Bolton, McMaster, and the Council on Foreign Relations

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, Donald Trump finally had the good sense to fire John Bolton, the man who never saw a war he didn’t love as long as he could get US troops into it. If Bolton had his way this country would have been involved in regime change and wars in thirty places around the world and he would have loved every minute of it. A typical neo-con and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trump needed him as a National Security Advisor like he needed another hole in the head. But, then, the man CFR member Bolton replaced, H. R. McMaster, was also a member of the CFR. And the CFR is noted for having a Deep State, Globalist point of view, so people from that organization are the last thing Trump needs in his administration, yet sadly he has some of them there.

One of the possible replacements for Bolton (there are ten possibles listed) is a Steve Biegun, also a CFR member. Another possible replacement is a Brian Hook–who could well be another John Bolton. Trump will really need discernment, and prayers, so that he might pick a replacement that will reflect his nationalist agenda instead of one that will fight him every inch of the way.

Trump needs as little CFR influence in his administration as possible. None would be great, but given the influence of the CFR in previous administrations, I don’t look for that to happen. The CFR has permeated the halls of government for more years than I have been alive (over 80 years now). In its quest for a one world government,  the CFR ain’t about to go away.

In his informative book, In the Shadows of the Deep State, author Art Thompson has dealt extensively with the CFR. He notes, on page 123 that: “After the rejection of the League of Nations by the U.S. Senate on November 19, 1919, it was obvious that the American people had yet to be convinced of joining in  a world government, even with the devastating First World War and the desire for peace. This was already obvious many months before the Senate vote.” In other words, the Senate rejected the one-world oriented League of Nations because it knew there was little support for it from the folks back home. At that point in history most Americans rightfully looked askance at one world government schemes and they wanted no part in them.

What they failed to realize was that they were going to have this world view forced on them whether they wanted it or not.

Art Thompson observed that: “This led members of the Peace Conference in Paris from England and the United States to hold a series of meetings under Col. (Edward Mandell) House’s direction,…at the Majestic Hotel  on May 30, 1919.  The purpose of these meetings was to start the ball rolling toward establishing an organization in Britain and the U.S. to bring influence to bear on their respective governments and institutions to establish a League of Nations-type entity. The organization was to be called the Institute of International Affairs, with offices in New York and London.  This initiative gained little traction at first due to the independent minds of Americans,  so instead it was decided to integrate with a small organization that had been holding a series of discreet meetings called the Council on Foreign Relations. The leader of the CFR was Elihu Root, former Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt.”

Root was a lawyer and had Carnegie as one of his clients. He had been a big supporter of the constitutional amendment for the income tax, and he was gung ho for US involvement in World War One, way before the Lusitania incident, which was used to drag us into the First World War. To give you even more of an idea where Mr. Root was coming from,  he was also President  of the Union League Club of New York. Some of you who have read my articles on the War of Northern Aggression may have noted commentary on the Union Leagues in some of them. Art Thompson gives a pretty good brief description of them when he states: “During the Civil War this league was formed to promote nationalism over states rights or federalism. Its original name was the National League.” For those who may not know, this has nothing to do with the baseball league of the same name. But it has everything to do with the advocates of a one world government system trying to foist off on us something we do not want or need.

If you take nothing else from this commentary, remember one thing–The Council on Foreign Relations, headquartered in New York, is bad news for Americans that want to keep their independence. This organization wants to drag this country into being part of a one world socialist government–and it will use its people who insinuate themselves into government positions to do exactly that.


5 thoughts on “Bolton, McMaster, and the Council on Foreign Relations

  1. In a word that is “GLOBALISM”! The 1946 “New World Order” Elite Establishment movement, followed by the “One World Government” eventually led to “Globalism” today… They are all autocratic programs to put the world’s population under the complete administration of the corrupt U.S. hating “United Nations”! Folks just say no to all of this communist style jargon to rule the world.

  2. If it is alright with you I would like to post this entire article with the link and on my Facebook page with this prayer, possibly adding, if my heart speaks more. I await your permission. ~MaryAnn

    Praying for the Lord to place one of His own Christian peacemakers to be the balm for healing the angst caused by Hillary and Bolton. Someone to lead us into the “friendship” with other countries as Washington stated and no ungodly entanglements! And, yes, pray Lord, give President Trump discernment to choose righteous men to guide us OUT of these ungodly wars and ungodly entanglements!

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