Shadow Government and Deep State

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Only recently I heard a talk by a man who was a CIA whistle blower. He made some interesting statements that clarified the differences between the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

He noted that the Shadow Government is comprised of your “security” agencies, the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Uudoubtedly there are more than this but he wasn’t anymore specific than this.

He then noted that the Deep State is what we call the Military Industrial Complex, lobbyists, etc. He stated that part of the MO of the CIA is to “Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations, and accuse your adversaries of what you, yourself, are doing.” This is the classic definition of cultural Marxism. What does that say for the CIA?

He observed that the Shadow Government used a soft coup against Donald Trump with Steele’s fake Russian “dossier” which Clapper leaked to the mainstream “news” media, knowing they hated Trump so much they’d run with it. The result was that Mueller ended up investigating Trump, based on this fake dossier, which was presented to the FISA Court as “verified.” This resulted on illegal spying (yes, spying) on American citizens.

In a report that appeared on the Zero Hedge website for June 8th, it was noted: “North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows told Hannity Friday night that the FBI knew ‘within 60 days of them opening the investigation, prior ot Mueller coming on, the FBI and the (Department of Justice) knew that Christopher Steele was not credible, the dossier was not true, George Papadopoulos was innocent.'” In spite of all that, they had Mueller spend two years and millions of our tax dollars pursuing what Trump accurately termed a “witch hunt” to basically frame Trump when they already knew he was innocent. This is your Shadow Government at work! Ain’t pretty is it?

The trail for this led back to Hillary Clinton. Seeing that James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey, all part and parcel of the Shadow Government, did all this dirty work for Hillary, the question might be asked, what does Hillary have on Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and maybe even Obama, for that matter? She paid to get dirt on Trump, fake though it was. Steele paid for fake anti-Trump info from Russia.
And as for Mueller, the supposed “boy scout” investigator, it might not hurt us to remember that Mueller took samples of Uranium to Russia back during the Uranium One scandal. So he is hardly the “objective” investigator the media has sought to portray him as.

Hillary was supposed to win in 2016 and none of this would have ever showed up had she won. I’m sure it was Divine Intervention that kept her out of office. And now we have the Deep State, Shadow Government, mainstream media, Hollyweird, the Democratic Party establishment and many in the Republican Party establishment all frantically trying to get rid of Trump lest anymore of their actions end up being exposed.

If Mr. Barr ends up doing his job, many of those people herein mentioned should end up with jail time. But let’s wait and see what happens before we cheer too loudly.

2 thoughts on “Shadow Government and Deep State

  1. There is a positive side regardless what jurisprudence is served or what happens in this pivotal test of the rule of law’s viability under the vast treason and usurpation committed by these various factions of outright tyranny.

    A true crisis of legitimacy is evolving.
    Think Water Empires and Chinese Mandate of Heaven.
    Withdrawal of consent for these elitist clowns and and their minions, which is a real doozy of a Paradigm in itself.
    It would be most beneficial if justice through rule of law is served for us as a civilization of dirt people. Long have we tolerated these crimes and corruption, the trespasses against our liberty and dignity, and this is nothing new, it is only the latest and most blatant acts of tyranny in an unbroken line since at least 1860.

    The internet age has begun to change the dialectic. There are no secrets on the web. Regardless of the massive attempts to control and censor “the message”, hide the truth, and socially engineer the populous, consent has become ever more critical to these powers that be.

    Withdrawal of consent is the most legitimate, and most powerful element in all this. When withdrawal of consent attains a certain stage of plurality, aside from threat and use of force and violence, the illegitimacy of those who have lost consent of the people can not survive without implementing totalitarian action against people who refuse to consent to such actors and their usurped powers.
    The thing is these various factions of tyranny function within a closed secretive environment, wearing a fig leaf of legitimacy contrived through the illusion of a legitimate form of government, or cover really of an illusion of legitimate government, where they are the people who run it legitimately. Regardless they must have consent, tacit, false crafted thru their media complex, or otherwise in order to operate unfettered.
    There really is not much they can do to thwart a plurality of people who withdraw their consent, so the idea is to not end up in this conundrum to begin with. But once a certain level of consent is withdrawn the power of the people become undeniable, and indomitable once such a legion of people have rejected the statist quo.

    I guess the question here is what is the pivotal point? We are undoubtably fast approaching such a sea change in perceptions and thinking, a preference cascade if you will, where this question of consent and legitimacy becomes the operative and defining dynamic.

    It is really fascinating watching this situation unfold.
    I always liked the theory of the water empire for the deep state/shadow government, I think it fits very well. Where an empire of a totalitarian nature which controls a, or a number of, crucial resources, like water, they can go on for 100’s of years, seeming untouchable, undefeatable because of the monopoly of power they wield.
    But, underneath they are vulnerable to outside influences, unforeseen, unknown unknowns, and black swan events, unintended consequences in particular, like 64 million Deplorable’s who defy the punditry by keeping their voting choice close to their chest, and have themselves a pretty awesome color revolution, and against all odds predicted, win the day denying the anointed chosen ones their throne of power, absolutely totally to their horror and chagrin.

    In the water empire analogy all it can take is one push, from something unforeseen and outside its power to control and the empire begins to collapse catastrophically. Of course there is much momentum to the empire, it’s impetus takes time to catch up with its collapse.
    It sure looks like this analogy to me right now. These elements of long usurpation of the republic by the day, are having to spend more and more energy trying to survive it’s own illegitimacy, reaching a stage in the not too distant future where it expends all its resources just to keep its nose above the water. The whole charade looks like it is in disarray, it is playing cover its arse, it is having to react more and more to circumstances and consequences instead of dictating its power.
    There is an inflection point in this somewhere. A point it passes where it’s own demise is inevitable. If it has not reached this point it is awful close.
    And I believe it is the ever growing withdrawal of consent by the people which will seal its fate.

    Nothing lasts forever. Certainly something so illegitimate and evil as this deep/shadow state and it’s actors. The law of unintended consequences is absolute. Irrefutable. They can only be delayed or staved off for limited time frames. Eventually the inevitable happens.
    And nothing can accelerate this inevitability like these desperate absolute usurpers to hold onto their power and influence absolutely.

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