The Republican Party Ain’t Your Friend (and neither are the Democrats)

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I saw an article by Erick Erickson on which was entitled President Hates America.. I can’t disagree with the title. It’s correct–President Obama does not like the United States. Erickson noted that: “The Obamas see the United States as a corrupt and bullying power that needs to be humbled.” He’s correct, the President does not like this country. He despises it and its people, not because it’s corrupt and bullying, but rather because it has not yet conformed to the socialist model he seeks to introduce here. There is resistance to that, and what he really hates is that resistance. Obama has a vision of and for America that is diametrically opposed to what some of our founders wanted for us. Obama and Patrick Henry would be at absolute opposite ends of the spectrum. Obama and Alexander Hamilton might be another matter.

Obama is not opposed to America because of its corruption and bullying–his administration has done enough of both to last for decades if they never did anything else–and the people at the top who are responsible for all the corruption and bullying are both Democrats and Republicans, establishment types who are making money out of all they are doing, while trying to push the country in the direction of the New World Order. Both political parties are top-heavy with those people.

Erickson concluded his article with: “We are less safe at home and abroad as a result. But the President’s golf game goes uninterrupted and his congress remains neutered and in fear of being disliked.” Here we don’t quite see eye to eye. He’s right about us being less safe at home and abroad, and Obama’s golf game does seem to go on forever, with us picking up the tab for it all, but Congress is not neutered or afraid of being unpopular (except maybe at election time). Otherwise, they couldn’t care less what we think of them. It couldn’t be any worse than what they think of us. We continue to elect them, naively thinking they will go to Washington to speak up for us, when actually, they go to promote the corruption Obama professes so much concern about. In truth, the Congress, at least most of it, both Democrats and Republicans, are in complete agreement with where Obama wants to take the country–down the road to some form of socialism. This doesn’t bother Congress in the least. They will still continue to collect their fat cat salaries for pretending to legislate even though Obama seeks to rule by Federal edict and they’ll pretend to complain about it loudly, if ineffectively. it’s all an expensive game, with the always-lucky taxpayer picking up the tab.

Ahh, but now that the Republicans have seized control of Congress all that will change, right? Wrong! Very little will change because, if the truth be known, the Republican agenda is quite similar to Obama’s agenda. After all, they both get their marching orders from the same people, so why should anything really change except enough of the meaningless rhetoric to fool the voting populace? For the most part, the Republican Congress with talk conservative and vote socialist.

In an article on J. Matt Barber stated: “I am no longer a Republican. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and their Democrat-lite RINO Republican establishment have seen to that. They have betrayed their own constituents…Last month Republicans were elected by ‘We the people’ in an unprecedented landslide-in a Democratic Party bloodbath–with clear marching orders. They were given one task and one task alone. Stop Barack Obama. They have failed both miserably and willfully.”

Let’s call a spade a spade. They failed willfully because Obama’s agenda is very little different than their own. Look at it logically. If the same clique controls both parties, then their agenda will, to one extent or another, be reflected in the actions of both parties. One may say or do it a little differently than the other, but the end result will be the same. We don’t really have two different and distinct political parties in this country with different worldviews. We have, in effect, two branches of the same New World Order group, saying somewhat different things to fool the public, but both, in reality, working for the same agenda. The Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission clique controls both parties, and both parties do what this clique wants them to do. There may be a handful of genuinely conservative Republican congressmen out there, but there are not enough of them to overcome the ones that are either New World Order types or who are willing to go along to get along so they can stay in office and cash in on the goodies.

Others seem to have also discerned the Republican game and realize how it is being played. Dr. Clyde Wilson, in an article in Chronicles for November, 2014, has perfectly described how the Republican Party plays the “conservative” game while doing socialist good deeds.

Dr. Wilson states: “Another fact: With the exception of Reagan’s contribution to winning the Cold War, the entire history of the Republican Party in the 20th century has been a grotesque betrayal–a lack of effective opposition to any leftist and Democratic initiative. The Republican Party has won office claiming opposition and immediately abetted and institutionalized whatever revolution has been imposed…When conservative Christians became politically active, giving great hope to many, they, too, were swiftly invited into the party and neutralized. For some time now the party has rested on the votes of conservative Christians and Southerners. It has never had any intention of giving these voters anything, never has given them anything, and never will give them anything.” He also noted that, should a genuine conservative presidential candidate emerge from among the Republicans in 2016, he greatest opposition will come from the leadership of his own party. This is what happened to Ron Paul in 2012. And it is all entirely in keeping with the real origins of the Republican Party, which were clearly socialist. Again, I would direct you to Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists. The Republican Party needs to be exposed for the socialism-enabling fraud that it really is.

And then, Christian and conservative voters need to start dealing with the question of “Where do we go from here?”

Republicans Play the Weak Sister Scenario

by Al Benson Jr.

