Oh Secession!!!

By Al Benson Jr.

It started the day after the presidential “election” was over, as vote totals began to come in from around the country and some folks began realizing that, in many areas, Obama had gotten around 110% of the vote. If you could believe some of the vote totals you would be forced to conclude that no more than a mere handful of Romney supporters turned out nationwide while Obama supporters continued to vote and vote and vote.

As to the question of whether there was vote fraud, you could ask, will the sun rise in the east tomorrow?

Someone in Slidell, Louisiana started a petition for the state of Louisiana to peacefully secede from the Union and within a few days all fifty states had people starting up almost identical petitions. Every state that supposedly gets over 25,000 signatures on their petition is supposed to have it posted on the White House website “We the People.” The White House promises to answer these petitions at some point. Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know what the answer will be, or close to it—secession is treason and the “Civil War” decided that question anyway, so you all, now that you have put your two cents worth in, just go home and shut up so Mr. Obama can get on with the thorny job of redistributing your wealth to his friends—beginning with your 401-K savings. They won’t quite phrase it that way, but you get the idea.

That, or something close to it is about what I expect as an answer from the White House. Interestingly enough, at this point in time, there are already seven states that have gotten considerably more than the 25,000 signatures necessary to get their petitions posted—all of them in the South. This heart-warming development shows you that, in spite of 150 years of Yankee/Marxist public schooling in the South during ongoing “reconstruction” everyone has not totally bought into the big lie.

According to http://www.examiner.com  for November 18th “The petitions sprang up almost immediately following the election, and now there are more than 675,000 signatures on 69 separate petition pages.” The same article then asks “should there be a fear of retaliation by the government for those who choose to sign a petition? The answer to that may be a ‘yes’, in light of President Obama urging his supporters to vote for ‘revenge’ and presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett’s ‘payback time’ and ‘the ones that opposed us will get what they deserve’ comments before the election.”

Such comments from the White (Red) House hierarchy show you the moral tenor of the administration that welfare loafers and guilt-ridden white liberals helped (along with creative voting) to send back to Washington. Ordinary American citizens exercising what should be their First Amendment rights may now have to fear retaliation from a vindictive White House that doesn’t like what they say. So much for the “land of the free.”

While I am happy for the discussion of the secession issue this petition drive has generated, I realize that this is not the way to get secession from the Union. This would be the same as the colonists in 1776 begging King George to let them leave the British Empire. And although we did secede from Great Britain, we did it with our Declaration of Independence, which was actually a secession document

There are a lot of things to be dealt with regarding the secession question. You have to have a people culturally ready to secede. At present we are not ready, emotionally, maturity-wise, or in other ways. Although the sentiment is there, for which I am thankful, we, at this point, need to grow into the kind of culture that will be ready to handle the responsibilities of secession. The Southern states that seceded in 1861 were the products of a biblically-based society and worldview. Even in the South we don’t have as much of that anymore. More’s the pity. Before we are ready for political secession we first need to reassert our cultural secession from the horrendous world system around us. We need to find biblically-sound Christian churches and adhere to them, departing from some of these “feel good” mega-temples some of us attend. We need to start taking our kids out of the government school system and consciously looking for Christian alternatives—sound Christian alternatives with a generational worldview. We need to shut the television off and stop listening to trash music, trash reality shows, and all of the other meaningless drivel that the One World establishment puts out there for us to bemuse ourselves with so that we won’t take the time to learn to think critically. And all of this, as well as other worthwhile pursuits, will take awhile. It won’t be accomplished the day after tomorrow.

Then there is the legality of secession. Some will say it is no longer legal, but, should that be true, you cannot prove that it was illegal in 1861, or that it was treason. That is plain hogwash. If it was legal in 1861 and the Confederate States government never surrendered, then that original secession is probably still legal today no matter what happened after it.

