“That Which Has Been Is That Which Shall Be”

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of this article has one more line in it that would have made it too long for a title. That line is “And there is nothing new under the sun.” This is taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It’s sort of a paraphrase of the 9th verse of chapter one–not an exact rendering, but close enough so you get the idea. Nowhere is this more applicable than in Washington, D.C. the District of Corruption.

Recently, I started working my way through a book by Helen Jones Campbell, which I found at a local library. The book is Confederate Courier and deals with the life of John Surratt Jr., the son of Mary Surratt, who was hung as one of the “co-conspirators” in the Lincoln assassination. I’ve done articles on Mrs. Surratt for this blog but its been a few years ago, and I contended that she was innocent of complicity in Lincoln’s assassination. She may have been complicit in a plan to kidnap Lincoln, but I don’t feel she was part of a scheme to kill him. But Washington being Washington, needed another sacrificial victim–guilty or innocent made no difference as long as someone’s agenda was moved along, in this case probably Edwin Stanton’s.

Campbell makes some interesting observations. She noted, on page 2 that “The war had been over for two years, and the Union preserved after a fashion, but nothing had gone back to being as it had been…” It never would either. The country had gone from being some semblance of a representative republic and was now in its first stages of socialist democracy–a course it has persevered in unto this day. If you think that’s far out, just look at the politicians today who blithely refer to the country as “our democracy.”

In regard to the trial of Surratt and the others Campbell observed: “In spite of protests by many government officials, legal authorities, and newspapers over the world, these civilians were ordered to face a military commission. ‘Unconstitutional’ said the public; civilians could not be tried by the military when established courts were open and available. But they had been….and by the rules of the court dened the right to speak a word in their own defense, such an outburst had shaken the city and nation that Stanton had wavered.” But not much!

However, the fun was only beginning. Campbell stated that “Witnesses had told horrifying tales of Jefferson Davis as instigator of the crime, of a plan to assassinate all the cabinet members, too, to burn New York City, poison its wells, pack explosives in coal cars, infect the North with smallpox….Each day’s testimony had rocked the town anew…No story was too lurid to repeat, no embellishment too wild.”

Campbell noted of Louis Weichman that “Stanton had questioned him, frightened him silly, and then committed him to Old Capitol Prison to think his story over. His testimony had hanged Mrs. Surratt, but after her death he suffered such great remorse that he had confessed to various friends. ‘I didn’t want to hang’ he had said. ‘If they’d let me say what I wanted to, she wouldn’t have hanged’.” When Stanton heard of this he called Weichman on the carpet about it. According to Campbell “Lou denied it and hurried out of town to a job the secretary found for him in Philadelphia….No sooner had this quieted down when a news story broke that a school for perjury had been conducted in the New National Hotel. A New York newsman, paid by Stanton, had written testimony and coached witnesses in its delivery. Eight such witnesses had testified and not one of them, including their tutor, had testified under his own name. This was testimony that linked the Confederate officials and John Surratt to the murder. Without this testimony there could have been no charge against him.”

All this proves one thing. The Deep State. whether 150 years ago or today, has an agenda that is destructive to the truth and they will push that agenda no matter who it hurts or how many lives it destroys. They couldn’t care less about any of that. Anyone thinking you can appeal to their “better nature” is naive in the extreme. These people prostitute themselves and others without hesitation to gain their desired goals. If they thought it would further their agenda they’d call God a liar–something they’ve done indirectly for decades already.

Washington, in the District of Corruption, is a city built on lies, deception, deceit, and hurt. When lives are destroyed its denizens laugh! To them that means they’ve done a good job. Today’s fascist Democrats are no different than yesterday’s radical Republican Yankee/Marxists. They all originated in the same slime.

What’s going on today in Washington is what has gone on before in Washington and even though the names may be different, it’s the same old socialist/Illuminist game that has been going on for a long, long time.

Those that pray imprecatory Psalms regarding many of Washington’s Swamp denizens are not all that much off track, in fact they may have figured out what the game is more than most have.


3 thoughts on ““That Which Has Been Is That Which Shall Be”

  1. This is one of your sublime masterpieces Mr. Benson, like your most excellent: https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/if-liberty-was-the-object-why-did-they-give-us-centralism/
    Talk about Revised History, yeah, the revisionist’s struck marxist gold with the creation of our Republic turned into a our democracy. Subtle. Sneeky. After decades of 24/7/365 democracy democracy democracy spewed at every opportunity, from every 5th column fish wrap/cat litter box liner, from the mouths of yellow journalism, on every idiot box, radio and TV, it has done more to destroy the idea and operation of a Republic and Republican form of government than any lie agitprop or fake narrative, quite possibly more egregious treason than all the other forms The Big Lie combined.
    You have to give the dirty stinking neo-bolsheviks credit, the bastards are cunning sonofabitches.

