The Confederate Government Never Surrendered–and “Reconstruction” Continues

by Al Benson Jr.

On Saturday, May 30, AD 2015, my wife and I attended a ceremony sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was to commemorate the fact that Shreveport, as the headquarters of the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi, was the last Southern city to surrender when the shooting part of the War of Northern Aggression had concluded. The ceremony took place at the Caddo Parish Court House in Shreveport, in front of which stands a beautiful Confederate monument.

Quite naturally, the politically correct and professionally offended do not like this monument. It “offends” their progressive sensibilities. Had they been able to do so they would have carted it off to the historical trash heap long ago. However, the small piece of land the monument is on was given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy by the Caddo Parish Police Jury back in 1903 and so there isn’t much they can do about it. They did make a fuss over the Third National Confederate flag that flew there several years back when they claimed that the flag, being in front of the court house was an incentive for jurors to find black people guilty of crimes. I mean, really people, can’t you do better than that? But they raised enough of a fuss that the flag finally got taken down but the beautiful monument remains, to their everlasting chagrin. So the monument is not on “public property” as such and I’ve been told it’s now listed in the National Historic Register, so I guess the offended classes will just have to live with it. Poor babies!

Anyway, the ceremony on Saturday was attended by around 200 people, many of them in period dress, including Confederate uniforms and they carried their flags, which they had marched with from about four blocks away right up to the court house. There is something about a long line of columns of men in gray marching with their flags that sends a chill up your spine, (and I mean that in a positive sense) especially when you march with them.

There were several speakers at the ceremony who spoke briefly but the keynote speaker was past Commander of the SCV’s Louisiana Division, Charles McMichael.

Commander McMichael  gave a rousing speech dealing with how it was the duty of the SCV to protect and promote Southern heritage and to make sure future generations know what the Confederate soldiers fought for and why. That means the SCV has to stand and oppose political correctness–also known as Cultural Marxism to those that have done the homework.

During his speech Commander McMichael made a couple noteworthy comments you have not always heard among many Southern heritage groups in our day. He noted that, in a real sense, the War goes on because the Confederate government never officially surrendered. The various armies were surrendered, but not the government. No surrender document was ever issued, unilke Germany or Japan after World War 2. Even after Viet Nam, there was the impression of a surrender issued by our government to the North Vietnamese. Henry Kissinger, who engineered it, called it “Peace with honor” but it was a surrender.

Another  thing noted by Commander McMichael that is critically important for us to realize in our day is that what he termed “Phase two of reconstruction” still continues. So many today, thanks to the faulty “history” taught in our institutions of learning, think that “reconstruction” ended in 1877. It didn’t. We are now in Phase two and you can tell this by the increasing and vitriolic attempts to remove from public view anything even remotely perceived as being Confederate–flags, statues, monuments, school names, street names–you name it and if it sounds Southern or Confederate you can bet it has been or will be under assault at some point. This is a fact that many, if not most, Southerners fail to perceive. Your history and heritage will rewritten and redefined into some monstrosity  you would never recognize if you do not stand up and resist.

The Cultural Marxists are not about to just go home and leave you alone because you try to be “nice” to them. They will perceive that as a sign of weakness and will step up their offensive against your history and culture. Their agenda is their muddy boot on your face, flag, and you have got to stand up and learn to resist.

Ultimately, your Christian faith and your Southern heritage are their targets for destruction. You need to realize this and begin to fight back. The War is not over and they have not totally won until we quit–so let’s make sure we don’t ever quit!