Worship and Christian Duty

by Daniel Benson

Sunday mornings are a time for worshipping God. Do we honor Him when we rush through our service to get to our football or baseball game or our fishing boat? This is a sacred time to reflect, to be grateful, and to honor as well as treasure our Lord Jesus as we partake of His life through the sacrament of Communion and worship Him through song and prayer. Do we really understand God? I would bet, for the most part, we do not. If we really stopped to reflect  on the things we learned on Sunday our lives would be different. Do we live a Christian life seven days a week, or do we live it only on Sunday? I am guessing many don’t know how to live the Christian life seven days a week, and do I? Probably not.  I wish I totally understood what it meant to be a seven-day-a-week Christian. Yet, in my own head,  I know I do not totally understand this yet.

As a Christian, it is your duty to follow, partake of and sometimes be an elected official. In this, we show the world what it means to be a Christian in the political realm. Yet I sense that most do not agree. Most want to sit on the sidelines, watch from behind closed doors and hide so they don’t have to be involved. When will we stand up and be counted? When will we take it upon ourselves to affect the world? Rose colored glasses are what we look through as a whole. We see what we want to see and make it into something we can handle. But this world doesn’t like us, or care about us, or even want us here. So when will we take the bushel off the candle and let the light of God shine into the world?

Children–we talk about training them up in the way they should go–and yet, do we do that, or do they just follow our path  and become “us” later on? In the church I am in I feel they do really try to do this, but the church as a whole kind of sits on their hands and hopes the kids turn out okay. When will we learn that the world trains our kids in their communistic schools to be “worldly” people just like them? How can you reasonably expect a couple hours on Sunday to counteract 30-40 hours of secular school indoctrination weekly. If you do, you might as well be asleep.

What can you do, you ask? For one thing, check out Christian schools in your area or go to home school fairs where you can find them. Start small. Teach your kids the correct way this country should be run. Don’t let the schools do it because they won’t. Even some of the Christian schools won’t. You need to help the kids understand where it all went wrong because we are way beyond that point now. Teach them the correct history, not what they learn in the “schools.” Show them the value of a way of life and help them to understand how to live that life. Then teach them to look  for the correct values in their local politicians. If they can’t find them there, maybe they need to think about doing it instead. But they won’t know unless you teach them, and teach them how to teach their kids. The current system probably won’t fall completely apart for another 100 years, unless something really bad happens.

A Christian viewpoint  is what we need at the local political levels. That would then translate to the state and national levels. But it has to start small, not big. We can’t change it all in one fell swoop. We lost the country slowly, we need to take it back slowly. We start small in our own communities and slowly take back our towns and then our states. The news media can’t be counted on to tell you the truth. You will need to look for it in alternative media. Radio and the internet may become unusable. It’s all controlled by the same people and you can’t trust what they say.

Each of us has a Christian initiative to teach our kids and anyone else who will listen. It starts now and slowly grows into the giant snowball that can’t be stopped. But you need to learn, and then to teach. Without the proper teaching nothing changes. Each of us has a patriotic duty to our country to do this. We can, with the Lord’s help, take the country back. It won’t be fun and it won’t be easy, but we can do it. We need to work together toward this common cause–a re-education of America, a re-unification of our beliefs, and to hell with what the Left thinks! Otherwise we have doomed ourselves, our kids, and our grandchildren and their children and those who follow them to a life of hell.

One day at a time. Take each day and grow, learn, and teach.  We can do it, but we all have to do it. It’s not too late yet, even at this low hour, by God’s grace we can make this our country again. This is our country, and the Left and its allies can’t and won’t take it away from us. We can resist and put them back in their place. But it takes time and there are more than just us that feel this way. Find them and work toward a common goal. It will take all of us, working in our areas to make it work and it will be work. But we can do it.


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