The CFR and Marxist Worldviews—is there any difference?

By Al Benson Jr.

Some have inquired as to whether the worldviews of the One World groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group are identical to those of various Marxist and socialist groups.

While I realize there may be some subtle differences, I feel that the worldviews of all these groups are pretty much in the same ballpark, although expressed differently. It’s somewhat like the rhetorical differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties. They both want to drive us off the same cliff but one is willing to do it a little slower than the other. However the ultimate drop after you go over the cliff is the same, whether you got there faster or slower.

Most know that Karl Marx was the author of The Communist Manifesto  which outlined Marx’s view of how to take a country over. Interestingly enough, he had ten points listed in the Manifesto on how to do this. His reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments?

Marx was a boring writer and his work could be described, as one man said years ago, as “reams and reams of toilet paper.” What most folks don’t realize, though, is that although Marx was the author, the ideas he presented in the Manifesto were not totally his. In fact, Marx was a hack writer who was hired by an organization called “The League of the Just” to write the Manifesto. The first edition of that work did not even list him as the author. In later editions he was allowed to put his name on it and take credit for it—but not for the premier edition, which I have seen pictures of, and his name does not appear on it. The League of the Just had something to do with the Illuminati, was part of it in some way. That’s something else for you to check out on the Internet.

Marx’s Manifesto advocated things like the abolition of private property, heavy progressive income taxes, public schools—in other words the dictator’s hand in every area of your life, and he made sure to let people know he was opposed to organized religion. It was “the opiate of the masses” according to Marx.

Marx’s “dictatorship of the proletariat” was, in reality the rule of “the people” (Communist parties) over all areas of our lives and this was to take place all over the world.

So, how different is this than what the One World Government groups have in mind for us? There may be minor technical differences, but the overall worldview is the same in either case—a special elite group running everyone’s life, telling you what you can or  cannot do, where you can or cannot go, what you can or cannot think or believe. They want to do away with the Christian confession that “Jesus is Lord” (the Gospel) and replace that with the all-powerful state as “god.”

One of our main problems in this country is that the CFR, the Trilaterals and Bilderbergers have taken over the US government and both political parties. They infest the media, Hollyweird, the military and education—and most of you have never even heard of them. Why do you suppose that is? You’d think that a group or groups with this much influence would be well known, and yet the average American has never heard of them. They are, in effect, our “shadow government.”—our un-elected rulers.

According to  “If one group is effectively in control of national governments and multinational corporations; promotes world government through control of media, foundation grants, and education; and controls and guides the issues of the day; then they control most options available. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the financial powers behind it, have done all these things, and promote the ‘New World Order’ as they have done for over seventy years…The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life.’”

To understand how people in all these critical fields can be part of a group that seeks to do away with American sovereignty in America you have to go back and do the history homework. You at least have to go back as far as the early 1900s to begin to see what those people have done to us, but for the real foundation of all that you need to back to the War of Northern Aggression in the 1860s at least, and some folks would say you need to go back even further—all the way back to 1787. The folks that say that raise some interesting points not easily dismissed.

Some of our problems are readily observable. For instance, the Conspiracy Archive articles observes: “Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1913, beating incumbent William Howard Taft, who had voted to veto legislation establishing a central bank. To divide the Republican vote and elect the relatively unknown Wilson, J. P. Morgan and Co. poured money into the candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt and his Progressive Party…According to eyewitnesses, Wilson was brought to Democratic Party headquarters in 1912 by Bernard Baruch, a wealthy banker. He received an ‘indoctrination course’ from those he met, and in return agreed, if elected, to support the projected Federal Reserve and the income tax, and ‘listen’ to advice in case of war in Europe and on the composition of his cabinet.” Can you begin to see now how these One World Government types influence what our “elected representatives” do? In fact our “elected representatives do not represent us—they represent the interests of the Ruling Elites. That being the case, maybe the Ruling Elites should pay their salaries instead of the public having to. But that would give the game away and, by now, most of us should realize that we have to have the pretense of representative government (the form but not the substance) so the American people, educated in Karl Marx’s “public schools” will willingly go along with those who plan to cut their throats both financially and literally if and when the latter becomes necessary.

