King George III and King Barack I

By Al Benson Jr.

On April 19, 1775 the first shots of the American War of Secession from Great Britain were fired at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. Around 7-800 British regulars were ordered out of Boston, to go to Lexington and Concord to capture and destroy “military supplies” belonging to the colonial patriots. Loosely translated this means that the redcoats were sent out to capture colonial guns and powder. In other words, a British attempt at gun control precipitated the start of the American War of Independence.

The minions of George III in this country were gun control freaks and the best way to prevent colonial resistance was to simply take the guns and ammunition. In the time of George III it didn’t quite work out that way, but what will happen now—in the time of King Barack I? Will our couch potato and “reality show” generation, after over 150 years of public school “education” have the intestinal fortitude to do what the patriots in April of 1775 did? That remains to be seen. At this point I am doubtful and I hope I am wrong.

I have talked to several folks in this area that are hunters and none of them relishes the idea of having their guns confiscated and there are lots of hunters in the South, and other places. Obama and his handlers have to realize this and so I think they may end up doing this confiscation in stages. On the basis of these false flag shooting events in Newtown and other places I think they will make a pitch to get “assault rifles” banned while promising to leave the hunters’ deer rifles and “thirty-thirties” and shotguns alone. If such is the plan this will be done to neutralize the hunters so they will think “I don’t have to worry, he’s not coming after my guns.” And he won’t come after your guns—yet. But if he gets all the semi-automatics banned, how long will it be before we have another false flag shooting somewhere and the shooter uses a deer rifle? What then? You know the answer to that—now we have to have another congressional committee or a committee of some kind appointed by King Barack I to study the feasibility of banning deer rifles. Need I go any further? You all know where this is headed—total gun confiscation—whether they can do it quickly or whether it takes a little longer.

They may try to set the gun-owning community at odds with one another—the hunters vs. the survivalists or whatever. That weakens the gun-owners’ position—get them to start arguing with one another about what should be banned and when and they have neutralized you. The classic “divide and conquer” strategy.

Personally, I think King Barack I would love to get rid of all the guns yesterday, all at once, but his Council on Foreign Relations handlers probably won’t let him go that fast. They will make him do it a little slower, a little more gradually so the gun-owning community will not all get upset all at once when they see the proposals the federal government puts forth.
Since most Americans educated in public schools are seldom taught real history they do not know that the Second Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights so citizens would be able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government, not so they could hunt on the weekend.

Protection from federal tyranny was, and is, the real reason for the Second Amendment. For that reason, alone, citizens should not be prohibited from owning semi-automatic rifles, which are really not “assault rifles.”
King Barack I will do only what he has to do through Congress, which is more and more becoming a useless appendage, there only to fool the public into thinking they still have representative government while Obama really rules via executive decree as all dictators do.

It remains to be seen what gun owners will do when the rubber meets the road and confiscation of guns is ordered. Let us hope that, by God’s grace, they will uphold the Second Amendment.


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  3. To clarify, and not cause any more confusion on the President’s origns. His mother’s Dad, Daniel Wayne Pope ( who stole Stanley Dunham’s id to go to war when too young in WWII) Dan’s mother Is the descendant as she is a great granddaughter Of Queen Victoria. through her mother. Empress alexandria of Russia wife of Czar Nicholas II ( Yes they leived and there has been a 100 years of these fake bios and cover ups and its time for all of this to end.

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