Whittaker Chambers and the “News” Media

By Al Benson Jr.

Today, as we look at what we ludicrously call the “news” media any thinking person must realize that those people are  not in the business of giving us real news. What they do is to take current events and give them such a leftist spin that real truth is hardly recognizable anymore unless you learn to, literally, read between the lines.

All you have to do is observe the “news” media as their pundits fawn over our current Marxist-in-Chief, literally giving him a free pass on anything he should be questioned on. They hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil about anything or anyone on the theological and political left while they stand in line waiting to bash anyone they remotely perceive as being “conservative.” I’m sure if they realized how markedly apparent their efforts are to many they would take more pains to cover their tracks—but then, maybe not. We may have gotten to the point where they don’t care anymore. It goes without saying that the real news they refuse to deal with is more vitally important than the drivel they spoon-feed us in the hope that we won’t know the difference.

In reading through Whittaker Chambers’ informative book Witness  you will find several instances where Chambers takes note of where the “news” media was coming from in his day, and it’s no different today except that today’s talking heads in the media are probably not Communist Party members—they only think like them.

Chambers noted, on page 474 of Witness that: “A few days later, a Time writer stopped me in the hall and asked me to join the Newspaper Guild. At that time, and for a long time afterwards, the Time  unit of the New York Newspaper Guild was tightly controlled by a small knot of Communists.” After Chambers told this man he had broken with the Communist Party he noted a distinct coolness on the part of this worthy gentleman and he said: “No doubt he checked at once. A few days later, the smear campaign against me was in full swing.” Chambers observed that at one point, most of Time’s  European correspondents joined in a “round-robin, protesting my editorial views and demanding my removal.” In other words, Chambers’ anti-Communist viewpoint disturbed them no end and they wanted to get him out of the way so the American people would not be exposed to his viewpoint. Then, as now, many in the media wanted a dumb and befuddled public who didn’t know what they didn’t know.

Chambers further stated: “The fight in Foreign News was not a fight for control of a seven-page section of a news magazine. It was a struggle to decide whether a million Americans more or less were going to be given the facts about Soviet aggression, or whether those facts were going to be suppressed, distorted, or perverted into the exact opposite of their true meaning” Just like today. Nothing has really changed

When the Alger Hiss case came along, Chambers saw the same people lining up on the left to defend Hiss and smear him. The thing that amazed him was that most of those people were not even Communists. From the Communists he expected the smears and attacks but he got more from non-Communists. I’ve noticed the same thing today among some evangelical Christians. They question or deride anyone that exposes or comments on anything from the left of the political spectrum while they gently try to tell you that “the hard right has no interest in spiritual matters.” They may be right, up to a point. Many on the right have no interest in spiritual matters while some on the left do—but what is the root of leftist spirituality? It is little more than “Caesar is lord, therefore reject Christ.” That is almost the sum total of left-wing “spirituality” yet many evangelicals buy into it because it seems to “loving.” May the Lord being these folks to the point where, like Whittaker Chambers, they can see the total evil of leftist theology, whether it be Communist or just socialist.

In his epistle in the Holy Bible James noted that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” This seems to be some of what Chambers was dealing with. He said: “They were people who believed a number of things. Foremost among them was the belief that peace could be preserved, World War 3 could be averted only by conciliating the Soviet Union. For this no price was too high to pay, including the price of willful historical self-delusion. Yet they just fiercely supported a war in which one of their ululant outcries had been against appeasement, and they were much too intelligent to really believe that Russia was a democracy or most of the other upside-down things they said in defense of it. Hence like most people who have substituted the habit of delusion for reality, they became hysterical whenever the root of their delusion was touched, and reacted with a violence that completely belied the openness of mind which the prescribed for others. Let me call their peculiar condition which, sometimes had unconsciously deep, and sometimes very conscious political motives that it would perhaps be unmannerly to pry into here—the Popular Front mind.” Again, Chambers noted that most of these folks were not Communists, but he felt the Communists had few allies that were more effective. In other words, to put it more bluntly than Chambers did, these people were what the Reds called “useful idiots.” One might also wonder how many of those people and any connection with the Council on Foreign Relations.

It was, Chambers said the Popular Front mind that dominated American life, at least from 1938 to 1948. He said: “Particularly it dominated all avenues of communication between the intellectuals and the nation. It told the nation what it should believe; it made up the nation’s mind for it. The Popular Fronters had made themselves the ‘experts.’ They controlled the narrows of news and opinion.” Again, just like today. The media people tell us what we should believe, who we should believe and who we should reject, what books we should read and what movies we should see (don’t read The Real Lincoln or
Lincoln’s Marxists, those are just books for those Tea Party kooks. Go back and read socialist Carl Sandberg’s biography of Lincoln because that’s where you will find the ‘real’ Lincoln). And on and on it goes. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about.

