The Bushmaster Bull-Throwers

By Al Benson Jr.

As the federal assault on the Second Amendment continues the public is being treated to the usual dog and pony show by Joe Biden and his “committee.” We are still being told that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle is the murder weapon in Newtown, Connecticut, but even that “fact” seems to be somewhat in doubt and the tales we have been getting from the “news” media run the gamut from frenzy to panic.

Members of six different pro-gun groups have met with Biden and/or his people. In an article on  it was stated: “The Friday session followed a tense Thursday afternoon meeting with six gun-rights groups including the NRA which denounced the meeting as a strategy meeting on how to thwart the Second Amendment. ‘We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment’ the gun group said in a statement…Chris Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist who attended the meeting on Friday described it to Fox News as a ‘dog and pony show.’ It became very clear very early that they weren’t looking to hear from gun owners, they were looking to blame gun owners.”

Well, finally someone that gets it!

Of course they are not looking for solutions to keep children safer. They are looking, in spite of what prevarications they spin for the public, for ways to confiscate our guns—if not right now then as soon as they can manufacture a way to pull it off. I would hope this would be obvious to most people, but then, maybe I hope for too much.

But it seems that not everyone in the NRA gets it. Joel McDurman, in an article on  observed that “In May of 1999, NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre testified before Congress in favor of…a gun control law, stating, ‘We think its reasonable to support the Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act.” Mr. McDurman feels that the NRA doesn’t understand the Second Amendment. He says “Indeed, the NRA seems to have been riding the wave of sentiment that said ‘we need to allow arms in schools,’ but its solution is not concealed carry by random and freely-deciding qualified teachers or parents, but to allow only government guns in school.” Mr. McDurmon says of this solution :It is the exact opposite of the reason the Second Amendment exists to begin with. The Second Amendment was put in the Constitution so that citizens could protect themselves against a tyrannical government, not so the government could bear arms against us, or even on behalf of us. The moment the government declares where we can or cannot bear arms, and then installs government arms to enforce that decree, it is doing just the opposite of what the Second Amendment exists to ensure.”

In fact, even the term “assault rifle” is a misnomer. Tim Macy on  has stated, and I believe correctly, that “So-called ‘assault weapons’ are not designed to assault anyone—they are defense weapons for Americans to defend out families, our country and our Constitution. In colonial times, the ‘defense weapon’ of the day was a musket, and our forefathers used muskets and cannons to fight the British to secure our freedom. Today, the modern analog of the colonial musket is the AR-15 style rifles that have the ability to use standard-capacity magazines for self-defense. Why would Americans give up the right to have the best possible defense weapons we can have to protect our home, family, state and nation from criminals of ALL kinds?” Tim Macy is associated with the Gun Owners of America,  which is an organization I endorse.

The old saying that “an armed society is a polite society” is not really all that far off. It has been noted that when the state of Florida started letting its citizens carry concealed weapons, Florida’s firearms homicide rate dropped by around 37% Other states that have passed concealed carry laws have lower crime rates. By the same token, places that have enacted more gun control experience higher crime rates.

These political demagogues that shout at us that we need more gun control to reduce crime are, quite frankly, either naïve or they are liars. While some may be truly naïve, in which case they probably should not occupy the offices they have, I believe that most of them err on the side of intentional falsehood. They can’t exercise the power and control over us they would really like to as long as we have guns and so if they can find some way of separating us from our firearms, even with various false flag events, this will become their agenda.

In the final analysis, as I have said before, it’s not about child safety—it’s about power and control. For those who are interested the Gun Owners of America’s mailing address is 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, Virginia 22151.


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