I don’t know if things will end up turning out this way or not, I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but, at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me. Watching the last two presidential elections in this country, I have come to the conclusion that the whole presidential election charade is just that, a charade to fool the general public into thinking that they have actually elected a president when all they have really done is to choose one of the two candidates picked for them by the major political parties–both of which are under the control of a clique of One World Government elitists, many of whom belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderberg Group, or to all three.

In 2008 the Republican Establishment picked John McCain to run against King Barack the First. McCain was probably the worst candidate they could have picked. Posing as a “conservative Republican”  he was actually a raving liberal and still is, especially when he loses his temper. His Vice-Presidential running mate would probably have done better than he did had she gotten the nomination, but that wasn’t supposed to happen and the Republican Establishment (identical to the Democratic Establishment in all but rhetoric) was supposed to make sure Obama had no real opposition or competition. He didn’t, and probably could not have stood up to it if he had, so the Republicans gave him McCain to run against, and after the Bush years that was a fait accompli.

Then along came the 2012 election and it was the same game all over again. Obama was supposed to get back in again and so, in Romney, the Republicans picked the weakest possible sister they could in a candidate. Not that any of the rest of them were all that great–except for Ron Paul–the one honest candidate in the entire presidential election. The fact that he was  honest, and popular, more popular than the “news” media ever let on, was a problem. So the Republican Establishment had to deep six him at all costs. The very last thing they wanted was an honest man in the White House, and besides, Ron might have given King Barack the First a real run for his money, even with the creative voting techniques employed in that election–and that couldn’t happen. Ron Paul had to go, and the Establishment made sure he went. One of the states they redistributed his votes to Romney in was Louisiana, where I live. The caucuses in Louisiana gave Ron Paul 80% of the vote. I was at one of them. And I knew people that went to the state convention in Shreveport, where Ron Paul had 80% of the delegates and the Republican Establishment ended up seating the 20% that Romney had and throwing out Ron Paul’s 80%. That’s Republican politics, not only in the South, but everywhere. The same game is being played right now in Mississippi, where Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniels ran against the Establishment candidate and it went into a run-off. McDaniels probably won legitimately, but they will make sure he doesn’t get it because his opponent is willing to play ball with the Establishment in both parties. And that’s what they really want–a brown-noser! At any rate, Romney was supposed to win at all costs, because the Establishment in both major parties already knew that Obama had been okayed for a second term and they knew Romney could be depended on to be the “loyal (losing) opposition.”

After the election Romney seemed almost relieved that he hadn’t won, but then he wasn’t supposed to and I think he knew that. He was just glad the charade was over so he could move on to other things. I think he was tired of playing the (intentional) loser.

Now, as 2016 approaches, and it appears that King Barack probably won’t be granted a third term as Dictator of the Proletariat by his handlers, which he’d dearly love (unless the Establishment changes its mind for some reason) the Republicans are again casting about for another weak sister to run against Hillary Clinton, or as some folks call her “St. Hillary” or “Hitlery.”

Months ago it was rumored that the Bilderberg Group  had already picked Hillary to be the next president. Again, if it were known, the Establishment and not the public really get to choose who runs. If it turns out that Hillary “runs” then she would be the logical choice of the Establishment to complete the work of entirely socializing the country that King Barack  was not able to complete (after all, those golfing holidays do slow down the process). At this point it may well be that the Establishment wants Hillary in there, but they can’t just appoint her in the same manner that Obama writes out executive orders, because that would give the game away, and so we are forced to participate in another sham election, the outcome of which has probably already been determined. 

So, when I began seeing subtle rumors on the Internet that Romney just might be “considering” another presidential run, I was not all that surprised. Although, if I was Romney, I’d probably be getting tired of being picked to lose to whatever Democratic candidate the Establishment has predetermined will be the next president. But, if nothing else, Romney is a team player, so if they tell him to run he will run, whether he wants to or not.

It has been reported that, in 2008, Hillary was told by the Establishment to stand down and Let King Barack “win” the election, and she ended up being appointed Secretary of State for her compliance. But playing second fiddle is not enough for Hillary. She wants all the marbles, and this time they may be ready to give them to her and to spring her on the country as the first woman president.  One has to wonder then, if we will all be told that we are “anti-feminist” if we don’t vote for Hillary. After all, if the race card worked for Obama, why not the Women’s Lib card for Hillary? And there is stuff out there on the Internet asking folks to work to draft Hillary for president, though if she has already been chosen by the Establishment, all that is just window dressing to make it look  like a “spontaneous” movement of the people.

And, if for some reason the game plan changes and it doesn’t work out that way and they decide to let the Republican nominee win this go-round, remember that you will still be getting the Establishment’s candidate, the “lesser of the two evils” as it were. Please don’t be gulled into believing that old saw about the Democrats being the liberals and the Republicans being the conservatives. That’s hogwash. They are both socialist–and both controlled by the same people–the CFR/Trilateral/Bilderberg triad.

If you are willing to read, which fewer and fewer seem to be anymore, check out None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. It’s on the Internet, and I think his book The Rockefeller File is also. And if you want a little of the history of the “conservative” Republican Party, then check out Thomas DiLorenzo’s books The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, and Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists.