If It’s Christian or Conservative Then It’s “hate speech”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, the “big tech” media moguls have, in their infinitesimal wisdom,  now decreed that all speech even remotely connected to Christianity, conservatism, or patriotism is automatically to be defined as “hate speech.” Well might we ask, who gives them the unfettered “right” to determine this? Actually nobody, they have just taken it upon themselves to promote this cultural fertilizer. You have to realize this. “Big Tech” is the communications arm of the Deep State and they will promote whatever line their bettors tell them to. They are in no way independent. They are slaves of the Deep State, and if they don’t promote the line the higher-ups tell them to, then it’s “Katy bar the door.” They’ll wish they’d never been born!

Besides, any “speech” that is Christian, conservative or patriotic has to be in competition to the One World Government line they have been hired to push,  and so it makes sense to them to, insofar as possible, eliminate their competition. Free speech to them is the right of different leftist viewpoints to be discussed. Anyone with a non-leftist viewpoint need not apply. They don’t want to hear it and they work to make sure no one else hears it either.

These are the people who rail about “censorship” and yet when push comes to shove they are the biggest censors anywhere. Many conservative groups and individuals have felt the iron hand of their gentle ministrations, myself included. They seem not only to attack sites like http://www.infowars.com which, to their chagrin, still gets millions of viewers, but they go after ordinary folks like me, whose blogs only get a few thousand views per year. They are equal opportunity censors–they chastise the big and the little with equal vehemence if any of us says what they don’t like.

You have to understand–this isn’t just a computer game to those people–they are literally at war with any and all that promote Christianity, real conservatism as opposed to neo-conservatism, and, when it comes to culture and heritage, they actually loathe anything even remotely Southern. The South and its heritage is anathema to these  people. The West and its heritage are the same. Both of these have to be wiped from the minds of ordinary Americans and what passes for a news media in this country daily labors at that chore, with a few exceptions.

I repeat, so as to drive the point home so you will grasp it. Those people, the Deep State, Big Tech, many in Congress in both parties, too many still in government, and the “news” media are all at war with us dregs and deplorables that voted for Trump. We want our country back–they want to keep it so they can suck us dry just like the Yankee/Marxists did to the South during a “reconstruction” that continues on to this day. Too many of us still don’t get it.

The John Birch Society (now there’s a name those people cringe at) has as part of its program the education of people and the exposure to the public of this country’s  enemies. Both are necessary ingredients if this country is to be taken back from the conspiratorial Deep State. And we need the help of the Lord to guide and direct us because without His aid we can’t do spit!


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