Is the Confederate Flag “Becoming Illegal”?

by Al Benson Jr.

Since July 4th is the day we are supposed to celebrate our “freedom” under this glorious Union, I thought it was appropriate today to take note of this short article I came across on the Rebellion Blog Spot the other day. It fit in so perfectly with our vaunted “freedom and independence” in the “freest country in the world” (according to Bush 2) I just couldn’t pass it up.

A man in a city in Florida was not happy with the politically correct stance of Walmart in their mad rush to empty their stores of Confederate flags after the tragedy in Charleston, which is conveniently being blamed on the flag instead of the medication the young man was on. So he went and stood in front of his local Walmart with a Confederate flag, fastened to a plastic pole.

It didn’t take the Thought Police, this time in the form of the local police, long to arrive to apprehend this most dangerous threat to society–after all this man was carrying one of those “racist” flags! The man was not aware anyone had even called the police about his activity until the local gendarmes arrived.  So, when a policeman ran toward him shouting “put the flag down! Put it down now” he was surprised and asked the policeman why. When he tried to explain to the officer why he was flying the Confederate flag, the officer, in his strictest “to protect and serve” mode shouted back at him: “I don’t give a flying f— about what you have to say, you know you can’t fly that flag.” Life in the “land of the free” ain’t it wonderful??? More policemen converged. So the man laid down his flag, was handcuffed and placed in a squad car, all the usual police harassment. Rapists and Muslim terrorists get treated better.

He finally managed to talk to one of the officers and explain why he was there with the flag, and the officer’s comment was quite revelatory. The officer said: “Well, I understand why you are doing this but that flag is becoming illegal and you can’t fly it here because it makes the people feel threatened, that’s why we’re here.” I wondered as I read the policeman’s comment–does the police department in this town know something about the future of the Confederate flag that they have not said anything about yet? Are there. indeed, plans to make it illegal and have these plans been spread abroad to police department around the country–especially in the South? As far as one man with a Confederate flag causing people to feel “threatened” you have to wonder if that’s all it takes to scare our citizenry. If that’s really all it takes to scare the living daylights out of our people, then the Muslims, Putin, or anyone else who wants to take over the country doesn’t need weapons–all they need are batches of Confederate flags to wave at everybody and any opposition to them will automatically disappear because the people will feel “threatened.”  The “threatened” populace will simply disappear–frightened to death by that horrible flag!

It would be interesting for the public to find out what plans our Ruling Elite have for this kid that shot those folks in Charleston. So far, in the past few years, he’s been the only shooter that has been taken alive. So you have to assume, with that goofy photo of him with the Confederate flag in his hand, that they have plans for him. Is he supposed to “testify” at some point and name all the “hate groups” in the South  that prompted him to do what he did, or what? And while we are at it, why not get a list of the medications this kid is or has been on? The fact that this kid is still alive points to there being some use for him in the future.

The theological and political left, along with our Ruling Elite, have been enemies of anything Christian or Confederate literally since day one and so if they see opportunity to use this kid as a tool to further their agenda against anything remotely Confederate or Southern, I have no doubt they will pursue such a plan with total abandon–and the prostitute media will give them all the cover they need.

A recent poll noted that, even after all this hoopla over the Confederate flags and symbols, Americans in general still supported the Confederate flag by around 57%, which is very close to where support for it was fifteen years ago. So the millions they have spent getting the prostitute media to demean the flag have been spent for naught. That’s not to say they will quit. “Those people” don’t quit. If they lose today they are back next week. That’s something we don’t seem to grasp yet.

You have to wonder about their plans for the 57% that still support the Confederate flag.Will they (or have they already) seek some kind of ban, so that in our professed “land of the free” we will no longer have the right to fly Confederate flags? Did the police officer’s comment about the flag “becoming illegal” inadvertently reveal an already pre-planned agenda for the demise of the flag?  And, if so, what will we do about it?

Folks, if y’all don’t have a Confederate flag it’s about time you got one–and started flying it!