You Parents Should Have No Rights In Your Kids Education–Just Ask A Teacher!

by Al Benson Jr.

I just read an article on about the head honcho in the American Federation of Teachers. There was a picture of her in the article and she reminded me of the typical demagogue. The article observed that “American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten claims that legislation like Florida;s Parental Rights in Education Act is ‘the way in which wars start’.Weingarten said that parents concerned about gender identity and sexual orientation being taught in public schools are being manipulated by special interest groups seeking to dismantle public education and privatize the U.S. education system, ” Well, I don’t belong to any groups trying to do that but it does sound like a pretty good idea to me.

Ms. Weingarten must be concerned about this for her to make such a statement. Maybe she realizes that the public schools have gone way too far on some of these leftist programs–not that they will ever turn back from them, nor will they ever be reformed. So maybe her statement is an attempt at damage control on the one hannd and painting concerned parents as potential war mongers on the other. Typical leftist trick to kill two birds with one stone.

Weingarten said: “We are in an existential threat race against these right-wing extremists who are trying to exploit people;s agitation for their own political purposes, That’s why they are trying to silence and put back into the closet people who may be gay or trans. This is propaganda, This is misinformation. This is the way in which wars start.”

So now if you are a parent that is concerned about the “trans-sexual closet” in your kid’s school that lets boys dress like girls and vice versa, you are a “right-wing extremist” who is guilty of spreading propaganda and misinformation!

What this woman is saying is that parents should have no rights regarding what the schools are doing to their kids–they should just shut up and sit down because the teaching “professionals” know what’s best and they have determined that if your son wants to change into a dress when he arrives at his public schol and act like a girl he should have the right to do that because the school endorses that and it’s none of your business! That’s basically what she is telling you.

There is no way the public school leviathin is going to be shut down at this point. The teachers unions and their leftiist friends in Washington will see to that. You can’t shut it down–but you can separate from it. You can take your children out of it and find other educational options–Christian schools, a homeschooling program, a homeschool co-op, where parents team teach each other’s kids in subjects they have expertrise in. Our daughter had her kidsin one of these for awhile and it seemed to work pretty good.

Whatever course you decide to take, your kids need to be removed from the public school environment before it destroys your family and ruins your children forever. With people like Ms. Weingarten at the helm in the teachers unions parental rights in education are a happy myth at best and a fairy tale at worst.

3 thoughts on “You Parents Should Have No Rights In Your Kids Education–Just Ask A Teacher!

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  2. I’ve always worn trousers and that didn’t turn me into a man. Priests and friars often wear a gown and it doesn’t turn them into women. Louis XIV of France wore high heels and it didn’t turn him into a woman. It is really hard to understand how a dress should change one’s perception of one’s gender.

  3. I fail to see the logic of having “trans-sexual closets” in public schools for kids to use. What exactly is the school trying to accomplish here and what does any of this kind of thing have to do with real education?

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