Is the Church Sleeping Through the Election?

By Al Benson Jr.

Very recently I heard a preacher say that this country is under judgment and part of the proof of that is that we have such low caliber men running for the highest office in the land in the two major parties. You know something? He’s right! I can’t disagree with him.  He feels that the church has, basically, been sleeping through the last several national elections. Again, I have to agree. I have said the same thing for a long time now and it’s like no one is listening—no one wants to hear it—so just shut up and let me go back to sleep.

Most Christians today think they have done their duty if they go to the polls and vote Republican. Then they can go home and go back to sleep! I have seen so-called Christian organizations that will endorse people just because they are Republicans and will bypass real Christians who might belong to a third party. Are these folks really Christians or are they, in fact, religious Republicans?

If you think I am being too hard on the Republicans then why not do a Google search on Evangelicals for Obama and see what you come up with.

It appears that many evangelicals think that the Marxist running for president on the Democratic ticket is the greatest thing since sliced bread.. Do they realize he is a Marxist? No, and they don’t really want to know, and anyone pointing out his Marxism is being “unloving.”

Many Christians today refuse to get “political.” They just want to “preach the Gospel” and leave politics out of everything—and knowing nothing about politics they fall for everything that comes down the pike with a Bible verse attached to it.

Folks, here is a thought that will rattle your cage. Christianity is political! You read that right, it’s political. When the first century Christians stated truly that “Jesus is Lord” that was a political statement because its implication was that if Jesus is Lord, then Caesar isn’t—and that was political. It’s the same today. If Jesus is Lord, then the federal government isn’t.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Monroe, Louisiana has noted: “The Jews understood the message (Acts 17:5-7). This message became the unpardonable sin of the Empire. If Christians had been willing to keep these views to themselves and not make it a public issue, Rome would have been willing to tolerate them. But by proclaiming these things the Church became the enemy to the empire. They were guilty of treason…Rome persecuted the Christians, not because they promoted another religion or a new theology, but because their gospel left no room for Caesar and the old world at all. It demanded that everyone bow the knee at every point to the King of Kings, Jesus the Lord.”

Pastor Wilkins continued: “In our country, laws based on the Bible cannot be considered legitimate if they contradict the so-called ‘values of the Constitution.’ Any symbol that implies that Jesus is Lord over this land and not the Constitution or the Supreme Court or the Congress is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. ‘Caesar’ is the only Lord and Master we have the right to acknowledge. ‘Christianity’ is perfectly fine if it is kept private and personal…The church has capitulated to secularism, accepting secularism’s declaration that ‘no one has a corner on the truth’ and that there are no ‘absolutes.’ The Church has accepted the world’s definition of ‘freedom’…This is a denial of the gospel.”

What can be done to reverse this growing trend in the Church? First, we must repent and believe the gospel. Pastor Wilkins observed that “This means that we must believe that Jesus is Lord and that there is no other higher king. This means that we must believe that the Bible is the truth, the one rule of faith and life. This means that we must confess that the only way to live is by faith in Jesus and following His Word. This means that we must not substitute nationalism for the gospel. The fifth commandment requires us to love our country, but the first commandment forbids worshiping it.” And many Christians today do this. How many churches do you go by that fly both the American flag and a Christian flag, and the American flog is on the higher flagstaff? I realize there is a federal law stating that if a batch of flags are flying somewhere the national flag has to be on the highest flagstaff—but at a church?  What that says is that the Christian flag is inferior to the national flag. And I have gone by some churches that don’t even bother to fly a Christian flag out front—they just fly the American flag and the Israeli flag. Such shouldn’t be. What it says is that the Israeli flag is more important than the Christian flag. I don’t buy that and you shouldn’t either.

So what will we get out of this election from the Church? Will we get Christians who know how to vote intelligently because they have done the homework or will we get another batch of religious Republican voters who, after voting Republican, will go home and return back to political slumber if their candidate gets in (which is looking a little iffy at this point). Will we get a batch of evangelicals who think that by supporting Obama (also without doing the homework) they are ushering in the New World Order posing as Christianity?

Then we have the folks who will say “well don’t worry, the Lord’s in control.” Translation: if the Lord is in control I don’t have to do anything but continue to be a spiritual couch potato. The Lord is definitely in control, but might not part of His plan be to exercise some of that control through active and informed church members? Ahh, that’s the question we don’t want to deal with and until we do, the Church will continue to be influenced by the world rather than the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Is the Church Sleeping Through the Election?

    • Joe,
      After the sorry results we saw last night I wished I could have said I was wrong and had different results. Unfortunately, America is reaping what she has sown and Im afraid it will get worse before it gets better.

  1. I doubt it will get better now. The only way anything can change for the better is if the PEOPLE do it. History was always made/changed BY THE PEOPLE. Excellent write by the way Al..

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