The Hard Left Builds Nothing, Tears Down Everything Worthwhile

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

After watching the Leftists gorge themselves politically on a three-year binge to tear  down and destroy anything Southern and Confederate, the thought came to me, just today, that, the Leftists never really build or construct anything worthwhile. The Leftists spend their useless careers tearing down everything worthwhile that better people than they will ever  be have  built up. But, then, the Leftists are really nothing more than water carriers  for those that run the Deep State. I doubt that they are capable of building anything noble or worthwhile. They are little more than tools for destruction in the hands of those seeking  to destroy cultures or worldviews superior to their own.

And so it was, with a certain amount of anger, if not with surprise, I read the story about those “noble” Leftists in North Carolina that considered it their “patriotic” duty to tear down and destroy the Silent Sam monument  on the campus of the University of North Carolina while, so we are told, the police stood down and did nothing. I supposed had someone tried to  prevent the Lefties from doing what they did, he would have been arrested for “disturbing the (Leftist) peace.” I saw some photos of left-wingers smashing the monument with hammers and chisels. It takes an awful lot of hate to be that vindictive, but, then, this is what the Left is noted for, hate!

The monument was not there to defend slavery, but was rather a monument to the young men in UNC who had left school in order to defend their country against Yankee/Marxist invasion. But the Left has to claim they are fighting against slavery–that gives them a noble-sounding excuse to practice cultural destruction as well as material destruction, both of which they enjoy immensely. Although I was born in the North, I have a Confederate ancestor–and he was from North Carolina, so this Leftist destruction rather ticks me off.

I am willing to bet that those that agitate the Leftists into doing this sort of mayhem really know what the War of Northern Aggression was all about. They just want to make sure you don’t know. All I can say is that if the Leftists don’t realize, with all the research  material out there, what the War was really all about, they are either stupid, willfully ignorant or historically lazy, or some combination of all three!

They’ve been all too willing to listen to their Marxist professors instead of doing their own research, which they seem to lack the moral stamina to work at. Lots easier just to sit back and let Professor Marx tell you what he was told the War was all about. As far as doing your own research–forget that–much too time consuming and it cuts like crazy into your recreation time. So just forget about all that work. Listen up to what your Marxist professor has to say and then you can assume your morally superior (actually inferior) attitude about something you really know almost nothing about (while thinking you are a genius).

I remember, years ago now, during the Viet Nam War, a college student actually told me he thought us older folks should just listen to the kids his age because they were the ones that had time to do all the research as to what world events were really all about. I thought to myself (although I didn’t say it out loud because it would have cost me my job), “Junior, when you are finally dry behind the ears and have a little more living experience, then come back and see me, otherwise, just shut up because you don’t know what you’re  talking about!”

This is the sort of crap you get from these Left-wingers, some of whom are so steeped in the bovine fertilizer they spout that they don’t realize how inane they sound.

So let’s don’t kid ourselves. The Left is nothing more than a vehicle for and of hate, putty in the hands of their Deep State masters. They hate anything even remotely Southern or Confederate because, even in their ignorance, they realize the worldview of the South (and therefore of most Confederates) was, and to some extent still is, inherently Christian, while they in their willful apostasy are anti-Christian.

You can talk to these people, if they will listen, and even try to convert them. But you can never dialogue with them to the point where you have to accept some of their lie to get them to accept some of your Truth. If you get to that point, then back off!

John 14:6 is a good guideline in this  area.

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