There is a lot to deal with regarding the secession question and we had better start to learn to come to grips with it because it is not going away, even if our current Marxist government tries to annul the Bill of Rights. All they will do is to drive it underground where it will flourish. As for this Marxist crowd in Washington, they had best start looking at what they have for an agenda in the light of Psalm 2.


6 thoughts on “Oh Secession!!!

  1. I started to sigh our secsession petition here in WV. then I noticed that before i could do so I would have to register with the White house website. No I am not sending my name to the white house web base. Not that they dont know me , but it seems kinds fishy to me

    • Ron,
      That’s understandable. I have no doubt the current administration is willing to spend lots of tome making life miserable for those it considers its adversaries. They have plainly told us that. Still, it is interesting to see that much secession sentiment.

  2. Nullification is currently the only way to resist federal tyranny without violence. You can’t ASK a violent oppressor to let you go in peace. It doesn’t work that way. Just nullify their unjust laws and when they threaten to take away funding for your state say “go ahead!” That money is ill-gotten, causes more harm than good anyways. If that’s all they have, you are in the clear, keep on nullifying, no need to secede. If not, then at least you have called their bluff. Their next move may be to send in the feds or the troops to force compliance, but the federal government can’t afford a protracted internal conflict forever. Not with the fiscal and monetary “cliff” they risk falling off of. To take a line from the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, the chickens known to us as the National Debt, the Unfunded Liabilities, and the Debasement of the Dollar will one day come home to roost. Only then will secession be accomplished peacefully.

  3. I am 150% for secession and separating from a reprobate mess of a government. I do not have any reservation what so ever. Yes it will cause turmoil and the evil left (new nazis) will try to do all sorts of things just as they did in 1860 ongoing but it has to happen to turn this evil around.

    • I am all for secession also. I just dont want to see us mess it up when we do it It is an awesome responsibility and from the infighting I see in alot of Southern groups today I am not sure at this point that we can get along with one another well enough to pull it off. I hope I am wrong, but what I see is not encouraging. Weve got 150 years of govt. schooling to get out of our systems.

  4. I said exactly the same thing on my Facebook page back on November 20. I wrote:

    “Signing petitions to secede from the Union at the White House’s website may help you to vent your rage at the shit [pardon my lingo] that is going on, but it is misdirected. … if you really want to secede from the Union, you *DO NOT(!)* ask for permission to do so, which is what those silly petitions amount to. Did our forefathers ask King George III of England for permission to “secede” from England’s rule?! No! They DECLARED(!) their independence from England, which means that it was a solemn and emphatic statement, not a piteous plea. Asking for permission to secede is the sign of a slave mentality, not that of a free people.”

    I did not sign the petition for Maryland, but it wouldn’t matter if I had. I grew up a military brat, and I served in the Air Force for 4 years myself. They already know quite a bit about me without my adding my name to that roster (although I am definitely for secession). As for secession’s legality, if it’s illegal, then what makes us think we have the right to still be independent from England?! If we had the right to declare our independence from England, then the South had the right to secede back in 1860, and we also have the right to secede now. You can’t have it both ways.

    I also agree with keimh3regpeh2umeg regarding nullification. Many States have already taken steps in that direction by passing laws forbidding insurance exchanges and thus making Obamacare illegal within their jurisdictions. Add to this the fact that something like 18 States already allow medical marijuana, despite federal law to the contrary, and Colorado and Washington State both made recreational use of the drug legal. The real question on nullification is… will the States capitulate when DC comes a-stompin’ around, threatenin’ ’em with bribery, sayin’ things like, “You do this, then you don’t get any money for roads.” And we know they’ll do this crap, even though the Constitution doesn’t grant Congress the power to withhold money for roads. The only power they’re given is the power to *ESTABLISH* post roads (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7), not the power to withhold funds for those roads. Sometimes it seems like no one knows how to read any more. More people oughta read Mortimer Adler’s book on how to read a book, but in this day and age that might be asking for too much.

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