What Other Problem Does the Bergdahl Debacle Cover Up?

by Al Benson Jr.

By now everyone in the country who can read and even some who can’t, have heard about Comrade Obama’s infamous horse trade where he garnered for this country one probable deserter to the Taliban in return for five of the worse terrorists at Guantanamo. Such a deal he made, and, as usual, someone else got the goldmine and America got the shaft. That’s usually what happens with Obama’s “deals.” You have to conclude that he does this stuff on purpose because if it were accidental then he’d make a mistake in America’s favor once in awhile, and that never happens.

Bergdahl is truly an unknown quantity–what else would Obama give us? A real US fighting man would have been left to rot. And let’s don’t kid ourselves. All this heroic blather about “no fighting men left behind” is unmitigated hogwash. You can find cases all the way back to World War 2 where Americans have been “left behind.” This government doesn’t care and, quite frankly, when they tell you they do, it is, shall we say, a slight prevarication. So Obama’s Marxist administration has traded five top terrorists for one man who has been called a deserter by many of the men he served alongside–and you know what this administration says? All those soldiers are liars–that’s what they say. You have to wonder if, when they are through serving and come home, these men who called Bergdahl a deserter will all be labeled as “potential terrorists.” After all, Obama labels anyone disagreeing with his Marxist agenda as a potential terrorist, so why not these guys unless they relent.

If Obama was willing to turn five of the worst that Guantanamo has to offer loose, then you have to ask, why are we putting these guys in there to begin with? So more of them can be traded for deserters we don’t yet know about? There has been a big fuss over this deal, and rightfully so. But it’s so typical of this Marxist administration that it should really surprise no one. Everything Obama does plays to the Hard Left. When he has to nominate a federal judge or a cabinet member or whatever, he invariably picks someone that is far to the left of Fidel Castro. Some of them are so far to the left even the Senate is forced to turn them down, at which point Obama nominates someone not quite as far to the left and the Senate accepts that nomination. This is an old game and it has been played for as long as I have watched the political scene. So the Bergdahl deal is nothing new.

According to one Republican (RINO) pundit, the White House is in panic mode over the fallout from this deal. We’ll see. In an article on http://www.newsmax.com talk show host Joe Scarborough made the statement: “This is the strangest thing I have ever seen coming out of a White House. I mean this is so monumentally bad. There has to be something else behind the scenes.” I’m surprised that statement even made it into the article. But it’s a good statement and it deserves, maybe, just a little investigation.

There is such an odor to this caper that even Bergdahl’s  home town in Idaho has cancelled a homecoming celebration because of the possibility that people on both sides of this question might show up and they would have a riot on their hands. I’d say cancellation at this point was a wise move.

A friend in Florida, just today, emailed me and asked the question–what is all the fuss over the Bergdahl situation being used as a diversion for? He’s asked the same question that Mr. Scarborough did. So what might be going on that the  commissars in Washington want to divert our attention from–a newly sped-up agenda for declaring martial law? We won’t know until it happens, but you can bet nothing in Washington happens by accident.

My friend, David Sauls, in Georgia has an article up on http://troublesomecreekpublications.wordpress.com dealing with this horse trade which I would recommend to those reading this article. Of one thing you can be sure, this administration is at war with the American people and they are not about to give us the straight dope on anything.