For Those Who Want To Do Some Homework On The Lincoln Assassination

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

It occurs to me, in ending this series on the Lincoln assassination that there might be a handful of folks out there that want to do some of their own homework on this subject.

Getting accurate and truthful information from government sources is like looking for a needle in a haystack after you have burned the hay and stolen the needle.

So I am going to list here a few places you can start to look. Some of these I have mentioned throughout the articles but I am going to list them again. All the sources I am listing here you can find on  I know that because I looked them all up there before I wrote this.

These books are worth checking out. They won’t all totally agree with one another in all the particulars but they all have an underlying theme–that we have all been lied  to about the Lincoln assassination and have, in reality, been told very little real truth about it. And if we have been lied to here then you can bet the farm we have been lied to about scores of other historical events like the Kennedy assassinations and the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into the Viet Nam was. If you want to take it back a bit further, we were lied to about the USS Maine which got us into the Spanish American War, or even about Fort Sumter.

There is a lesson here for us–The Washington Swamp has been around lots longer than any of us ever will be and if it is ever drained it will be the Lord that does it and not any man or men, unless empowered by Him as His instruments. Sad to say, I think the Swamp will outlive Donald Trump, as its denizens comprise those in both political parties. All the “never-Trumpers” are not Demoncrats.

But I digress. Here are a few sources you can check out regarding the Swamp in Mr. Lincoln’s day.

Why Was Lincoln Murdered? by Otto Eisenschiml. Originally published back in 1937, this was reprinted in 2017. You can get it on Amazon when it’s in stock. You might have to check  on that. The fact that it is occasionally out of stock means that some folks are still reading it.

Web of Conspiracy by Theodor Roscoe. Amazon has used copies of this from $25.36 I have this one and if you are into this subject it is well worth getting.

The Reason Lincoln Had To Die by Don Thomas. A second edition of this one was reprinted in 2013 and Amazon has it. This man is an independent researcher and has a couple you tube videos up on the internet that are worth watching also.

Conspiracy Between John Wilkes Booth And The Union Army To Assassinate Abraham Lincoln  This one is advertised on Amazon for $15.99

Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth by Finis L. Bates. This is a short book, only 48 pages, originally printed in 1908 and reprinted in December, 2016. Due to its size it only costs $5.99

And if you are checking stuff out on the internet be sure and go back and review all 12 parts of Dave McGowan’s excellent series Everything You Were Taught About The Lincoln Assassination Is Wrong. As I stated in my articles, McGowan asked lots of questions I never heard anyone else ask and I think some of them really should be addressed. Mr. McGowan passed away just a few years ago due to cancer, so he will not be able to do any more research in this critical area. He seems to have been an excellent researcher and I learned much from reading his articles. It would truly be great if someone could come along and pick up where he left off.

Another website I came up with in my research is  I didn’t get to do much with this one but maybe some of my readers can get something out of it.

I won’t say I will never write on this subject again, but this will have to do it for now.


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