So, A New Round Of Cultural Destruction

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, the cultural Marxists who are hell-bent on destroying Southern culture seem to be trying to play mind games with us poor Southern deplorables. They waited this year until the middle of August to start the cultural offensive that they started in April last year. All the better to keep us off balance and make us think they were going to let us alone this year. We have to start learning to disabuse ourselves of such foolishness. Those people will never, and I mean never, leave us alone until they have thoroughly torn down our culture and heritage and we better start getting that through our heads! Those  people are playing for keeps. Most of those on our side are just playing.

It’s really great to go to a march or a rally or write a letter or two–and then just quit and get ready for football or hunting season. We can take the rest of the year off now–we’ve done our bit. So while we plan our recreation for the rest of this year the cultural Marxists continue to work at the next phase of our cultural destruction.

You know what! They just may end up winning because, frankly, too many of our folks just don’t give a tinkers damn. Put on your Confederate uniform, wave the flag a little–fun and games! Rah, rah, rah! I’ve known people that, for them, putting on that uniform and marching in a parade is what it’s all about for them, and they never get any further than that. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a public presence our there, we should. But for too many of our folks that’s a far as it ever goes–and then what do they do when, like me, they can’t march anymore? They go home and sit in their easy chair and dream about those “good old days” that’s what!

Glory, glory, hallelujah, our Marxist adversaries march on, often to that very tune, while we vegetate.

Our cultural Marxist enemies (and they are Marxists of one stripe or another, like the skunk–lots of stripes there, too, never cease planning and working for our cultural destruction.

There was an excellent article by Dissident Mama on for August 27th. I don’t know who this good lady is, but she’s got it figured  out. She understands our enemies and what they are trying to do to us. She writes: “Modern progressives are just as evil in their bloodlust against the South as were William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Sheridan. Today’s leftists may not be waging the shock-and-awe total warfare that the Union generals inflicted on Southern civilians (whites and blacks alike) and their dwellings, businesses, churches, infrastructure and food supply, but their aim is still the same: to have the Southern tradition and her people ‘annihilated and destroyed’.” She gets it. How many of us do?

She notes that modern progressives (really little more than Marxists) encourage “a kill-whitey message.” She observes that “They see Dixie as a scourge and the purging of it as their self-righteous calling. They’re godless puritans to the core.” I might disagree with her slightly here–they are not godless,  they just have a different “god” than the God of Holy Scripture.  Other than that, she’s right on the money. How many of our folks really grasp the nature of our enemies as this lady does? Not enough I fear.

They may, as she says, not be waging “shock-and awe” total warfare on us–yet! That will probably come later–if they can manage to soften us up enough by removing all our monuments and flags and by destroying our kids’ grasp of their culture and heritage via public education so they don’t think there is anything worth fighting for. As long as they control the vehicles of your kids’ education this is where we are headed. And please don’t think that I am calling here for the reform of public education–I am advocating secession from it. It is far beyond any meaningful repair.

So unless we wake up and smell the daisies, the future doesn’t look all that bright. I understand the Sons of Confederate Veterans has a new national cultural heritage director, Donnie Kennedy. Knowing Donnie and his strong commitment to our culture and heritage, he will do all he possibly can in that post. He can use help and prayers, especially prayers.

Understanding the nature of our adversaries is critical. Seeking the Lord’s help in defeating them is also critical.

5 thoughts on “So, A New Round Of Cultural Destruction

  1. Thanks Al for another great eye opening post. One can only hope the general public will get up off their apathy and join in the defense of our Southern Heritage before its gone. I fear the life we are leaving for our grandchildren will be a living hell. Thanks again — Fred C

  2. Fred,
    I agree–and our email servers will have contributed to that. Mine are both getting extremely reluctant to send much of what I post. From one I get “there was an error sending the message” which basically means “don’t bother cause it ain’t goin’ nowhere by us and from the other I get notlhing. The message just sits there no matter how many times I try to send it. I need to check out new email servers if there are any out there that are not politically correct.

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