As noted on  “The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.” That’s according to Carroll Quigley, the author of Tragedy & Hope. . Mr. Quigley, a devoted One-Worlder, was the mentor for Bill Clinton. Anyone remember him? And on the same website, Dan Smoot, former member of the FBI stated “The ultimate aim of the CFR is to create a one-world socialist system, and to make the US an official part of it.” That’s a pretty straight forward statement that shows that what the CFR people want is no different than what the socialists and Marxists want. Their worldviews are almost identical.

Again, the same article states: “In 1973, David Rockefeller, having read a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski which praised Marxism, formed the Trilateral Commission, and appointed Brzezinski to be the first Director of the Trilateral Commission. Future president Jimmy Carter became a founding member of the Trilateral Commission. Jack Newell, in his book Why a Bankrupt America?  States ‘The original literature of the Trilateral Commission also states exactly as Brzezinski’s book had proposed, that the more advanced Communist States should become partners in the alliance leading to world government….In 1976 when Carter was elected president, he filled his administration with 284 members of the CFR…All the recent presidents since then have also surrounded themselves with CFR and TC members.’”

The site  carried an article by author Dean Henderson in June, 2012 which said, in part: “CFR members have dominated every Administration since FDR and most presidential candidates come from its ranks. Adlai Stevenson, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John F, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr. and Al Gore are all CFR alumni…Nearly every CIA Director since Allen Dulles has been a CFR member. These include Richard Helms, William Colby, George Bush Sr., Bill Casey. William Webster, James Woolsey, John Deutsch and Robert Gates…The Nixon administration had 115 CFR members, while the Clinton Administration had over 100 CFR alumni.”
Bill Clinton, with his impeachment pending, ran to New York to try and shore up support for himself from his handlers in the CFR. Publisher John F. McManus astutely observed that: Bill Clinton knows well that he serves as President because the members of the ‘secret society’ to which he belongs chose him and expect him to carry out its plans.”

So much for the President serving the interests of the American people. That’s the furthest thing from their minds Just about all the presidents we have had since Wilson have been little more than talking heads allowed to assume the office of president only so they could further the agenda of the One World Government people. Should they fail to do that, should they slip the traces, so to speak and actually decide to do something not on the One World agenda, well, look what happened to Kennedy and Nixon—one assassinated, the other “watergated.”

Our current situation is no different. Obama was handed the office of president (literally) because his Marxist mentality fits in perfectly with the designs of the Ruling Elite and as long as he does what they want he is home free. George Soros and the CFR people give him his marching orders and all his silly rhetoric about “hope and change” is to fool the naïve into thinking he really has an independent thought In his head. It’s all bovine fertilizer and the brain-dead who have not figured it out by now just ain’t trying.

One thing the Marxists, socialists, and One World Ruling Elites haven’t figured out yet is that God is more powerful than they are and He will only let them go so far. After that they will answer to Him. Oh, they’d like to think they are all-powerful, but the Lord, in His own time, will disabuse them of that folly and judge them for their idolatry. Whether I live to see that or not doesn’t matter. I know it will happen because God is just.

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  2. Why are (3) George Soros Funded/Associated Organizations (Microsoft, Amnesty International and Goldman Sachs — the only ones mentioned) all Specifically Identified in this Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) Document Written by the CFR’s President? The Document Describes the US and Other Countries Giving Up Sovereignty (for example to Cap Carbon Emissions). The CFR Organization’s 4,300 Members include Very Big Names . George Soros has written and/or is mentioned in (379) CFR Documents . “Goldman Sachs” is found in (888) CFR Documents and “Jeffrey Sachs” is found in (319) CFR Documents . “New World Order” is a frequent focus and found in (135) CFR Documents . The Communist code word, “Social Justice”, is found in (916) CFR Documents . The Communist code word, “Sustainable Development”, is found in (352) CFR Documents . The Communist “Global Warming” Scam is found in (957) CFR Documents . “Socialist” is found in (562) CFR Documents . EXAMPLE CFR “MUST READ” (Their Words, Not Ours) New World Order Document . Says “Copenhagen talks are an indication that a new world order may be forming with increasing power given to China.” We Suspect Most Americans Will Not Like What This Powerful “Think Tank” is Thinking.

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