    I literally remember as a kid, a BoyScout, a student pledging elegance to the flag every morning, raised on a farm, all the things festive and somber celebrating our Republic, thank you very much, where in those days NH was as died in the wool patriotic as it gets up in yankeedom. Aside from those nasty trust fund brat Fabiens up in Notchland, NewZealand, North Sandwich and Albany. I’m thinking this in the early 60’s, why are they saying all this democracy crap. It really caused me consternation, it wasn’t right, it felt very wrong somehow, it had all the earmarks of adult’s BS. You know how kids see right to the heart of something that ain’t right. Well that was me.
    And it ain’t left me all those years since.

    We have never recovered from Lincoln’s war of Southern Genocide to stop secession from his marxist tyranny.
    This turning now, as you are saying Mr. Benson, we are not the same now and it is hardly begun, there is absolutely no going back either. We passed that stage on November the 8th 2018. That is as inevitable as the sun rising. What’s the marxist scum think they are going to do, just waltz right into the swamp, take back all the nasty raw naked power thats got them unglued after everything they have pulled, and we all dirt people are to just genuflect to their magnificence or something? Nobody is going back to the good old days. Thats all toast. There’s no blue wave, its a fart in a swamp. They will loose big time in November. They go full retard, come unglued, double down. Losing is so foreign to them, because for the last 150 years, their ideology and their agenda is so heinous, they haven’t passed an act of legislation thru constitutional means, because they can’t get enough useful dupes to go along with their human extinction agenda, they cheat lie, gerrymander, rig voting, and blackmail or payoff their way to political power, and the spoils of “democracy” of other peoples money, they have no tribal or institutional memory of how to do so legally and honestly. They will go full retard. They will throw the whole baby out with the bathwater rather than accept they Suck. To admit loosing, for them is to admit the defective crux of their shakedown racket.
    Gonna be a fight. You can tell they know their blue wave is not possible by how they are handling present events. It smells like the leadership is desperate. Pretty soon that flows down hill, and the sycophant’s will have more excuse to blame the White cis for their fear and loathing.
    Its the art of the ultimate political plausible deniability writ Yuuuge!
    They deliberately created chaos, in the strategy out of that chaos they would create order, a new or 1 world order.
    Where they went wrong is Prudence. President Trump is nothing if he ain’t a prudent American. The total absence of prudence on the left IS the issue of our time. And it is prudence which will win. It already is. Because Trump’s job was to create chaos out of the political class, using prudent means and time tested hard one application of prudence which is the hallmark of a Republic of prudent Men of The West. Especially prudent Men of the South.
    Prudence has a fraternal twin, its called withdrawal of Consent. Looked at it from that perspective of 65 million Deplorable’s withdrawing their Consent out of prudence to stop a blood thirsty murdering organized crime syndicate gun hating liberty despising diktator in a pants suit, Trump and the Deplorable’s fit like hand in glove.

    Why is Trump in West Virginia every month on one crusade or rally or another? I live in WV. Trump loves West Virginian’s. He always makes it clear when he is here. It isn’t baby kissing and back room deals. He see’s in West Virginia, as I’m sure in the rest of the South, something which fortifies him. Something that reminds Trump of something good and right in our Republic that is very important to him. And you talk with your neighbor’s in WV, strangers in the checkout line, in the coal mines, out cutting hay, and real calm and subtle like, everyone you talk with says Trump’s doing stuff, he’s getting shit done, he is our President. MAGA really works.
    The leftards, the entire cabal, are wigging out. They lost their illusion of legitimacy. That fig leaf. They are consumed with surviving their illegitimacy. It’s The Chinese Mandate in Heaven. How Water Empires seem stable and ani-fragile, until one a day one outside influence shows up, causes the empire to fall.
    Besides that, they have nothing else but hate and envy. They offer nothing but hate and envy, The two brothers, the Green Monsters.

    This is going to be right wing neighbor against left wing neighbor to the bone.
    All the divide & conquer is going to come to a head.
    The cold anger of the right, having tolerated the left for so long, is all but done with the prudence and valor of their tolerance. Nothing will ever be enough. No amount of trespass on God given primal rights, no having our vote nullified thru radical usurpation called judicial activism. No more ignoring referendum or will of the plurality will ever be enough, until we all walk voluntarily into box cars. And even if we are charged for the bullet in the back of our heads will it be enough. Even Genocide is not enough, as history proves.

    We don’t have enough ammo for whats coming.
    Whatever you have banked up, look at it, double it, twice.

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