The Real Racists

By Al Benson Jr.

A short while back I wrote an article dealing with the fact that the term “racist” was of Communist (Trotskyite) origin and was yet another of their code words, like “peace.”

The Marxists literally spew their terms out to inundate ordinary people and to discourage any resistance to their agenda. Their code words like “racist” or “reactionary” are used the same way the Zionists use the term “anti-Semite”—to scare their opposition into numb silence, lest they be accused of one of these horrid crimes and have to defend themselves. You’d be surprised how many people that possibility shuts up when they should speak.

We are still hearing the old “R” word tossed at us, even though Obama won the election and according to many of the vote totals about 120% of the electorate voted for him while no one showed up at the polls some places to vote for Romney. Yet even though Obama won by a more than substantial margin (a lot of deceased voters might have helped) white folks are still being labeled as “racists” if they even dared to think of voting for someone besides Obama. Why who else could you possibly even think of voting for? And just think, in the next election, if we have one, he may well be the only candidate. That’s the way it’s done in Communist countries. The Party in power puts up its one candidate and heaven help you if you don’t vote for him! In Communist countries the dictator wins by the same percentages we are told that Obama won by here—97-99% in most places. Romney ran strictly as a show piece, the same as McCain did in 2008. This election was decided long before the voting booths were set up and the machines “fixed” so that Obama got even the votes of the Romney supporters in many places. But, hey, that’s how you steal an election.

But, on the subject of racism, I read an interesting article posted on 11/21 on  which stated: “Are we really so beaten down by the left that we are going to accept their blatant racist attacks? Barack Obama received nearly 100% of the black vote to win the last election. Yet we actually are being made to feel guilty because we got “too many” white voters…They won the election and they are still attacking us as racists. Even though they got lots of white votes. This is really getting out of hand…This is outrageous. The democrats are racists, in fact they always were. You cannot deal with leftism and racism by hemming and hawing and apologizing, the people attacking us are merciless. Conservatives better launch a counterattack on this and soon.” What conservatives? Are you talking about people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? If they  represent conservatism then it will never fight back. They are way too busy looking for ways to help Obama to implement his Marxist agenda. Don’t you get it yet???

The Republicans are in bed with the Marxists. Their part in this charade is to sound conservative rhetorically while helping Obama to further the Marxist agenda handed to him by George Soros and the rest of the Council on Foreign Relations people in Washington and New York. The conservatives, so called, are only there to fool the American public into thinking they are a viable alternative when actually they are little more than closet Marxists themselves.

I’m not saying there are not some truly conservative folks out there. What I am saying is that they do not exist in the leadership levels of the Republican Party anymore than they do in the leadership levels of the Democratic Party. The leadership in both parties is internationalist and “one world government” in their mindset and that’s were they plan to take us.

Those people will always apologize to the Marxists for what we are supposed to be guilty of, both to make us feel guilty for not loving Obama and to create the impression that it’s only white folks that are racists. How many media stories have you read of late about black racism? Not too many? I’m not surprised. You are supposed to think that black “racism” is non-existent  but that all whites are potential KKK members. Actually, there are many, many blacks that are decidedly more ethnocentric than most whites ever thought of being, but we are not supposed to think about that. Why not? If being white and voting for someone other than Obama and being opposed to leftist radicals like the Black Panthers makes me a “racist” then I plead guilty and I don’t intend to apologize for it either. I’m not buying into their guilt trip and neither should you.

If you really want to find out who controls both political parties in this country I would go to the Internet and check out a book called The Invisible Government  written by Dan Smoot back in the early 1960s. I believe you can find it online and you can read it there for nothing. You might check out another one called None Care Call It Conspiracy  written by Gary Allen. I think that one is also online. Check and see if one called The Naked Capitalist by Cleon Skousen is also online. This is an excellent work and if it’s online by all means read it. All of these will give you a good indication of who really runs things in Washington and it’s not the people you have teen taught to think it is.

And for those of you that still labor under the delusion that the Republican Party is the “party of small government” I would urge you to read Lincoln’s Marxists  by Walter Kennedy and myself and The Real Lincoln  by Thomas DiLorenzo. These can both be found on And, just for the dickens of it do a Google search on the Council on Foreign Relations  and their connections to the Rockefellers and see what you come up with. You will come across some “feel good” articles about how wonderful this group is, but you will also find some that will give you the hard truth.
As far as the race question, I have friends that are black. Some go to our church. Ive talked with some black folks who don’t like Obama (wonder if that makes them guilty of “racism” too). These are honest, hardworking folks. I’m sure they don’t feel the need to apologize for being black anymore than I do for being white.

So start doing some homework and find out about the people who want us all to feel guilty because we refuse to knuckle under to their Marxist agenda.


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