Tucker Carlson and Bad History

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Usually I enjoy watching Tucker Carlson. He gets lots of stuff right that most others either ignore or are afraid to touch. However, Tucker, like the rest of us, is only human and he doesn’t always get it all right.

A case in point was the monologue he did the other night, which a friend back east sent me. In this particular offering the best he could come up with was a mixed bag of truth and untruth.

He attacked those who are trying to tear down our monuments and destroy our history and I was with him all the way on that one. But then he made some really far out comments about the Confederacy that soured me on his commentary as a whole. In regard to our “civil war”_ aka the War of Northern Aggression, he said one side was right, the North and the other side was wrong, the South.

Sorry Tucker, but you blew it here. Your comments would lead people like yourself, who don’t know any better, to believe that War was only fought over slavery.  And that sentiment is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated on this country.

There have been books written fully explaining why the South did not fight that War to defend slavery but had a host of other more important reasons that they fought. Tucker, maybe you need to read some real history instead of the revisionist crap they fed you in high school and college. Your comments lead me to believe you have never really read anything about the War that gave you any remote idea of what the South stood for and fought for and what they fought against.

I don’t expect you will ever read or even see my commentary here, but I would love to provide you with a list of books written by folks in the South that explain their rationale for that war. And by the way, the South did not declare war on the North.

It was never a “civil war” in the sense that both sides were contending for control of the government. The South never wanted control of the Northern government. All they wanted was to be able to depart in peace and Lincoln denied them that option. You may or may not believe in secession, but it was a legitimate option and was recognized as such. After all, it is what we did from Great Britain in 1776–we seceded from the British Empire.

I am going to provide you with a list of books here that would be helpful for you to read if you are truly going to understand why the South did what she did. None of them are New York Times best sellers but they do contain the truths that you were never taught during your educational years and, Lord willing, they may give you something to think about.

Yankee Empire–Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home by James and Walter Kennedy.   Shotwell Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina

Segregation–Federal Policy or Racism? by John Chodes. Shotwell Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina

The South was Right by James and Walter Kennedy. Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana

The Un-Civil War–Shattering the Historical Myths by Leonard M. Scruggs. Universal Media, Asheville, North Carolina

Slavery Was not the Cause of the War Between the States by Gene Kizer Jr. Charleston Athenaeum Press, Charleston and James Island, South Carolina

The Land We Love–The South and its Heritage by Dr. Boyd D. Cathey, The Scuppernong Press, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson Jr. and Walter Kennedy Pelican Press, Gretna, Louisiana

Some of these may be out of print or the publishers out of business, but you can probably find all of them on Amazon. I have seen all of them there from time to time.

Tucker, I have always enjoyed your material and have promoted you to many folks, but this is one area, respectfully, that you need to do a little homework in. You may or may not change your mind about all of it but you do need to look at the other side and up to this point, it does not look like you have done that. On the question of the Confederacy you sound no different than the Leftist radicals we both abhor.


5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson and Bad History

  1. Yes! I totally agree. We were watching Tucker that night and I hit a high note when I heard him repeating that time worn lie. I hope he did it out of ignorance and doesn’t believe it. I also hope he will study some period history to learn the truth and the fact that the South DID NOT start the Lincoln Tariff War. No one in the South or the new formed Confederate States of America ever fired a shot before its formation at any Union person or property. It was Lincoln who ordered his Union militia into Confederate States Virginia to attack and capture Manassas Junction, confiscate Confederate locomotives and cars, load Union war materials and armed Militia, proceed to the Confederate State’s new capital Richmond, surround the city and capture or kill all Confederate Government personnel and military guards of a peaceful and sovereign nation of The Confederate States of America. It was also Lincoln and Union Gen. Scott who ordered armed union troops to be smuggled into Fort Sumter in a civilian transport ship, which was an act of war by Lincoln and Gen. Scott. The cadets of The Citadel drove the armed Union steamship off with shore batteries. Later Union troops were ordered to destroy their longtime barracks on shore and sneak into unfinished Fort Sumter under cover of night. That is when the DSA militia fired on the invaded fort and forced surrender to the CSA in just a few days. Lincoln and Scott had an assault plan for invading the Confederate Nation that came to be called “The Anaconda Assault Plan” against the CSA by surrounding the new nation and assaulting it west from Fort Sumter, SC and north from Fort Pickens, FL…

    Get an inexpensive copy of CSA officer Huger William Johnstone titled “THE TRUTH OF THE WAR CONSPIRACY OF 1861” from Amazon.com. Last I looked a copy could be bought for $3.00, plus shipping. And there is much more on my Website at URL : https://albarrs.wixsite.com/usandfamilyhistory


  2. It has reached the point that Tucker Carlson is about the only thing I enjoy watching on Fox.. I was watching when the segment you are referring to came on. I guess I made it about half way through his monolog until I could no longer stomach his garbage. I think you are right, Tucker like so very many people suffer from simple ignorance . The school system in this country has been very successful at brainwashing the American public not only on this topic but virtually everything. I hope you can find a way send this post to Tucker, he definitely needs help.

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