Change the Name but Keep the Game

By Al Benson Jr.

Lately all the publicity the United Nations Agenda 21 private property confiscation game has gotten has not been positive. Some cities and towns around the country have begun to realize that in signing up to be part of Agenda 21 they are, in effect, signing their lives away. Their local communities are no longer their own and the United Nations is a harsh taskmaster. Moreover, the United Nations really has no business sticking its socialistic nose into what goes on in American communities—not that this stops them from trying.

I recently noted an article on the Internet from for 5/31/12. The headline read: “Alabama Fights a UN Land Grab.” In fact, the Governor of Alabama actually signed an anti-Agenda 21 bill, Senate Bill 477.There was also a brief article about this on 

The  article noted: “Defined these days as ‘sustainable development,’ Agenda 21 seeks to transform humanity with ‘new global ethics.’ At the most basic level, beyond the soft words like ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-friendly environments’, Agenda 21 takes away private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership, individual travel choices, and privately owned farms. These socialist ethics, as described by Mikhail Gorbachev at the UN Rio Conference in 1995, mean that ‘we should restrict and limit our consumption and also reassess our way of life, we should be more modest.” I always wonder, when these globalist programs come out if the elite that propose them are willing to subject themselves to what they propose for the rest of us. But then you already know the answer to that one. It’s the same as the answer Congress gave when asked if they’d be willing to subject themselves to the provisions of Obamacare—gee thanks, but no thanks!

I expect Attorney General Holder to momentarily sue the state of Alabama for daring to outlaw Agenda 21.

At any rate, the name Agenda 21 is starting to get a bad rap—and justifiably so, and so the one-worlders have come up with another name to throw the unwary off track. Their rationale seems to be “if it doesn’t say Agenda 21 at the top of the document those fools out in flyover country won’t know the difference.” Sorry folks, in spite of your horrendous “public education” system, some of us can still reason and think.

To throw a red herring across the trail and confuse the issue for us “great unwashed” the global elite in this country has come up with something they call The Rewilding Project. The Internet site carries a report of this that is quite revelatory. It states in part: “The Rewilding Project is brought to us from the United Nations. A relevant tentacle of Agenda 21, the Rewilding Project is designed to restore a major portion of the planet to its ‘original’ state before man came along and messed it all up; however, it could not be happening if it were not being implemented by state and local legislation. State legislation creates the agencies that mirror federal agencies which were created to implement the schemes emanating from the UN; those Federal agencies would include Forestry and Fish and Wildlife.” It seems, according to this report that they have already implemented this in the state of Pennsylvania. It has been reported that, due to this program, cougars have been sighed in Pennsylvania, but, of course, those people claim that such is impossible.

The report observed: “while researching the Rewilding Project, the Pennsylvania Wildlands Recovery Project (PWRP) came up in an article…At the PWRP website it was explained that the ultimate goal is to establish multi-state/multi-national Wildland Corridors beginning with the State Parks except they’ll no longer be called ‘State Parks’; they’ll be called State Wildlands. Each State Park will connect by wooded corridors to other state and national parks. The wildlands will prohibit any human habitat and their corridors will severely restrict human habitation. Any private property in the way will be ‘taken’ by eminent domain, although the term used is ‘willing sellers.’ That’s another subject. Suffice it to say that when they want your property you WILL sell and at a price they set. Otherwise they’ll remove you forcefully…In the case of Wildlands and their Corridors, it will be dedicated exclusively to plants, insects, bees, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and animals. Carnivores figure heavily in their plan.” This is nothing more than Agenda 21 with a little different twist.

And where do all the folks that have lost their property go to live? Why the UN has a wonderful habitat for them planned in a big city near them, a residence on the 15th floor of a new high-rise apartment building with two other families in the same apartment—just like they do it in the Soviet Union. And you won’t need your car because you won’t be able to go anyplace. You’ll be literally surrounded by “Wildlife Corridors.”

Anybody who even shows up at your local town council meeting proposing this type of “economic sustainability” needs to be confronted publicly and given the bum’s rush—whether he or she is from your state government, the federal government or the UN. This hogwash needs to be exposed and folks at the local level need to realize it is nothing more than a plan to deprive them of what is theirs. It is legalized theft with a nice-sounding name and that’s all it is—that and a power grab by the United Nations.