am a free man. I’ll never submit to the motherfuckers, even if it means dying fighting to resist tyranny. I got all the letsgo in me any man can have, and then some, but I’m just an isolated on off bitter clinging white right wing domestic terrorist extremist if a plurality of people like me don’t figure out we are a legitimate plurality and all this cultural marxist bullshit is just all an illusion. The idea of a plurality, even more so the idea of how we grasp we are a plurality is so illusive, but when it becomes an entity it is self perpetuating. Andrew Brietbart said something which has stuck to my mind like glue. He said “Culture is upstream of politics”. It sure is. I see liberty upstream of tyranny. How that is defined as a plurality is beyond my ability to express, but I know it in my heart as a great truth.

        I, we, all of us need guys like you who have the reason and knowledge, and the skills to convey the primal simply stated ideas to give us that tiny little push in the right direction.
        AS senneca said about how ideas are like seeds, how they sprout and grow out of all proportion to their tiny stature, and how those ideas spread like ripples upon waters.

  5. It’s the disrespect; that is the most galling thing about it. The disrespect for the Southern dead in the War between the States, the disrespect for Southern veterans who served and are serving in every American war after Appomattox; by allowing their hatred of Southern heritage to blind them to the uncivilised nature of their actions, they are, in effect, reneging on the compact that allowed the refounding of the nation after the War of Northern(Republican) Aggression.

    Cultural Marxists are, in essence, human beings whose mental space has been seized by Asiatic barbarianism(think Judah P. Benjamin), of which Bolshevism is the perfect exemplar, and who find respecting civilised conventions intolerable. Hence, their assault on Southern heritage.

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