There were times when the Marxists and the media had such a grip on the minds of the American people that Chambers often despaired of ever getting the truth out to enough people to do any good. The Communist propaganda is still out there. Just this week there was an article on httpl://www.libertynewsonline.com  which noted that the Communist Party USA is celebrating the “Obama victory over racist white people.”

However, Mr. Chambers’ book Witness  is also still out there. You can find it on Amazon.com as well as other places. Years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said “I don’t trust the liberal media.” Quite appropriate. The American people should learn not to trust them either.


By Al Benson Jr.

Awhile back I noted comments by Dr. Fred Schwartz in his book You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists).  Dr. Schwartz noted that many look at Communists or Marxists as nothing more than hypocrites and liars and in so doing they miss the true intent of the Marxist mindset. To the Marxist mentality there is such a thing as Marxist truth and that “truth” is founded on whatever the current Marxist agenda happens to be in any given area. Hence to the Marxist it is completely alright to lie, deceive, steal or to do whatever else furthers the Marxist program. To them all such activities are Marxist truth, and hence, are all moral activities for him, or her. For the Marxist the end really does justify the means, no matter how foul those means may be.

Recently, I took Whittaker Chambers’ book Witness  back down off my bookshelf. I had gotten this back in the 1980s sometime, had started to read it and got about half way through it and somehow got sidetracked and never finished it. I am in the process of finishing it now and I had forgotten what fascinating reading it is. Chambers became enamored  of Communism when he was twenty four years old and spent the next thirteen years in the Communist apparatus in this country, getting to know all sorts of people that were outright Communists or “fellow-travelers” (people who support Communism but never join the Party).

At some point, it began to dawn on him how totally evil Communism really was and that he had to withdraw himself from its clutches, which he then began to work at. Although he doesn’t really describe it in those terms, it seems that, for him, this was, foremost, a theological decision. He described Communism as a “faith” and he was right. It is. It is a substitute faith for Christianity where the Party takes the place of Jesus Christ and assumes a certain divinity in the Marxist soul.

Regarding Communist espionage, which was rampant in this country in the 1930s and 40s (is it any different now?) Chambers said, on page 419 of his book that: “I have sometimes been asked at this point: What went on in the minds of those Americans, all highly educated men, that made it possible for them to betray their country? Did none of them suffer a crisis of conscience? The question presupposes that whoever asks it has still failed to grasp that Communists mean exactly what they have been saying for a hundred years: they regard any government that is not Communist, including their own, merely as the political machine of a class whose power they have organized expressly to overthrow by all means, including violence. Therefore, ultimately the problem of espionage never presents itself to them as a problem of conscience, but as a problem of operations…For the Communists, the problem of conscience had been settled long before, at the moment when they accepted the program and discipline of the Communist Party.”

As far as espionage, Chambers observed of a Communist that he will always “…exactly to the degree that he is a Communist, engage in espionage. The act will not appear to him in terms of betrayal at all. It will, on the contrary, appear to him as a moral act” and the more risk he takes in this endeavor the better off he is because his act is “…committed in the name of a faith (Communism) on which he believes, hinges the hope and future of mankind,…” The committing of espionage is the Communist’s oblation to his “god” (Communism).

Needless to say, in the face of such a mindset, those slack-jawed liberals that think they can sit down with Communists and “dialogue” their way to world peace are fooling only themselves and those among the public that actually take them seriously. We’ve been playing this game, as Chambers said, for a hundred years now, and our politicians still don’t seem to get it, or at least they appear not to. Actually most of them get more than they let on. When both political parties are dominated by the Council on Foreign Relations no one is going to do all that much to upset the Marxist applecart.

Chambers noted in his book that he contacted someone to go see Roosevelt to warn him of the Communist threat in his own government. He said that Roosevelt just laughed at the warming. Did he know what went on? Of course he did, at least as part of the larger picture even if he wasn’t aware of all the minute details. Communist infiltration of his government was no problem for Roosevelt and it seems not to have been much of a problem for any of the administrations that succeeded his.

Due to revelations by Chambers and others, some of these Communist espionage agents in the government were found and and dealt with—but never all of them.. Even after all the investigations, some of which were hampered by government officials, some domestic Communists still remained in government to do their damage. Do they remain today? Will winter eventually follow summer?

What we need to do at this point is to begin to grasp the mindset of the Marxist and realize that, to the degree that we now have a Marxist administration in Washington, to that degree will we see the agenda of Marxism officially enacted in this country. All the theories about Obama’s lacking in knowledge about how to run the government are all drivel. He knows exactly what he is doing, as do the people in the CFR that pull his strings. We need to begin to grasp that and let that truth govern how we react to what happens in government.

There is a lot of good information in Chambers’ book, which I would recommend trying to find if you still can.